The Attitude of Male and Female Exchanges

Between men and women, understanding of the relationship between friends is basically a normal thing,

but always face the break will have a lot of private asked Problems, but also created a lot of social problems,

ranging from self-mutilation, while the murder and arson, ...

These irrational behavior are from the concept of the wrong Mistakes, family education and school education can not be exhaustive,

so put forward some ideas in this issue and we explore, I hope my friends in the "Love on the road,"

go smoothly, and can come to an end.

First of all, we want to explore the concept of the problem, which is the most important, is the understanding of the status of gender,

which involves the question of human rights.Problems and social morality and values,

all the problems are derived from the subjective conditions for gender equality, the feelings are also in the framework of gender

Equality and respect for human rights, the respect for human rights requires understanding and exploration of human rights,

and the question of human rights is small

The impact on the individual family, the big is a matter of national progress,

why we can see on Earth, the longer the history, the more ancient civilization of the country

The more backward, China, Egypt, some ancient civilizations of economic and technological stagnation,

the other hand, leading the world's highest technology of the United States of America Of the economy, science and technology,

medicine, civilization, at least ahead of the developed countries for 50 years, all other countries,

most of the people are able to get the green card Proud or proud to study in the United States,

even though the United States only a few hundred years of history,

but more than thousands of years of ancient civilizations and many claims Has a long history of many countries advanced for decades,

and why? That is because of the thorough implementation of democracy and the absolute respect for human rights.

The long history of the V has long been oppressive of us, the emperor thought,

the central totalitarian, patriarchal society, patriarchal view Read, from generation to generation is passed down,

the wrong idea has also been deeply implanted in the minds of the people, for government officials to pursue their own interests,

leading to People become shallow superficial, patriarchal society patriarchal seriously affect the concept of men to women,

women is no place at home is Cooking, laundry, with children, to accompany sleep, some (many) (most) of the men outside a bug,

at home a tail dragon, work flow, emotions Well, the wife and children kicked and kicked, worse, at home

when the old black face (non-white face), reaching out to borrow money from relatives and friends, or steal his wife private Money,

or move her family crooked brains, or coerced his wife and daughter prostitution at home to do their own silver and silver Meiko,

call the wife as the following female-like, there is no Relying on without knowing that children grow up at home monasteries,

grow up to learn to come to the female materialized society, naturally lose respect for women,

So, you can often hear a lot of superficial childish man always said to people: [money] afraid to marry his wife,

as if his wife is money to buy Come, when a man with money to buy a wife to go home, you think :

how will he be treated to that woman ?

You bought me, one And the poor woman shall not only cook, wash, and bring forth children every day, but endure the life of the man,

Odor, body odor, body odor, odor, stench, and even stinky houses, formulaic action like prostitution generally

even worse than the community

Women's materialized as low-priced goods like being sold, many parents are also from time to time,

earnestly regretting their baby son, will

To a good study hard to make money, to discuss a good wife, seems to be a man's life struggle to do is to marry a woman

Dr. Sun Yat-sen's parents did not have such a concept, otherwise .. and we often hear or in many TV

Programs to see, many girls make a boyfriend out of the conditions no more than, or even have a house, car, for each other's personality, goods

Germany, education, ability, ideas, life, to deal with retreat, etc., but not so important to see, so the idea of ​​making friends natural

Not long-term success, life has always been ups and downs, is the so-called "ten years east, ten years Hexi" feng shui is in turn,

when your man In the failure of time, how can you look down on your heart, her husband?

We often say: girls make friends, to the man has room Son, a car, how can you provide?

If men do not need to face the same money every day, really if the money can be a day

For a woman, of course, perhaps too much to say, but you have heard the "seven-year itch," the four words,

so a fear of hardship and weakness Wing girl, even if the long and then beautiful, the man is only to meet his vanity and face,

the external beauty is always short, when the years to write In your face,

when you are no longer the old Pearl Fenghua and pillow who has long been looking for a small Spice Girls and another love nest,

and you alone Shougui by smoking, wine, Mahjong, gambling, running PUB, looking for a small white face to hemp fill their empty mind,

then, for a woman, this is how Sad ah! So if the beginning of the interaction

between the sexes to re-evaluate the feelings of what kind of attitude and feelings you give the values Is essential,

 is also very important, which for your life has an absolute happiness relationship, whether you are in the feelings,

marriage, career, others Is the same, that is, for anyone other than their absolute respect,

whether rich or poor, whether it is widowed and lonely Waste disease who, Wang Sun nobility peddle all the same as a man,

 then for yourself will be a successful person.

Then come to discuss how the exchanges between men and women?

Emotional things you love I wish, but when there is a variable between feelings, you want How to face?

 If your idea is absolute gender equality and you are a person who respects and respects human rights, you will naturally

Heavy people's choice, if you are really love a person, you definitely want him to be happy, [love him put blessings on the heart]

Really love him do not hurt him, when men and women exchanges, the two sides pay is absolutely equal, and why ?

Because you will pay for the other reason In the other side of your pay so that you can be attracted to each other, is not it?

 If you will for no reason or just because of something external to your heart There are throbbing away to pay,

 then I tell you, the community a lot of people waiting for your pay, Moreover,

between men and women to pay the real love and feelings Is no condition, is not seeking return,
so feelings must not be possessed, when you are not mature to irrational to hurt others, do not kill People,

or even use the media to let others ruin, such cruel struggle people can not help but creepy,

more expensive for love and marriage counselor Home and female spokesmen,

 to be in the media to torture, criticism, attack, fight, politicians fighting each other no less than a great "lapel country let

And the motive of pregnant women to threaten the world through the media. Knowing that there is a woman who is simply destroyed

Family, if only to request a name copies, then had a mentality on the beginning of another person suspected,

 in fact, these are wrong, are temporarily ignored Sex, if the other party knew you would be so, they dare to make friends with you ?

terrible! Is this love? The real love is two people Together, the panic on the other side is true or false, are their own choice,

 no matter who is who is also their own sincere willingness, no conditions Purpose, after all, is a fate of acquaintance,

knowing each other is a blessing, love is true, good, beautiful, if the blessing in mind when breaking up,

that Mody [the window is still a blue sky, the next one will be better]. However, there are many people who say,

"Women are always at a disadvantage"

Respect for human rights, please remember! Men and women are equal,

but also must have this concept, many female friends to break up waiting for the total that they suffer,

ask What to eat at a loss? Loss in there? In the mode of thinking that respects human rights, it is important to think

 in parallel between the two sexes.

Out of the youth, the other cells will also be aging with the years, you pay the time,

the other has put down the work of the hands, and perhaps also sacrifice

And the time to get along with your family, even if you pay the money, the other's deposits increased?

And then talked to the medical and physiological point of view

Look, when men and women in intercourse, women's pleasure in the whole process is continuous, has been very happy,

and the pleasure of men only in that Moment, and immediately over, heard the popular word now?

[ Man is really bitter ], today's industrial society and early Of the agricultural society is very different views of women in the past,

an unmarried pregnant girls will have any tragic fate? Do not But the parents of grief, loved ones away from the world cast aside,

social exclusion, and even their own suicide, a divorced woman is the same despised, social Will discriminate,

but the other hand, today unmarried pregnancy in the eyes of the crowd is considered very common,

if then the child was born, To admire its strong courage and encouragement to applause,

 many public figures, politicians, entertainers, superstars, are not so?

The divorced woman is to receive social acceptance and affirmation, no one will think that they are the weak,

many of the marriage love consultant to explore the two Sexist writers, and eminent women entrepreneurs, are not all

because of the social acceptance that makes them more confident than they had been before divorce?

Time On behalf of the change, the concept is changing, everyone's ideas are changing, we have to know how to accept the new concept,

 we must overthrow the thought of thousands of poison poisoning Years of self-proclaimed and discriminated against women,

 men and women inequality, patriarchal stereotypes, so that their minds to establish a new concept

Concept and outlook on life. A lot of things need to carefully understand, we humbly to accept,

dedicated to pay, carefully to observe, hides Mount, even if there is no high knowledge, highly educated,

but can live like yourself, if you have a distinguished family background, background, education, and your ignorant

Pursuit of unrealistic, transient, illusory, not the truth of truth, your life may be just in vain! Just a misunderstanding!

In this connection, we once again appeal to everyone to adopt the basic concepts and attitudes of equality between men and women,

respect for human rights as a means of dealing with people,

Out of the window is not just the blue sky, will be a bright tomorrow