White Road is more terrible than the underworld

A lot of friends often say, underworld terror and terrible, most people are also on the underworld of spirits and distance,

not knowing the real terrible, Terror, a threat to the safety of life and property, but it is white, and why the Academia

Sinica is also a Nobel laureate Mr. Li Yuanzhe will

A few days ago in the media loudly and with a sigh of sadness, said: White Road, more terrible than the underworld!

You may feel very puzzled, why the white Tao so afraid ?

We are here, especially in parallel to the general knowledge to analyze the underworld

and the White Road, between the two, what is the most terrible!

There are many white, white, white, pale, and pale, for a long time we have forgotten the so-called reading saints,

What ?  In the past, the education and feudal system under the system,

the purpose of reading the exam is because an absurd proverb: [the book owned

Yan Ruyu, the book has its own gold house】 Many people buried in the yellow light among the yellow light, cold window

 study hard for ten years, seeking a bureaucracy, finally, because This is a very care of the feathers, not maverick,

all to groups as the most important, from white to white, with the Executive, subordinates completely integrated in one

The ideal of the young ambition has long been forgotten, did not exist, so we work together and unite to make money,

However, the money is not so good, there are competitors want to eat, so only use the so-called underworld to exclude competitors.

You can see or hear a lot of public works, there are underworld intervention, so it will be converted from pale to white.

There are many kinds of black, there are half-gray-black, gray-black, and pure black,

underworld is actually the most pathetic, gangsters are often white

Rights of the victims of the struggle, the early underworld by the local people to help the group formed,

because the family, the environment, life experience, the experience of the Kan, only

Have joined gangs in order to protect themselves, in the help of regulations under the constraints,

just half a gray-black only, burning and killing the rape of women committing treachery is the underworld

Taboo things, and these non-official organizations ---- that is, the major gangs, has also been to keep the rules ------ (early veteran level)

Are iron clank, have to play, heavy man of brotherhood, but there is no chain into a knife called the invisible blade to the blade, the real black

Road is disdain in this blade, because the knife is most good at killing the invisible, a man will not play to play this kind of blade, most of the

The number of underworld, murder on jail, breaking the law on training, when the so-called white road to find them with the public works,

it is converted by the gray-gray half gray Black.

Invisible knife is the most favored a white knife, not only can kill people in the invisible, but also unconsciously push the responsibility,

anti-Is out of trouble on his own old comrade-in-arms is the underworld, underworld on the use of the value of the White Road

is too great to do a beautiful law and order Performance? Very simple! To show their achievements of the people?

simpler! As long as the pen with the judge gently waved, so gray and black into a black, take the helicopter

Machine, in exile, in the people's applause and applause to meet the unknown pain,

but this time the white and invisible knife to Yin smile, including

Heart has been quietly together, if the poke a bigger leak, and then find a few primary invisible knife,

sacrifice them, let him into a miserable door White, and make their fire Hou and skill to a higher level.

Those who practiced intangible knives are mostly timid as a mouse, greedy for fear of death, flattering generation,

because there is no need to play so it is necessary to practice this blade,

Stepping on someone else's blood and achievements of their own,

how many innocent lives die under the invisible knife, 921 collapsed buildings, buildings, apartment buildings,

Who built the school? Underworld will build a house? Will the design survey and plan the construction?

 I remember a few years ago a small auditorium roof collapse, crushed

Many of our children, who is responsible, offering the underworld to be responsible is the most convincing,

Mr. Li Yuanzhe see the invisible knife is already

The third generation of invisible knives, he has not seen the first two generations of it!

You have heard that the underworld once can kill dozens of people? Invisible knife can,

White Road, the invisible knife every time to kill a lot of people, the White Road there is no moral at all,

 because in the White Road on the road, talking about the splendor,

The number of years of effort to earn a place, after several size test to make ends meet,

in that they are very good under the psychological role of natural neglected

Respect for other life, self-righteousness in the mentality of intellectual IQ high natural contempt for their compatriots,

enjoy wielding invisible knives, such as playing

Checker-like climb up, you can not see this knife, because it is invisible, is the blood of many innocent life made,

so you should To know the terrible horror of the White Road!

You should also be able to appreciate this time leading the 921 disaster relief of the All-Union Leader Mr. Li Yuanzhe why

When involved in disaster relief, the feeling and the sadness of the first emotion of thousands

of such a classic saying: White Road is more terrible than the underworld! The bar!