A Letter to Lin Chunsheng, Gao Tianmin, Chen Jinxing

Three good. That you have made such a series of ordinary people called funeral
 I do not feel ashamed of you
Just a group of the next nine streams of goods only .Your inner fear is like crossing the street
You want your mistress to tell the police that you have a strong firepower
 It 's just that you are bluffing
Is a foot, but also to learn people to do big tail, like you under the three indiscriminately
Their series is up to a few small watermelon knife. There can be no guns.
Do not fool yourself.

Pure innocence of Bai Xiaoyan by you this kind of nine flow goods bad couch
You let a family with you without injustice and no grudges, life - long pain.
And you can not make up for the three of you family, parents and wife and children
To this end life ashamed.No face to see people.So many families because of your greed
Shameless and completely broken.Your parents would have to suicide to apologize.
Sacrifice yourself for the scourge of the three of you that are mutated by genes
You are still trying to escape, still want to keep their own world is not allowed
Still selfish only their own with their own blood and tears to meet their loved ones already.

When your elderly parents, wives and children are surrounded by the media
All men and women and young people in Taiwan, for you have suffered an unprecedented humiliation.
When you hide your face from crying, do you ever think about it, they will
What is the future? How to get employed? How do children go to school?
Their children can be magnanimous to face the future of life or hope in their young heart
Never in the face of the world
Since ancient times, as far as you know, how many Jiang Yang Avenue In the aftermath of doing wickedness,

 he was subjected to official arrests
The so-called beheaded, but the bowl of a large scar. Twenty years
And then is a hero.Why should incriminate their loved ones? So I said. You three things. Is simply no play.

Only on the power of no chicken Of the weak woman,

even in front of her exposed hideous face .You dare Brothers of the general triad so?

Dare you? Do not dare No that species.
Do not dare to admit that you are afraid of death
I really doubt how the three of you would have the courage to chop.
Oh, oh, it 's a bite to take amphetamines, I know you too well
They are the next three abuse, because in the past you are engaged in a profiteering business.
As long as there is a little capital, you can earn hundreds of times the profits, unlike the community
The hard work of making money on thin ice
Develop your opportunistic, lascivious, greedy and shameless evil
When the government raids against your industry, you have no way
It 's easy to make money, because in the past you made money too easily.
So you guys are planning to go to extortion in order to satisfy you
When you can not get it, you are ashamed and angry Is this stuff only.

Social morality is not your responsibility, but it needs you
Do you have this courage? The answer is no.
You are unfaithful to your parents, unfaithful to your family, and unjust to your friends
They will have to play it? The so-called sense of shame near courage.

Who is the accomplishment of your next three abuse of the goods it is the whole society
So the community wants you to be responsible, that is, you want to stand up.
Even if it is to be Luanqingsi killed is also at least after you die
The love of Jesus will forgive you and your family
Family will always live in the pain of self - blame in so many loved ones suffered pain
Will be more than Bai Xiaoyan had to bear thousands of times. Million times. God willing to give
Give your cowards the courage to face it.