Behind the helmet. What does that mean?

Has been unable to understand why our government has been unceasingly in the open stage
 Class distance?

Open the newspaper every day to see so many people are willing to come forward to the media
The body express their views, it is very moving,

but also very grateful to your newspaper To give us these ordinary people a surprisingly extraordinary space for discussion.

Sunday saw a person engaged in the electrical industry in the hot weather
Even a few red light, only to let the cool breeze blowing helmets in the heat.
In the increasingly hot sun, wearing a helmet
The feeling is our motorcycle family's greatest pain.


Sitting in the senior air-conditioned car in the election, said to the people
Whether or not you know the number of middle and lower classes in Taiwan
Low-income people rely on the need to ride more than eight hours a day machine Car.

To maintain their livelihood? Express. Marketing. Business. Insurance. Housing intermediary.
Too many industries are required to ride a locomotive every day in large
The streets were shuttling for more than eight hours in such a hot weather
You can understand it? Remember that the soldiers out of the training
Often, some soldiers wear helmets in the hot sun, only less than an hour.
Then the shock fell to the ground.Therefore, the squad leader will always be in each class

 after the class.We ordered the steel
Not to mention every day riding a motorcycle on the road office workers do?
When the bicycle on the road. Suddenly collapsed. What will be the consequences?


I would like to ask you. In the Taipei area. There are a few roads that allow locomotives
Family Mercedes-Benz it? Highest in the world's highest density of traffic lights in Taipei
To tens of seconds to stop and once again in the absence of wind to accept the sun
When sweaty, the throttle is even faster at the start
 It 's in the commute, the peak time of class, and the hundreds of thousands of students
All plug in the road. Will there be high-speed driving opportunities?


Taipei City in recent years, the size of the car accident occurred
After driving, or speeding, almost no small number of locomotives, or not wearing safety
Cap and lead to death. These believe that there are data to be found. The decree
Is it another time for the helmets industry to earn large sums of money?
The benefits of transport and how much more than that,

while the disadvantaged group of locomotives once again become no
Once again, these high - ranking officials sitting in the air - conditioned room
Whether they can also ask them to wear a helmet under the scorching sun
Locomotives in Taipei City, eight hours detour? High officials. People are dignified.
 Motorcycle family with you as parents are born.

The earth's ozone layer is severely damaged, causing a greenhouse effect
 More and more hot, but wearing a helmet riding a locomotive in the increasingly hot temperatures
Work of the motorcycle family is bound to once again experience the pain of war against Japan.When you
Sit in the office and enjoy the air-conditioning, remember to look out the window
What do you think of it?