Written to Zhang  true love ? feelings ?

"Eager to the next life to be married," this is Zhang * Chen Jinxing's expectations, how great ah!

More touching, more touching ah! Feelings comparable to Butterfly Lovers, to love can be Phi Luo Zhu, but ......... This is simply right

Chen Jinxing a plot in the gratitude for his brother to cover up and off the soul of compensation, when the accomplice for the accomplice

Shoulder their own under the cruelty of the cruelty of committing evil when the line,

and let the associates have the opportunity to die, or even deceive

Days to cross the sea, to deceive lawyers, judges, and can escape death, the hearts of gratitude is generally grateful thousand times,

ten thousand times.

If the judge is a green guard, the sentence of Zhang Suzhen is (you love Chen Jinxing deeper, the more serious the award.)

Why do you Mody so love it? Oh ... the original is because it has beads

 (in the male genitals of the foreskin implantation of small steel ball)

So you want to die, so you will love it, this is love? You love building in the number of pain

Bitter broken family on top? This is simply dry!

All Chen Jinxing rape insulted innocent women, girls, students, nurses, their hearts Yin

Shadow pain is a lifetime, is never irreparable, and their parents, brothers, sisters, friends, good

Friends, six parents, nine families have to share the pain, imagine? A member of the family was raped after all home

A common part of the family, have to face, if the family is watching TV, just hit the relevant broadcast

News or topic, and your sister next to the past was the victim, how: how do you face them? Love what

To which? Zheng Yu's mother how to live? Too many victims and their families how to live

child? People live for what? Is not to find a safe life, but ... ... these people harm them into this

, Actually also in front of the media to promote their own feelings, really feel then ah, grief ... ...

While the law has deceived the conscience, bad riding the justice, God! Open your eyes! A pair of bloody hands

Mutilated the innocent women of their compatriots with no injustice and no hatred.

 When the law is to play in the hands of those involved, and then set into the power of intervention, which is not called the practice

Law, which is called power, the Green Guards have also been the most brutal persecution of the law, t

he local factions with representatives of the public opinion

And then collusion with the judge, the presiding judge, the green guards completely sacrifice under the greed

of the law under the green guards had a Lost ground, lost his left hand, impoverished,

 thanks to the nine space to shelter the green guards, green guard stood up

In contrast, the original people who persecuted the Green Guards, it is time to fall down.

We have been humiliating to accept many unequal treatment, the more small people, the more vulnerable,

The more inequality, the more bullied, people drowning the spirit of drowning only a few, most people only their own

Reconsidering others to life and death, to their own interests as a priority, even if the sacrifice of the happiness of others is also not

Unfortunately, such as the wolf-like eating others, fill their own, it is terrible, and 921 of the house down

Is not constructed in this mentality and ideas under the cover up? Zhang Su-real mind if there is a trace of compassion

And sympathy, she will be facing the media, said: eager to the next life and Chen Jin-hing can end married? And all were

Harm and family members sitting in front of the TV experience, you: you can experience it, feel then ah!

We do not ask you to have compassionate mind, but you can play the spirit of drowning, after all, the world

Too unfair, but fortunately there are still some people doing a lot of silence in order to maintain the balance of good and evil.