A Letter to Lin Chunsheng, Gao Tianmin, Chen Jinxing


In a small dark room, you have a no injustice with you Wu Chou Pure innocent girl body stripping .

Hands anti-tied .To do all its omnipotent When your hand is like a serpent in her body when the downstream flow.
The fear and pain she felt in her heart, the kind of despair that was torn
 (I am now very painful) can be described as when you chop
Under her fingers and even abuse and then to harm .I believe her ghost will forever
Forever haunting you forever.

So innocent girl. Become a victim of social morality
Dying in the family of infertility due to genetic inheritance of parental inheritance.
Under the distorted social and moral values, lavish, opportunistic, profiteering.
Covetous enjoyment, as money as life, greed, shameless, she is our anger
Roar will be able to comfort her in the days of the spirit of life compensation ─ ─ ─ ─ you
If these people are caught, waiting in the prison when the volt method
Before the shooting, it was a bottle of sorghum, and in the unconscious state.
Was shot to death, there is no pain at all, the souls of their death
Any pain will have an effect on the society as a whole?
 Many kidnappers do not also so? Why so many kidnappers ignore the law
Because they all know that the perpetration of a big case, but also in the
There was no pain in the coma, so the fugitive made a second offense.
Who is the next? Who will stop it ?