Talking about Human Rights
Measuring the value of the existence of South Africans and Taiwanese   

Diplomatic envoys and diplomatic relations with the country suffered hostage persecution even heroic sacrifice for the country,

is very worthy of admiration.
The victims are the most respected by the state funeral, the family has also been the best pension, is the
That killing, Chengshen justice. If: a group of well-trained special police
Members, across the wall to the thermal sensor perspective, that the location of the kidnappers,
While taking advantage of its media when the call, cut off the indoor power supply, at the same time, broken
Door through the wall into the room, the use of night vision goggles and infrared, on the spot to kill gangsters, even if
Hostage heroic sacrifice, but also to be comforted by its rape and murder of the innocent Chinese people
Country women compatriots in the days of the Spirit.
A democratic and progressive country should respect human rights very much, but it is not
No human nature murderer, a negotiation, compromise, even for his wife, pro
Friends, etc. to defend, no doubt for those who brutally murdered their women's compatriots great
Of the insult, no amount of sophistry shirk the words, are difficult to extinguish the Republic of China women
Compatriots of the anger.
One in order to vent their own physiological desires, and rape and kill innumerable countless women
When the victim was raped, helpless tear shouting, struggling, and the perpetrators can
Different from ordinary people more excited, more erect, set their lives and lives in disregard, only
To meet their own pleasure, these inhumane atrocities, whether it is light
Of the? To wipe out all these crimes in order to rescue the South African hostages? And this animal
Compromise, negotiations, making judicial dignity, eliminate overnight, the same
Cell, watched Chen Jinxing flashing in the spotlight and high officials were surrounded
Almost heroic victory came out, the high-ranking officials shook hands with him before the door
Bloody hands), while the same time, the number of victims of the family, shed
Pain, anger, frustration, desperate tears. I think: what is the responsibility of the Government
?? What is the dignity of the people? In order to protect South Africans, and trampled on the national women
The essence of religion is positive, kind and instructive, and religious
Of baptism can indeed make people in the spiritual level, like Mu spring feeling
Perhaps more than that. But if religion is used as a springboard by politicians,
And self-worth, even stepping on the blood of women compatriots to highlight themselves, is extremely
For the unwise thing, so much brutal Chen Jinxing rape, abuse to death of the innocent
Women compatriots and their families, is also extremely cruel and ruthless.
Like Chen Jinxing such criminal psychology and murder mode, so the animals as
Whether the behavior of DNA due to the potential of DNA known genes
Wrong descendants? In the genetic engineering and clinical cases are positive. in case
To the benevolence of a woman, or to any other religious name, or to compassion
Language, and to help their families off the crime, then the victim is very cruel, even
They can not rest in peace, like Fang Fangfang nurses mother, Bai Xiao
Yan's mother, the mother of all the rape, their pain, who can feel the same
Tired of? Do not say that their children are not people?
I have always wanted to ask some people, even themselves, if today their wives
Women were Chen Jinxing abuse, rape, and tragic death, how, what would like to do? Such as
If this is to compromise the overall situation and deliberately, I would like to know, in this soil
On earth, is the life of South Africans more important than our women? To the country
Will the image at the expense of our dignity? For political diplomacy, consortium interests
While sacrificing the justice that would not have been fair, when all this took hostage
The highest consideration, the mother's heart, broken. The wrong demonstration, only increase the heart
Of resentment ...................