Ronin? prodigal son ? Wit


Recently, many young friends wrote to us, the letter that they yearn for lonely wandering feeling of desolation, they

Want to be a prodigal son, so we will be special Ronin? prodigal son? Wit? Do a clear explanation and distinction, hoping

Can lead many young friends or columnist female writers on the ronin, the prodigal son, the wrong concept of genius.

In the Japanese shogunate era, some warriors because of the decline of the master, and displaced, flee, with

With a martial arts, wandering the horizon, through the perseverance of the Bushido

and not Shi II Lord of the spirit and fighting, to the suffering of life and evil

Inferior environmental challenges, depending on life such as dirt, duel with the enemy,

the courage to move forward, although the blood flow of five steps, still able to stand still,

Fighting on the battlefield to kill, the tenderness of the township of lingering cheek,

do not ask tomorrow, but for today, the fate of the fighters forever, is that ronin.

As for the so-called prodigal son or dandy, mostly timid as a mouse, for fear of death of the generation, although the worship of Ronin,

 but Congenital deficiencies, or personality of the weak, but also want to become a ronin, so only got the word waves,

 if you are now self-Xu

For the prodigal son, we advise you, on weekdays and more to enrich themselves, train themselves, quenching their own chain,

in time, may become a A ronin might also have heard of Ronin love songs, no one heard of prodigal love songs, know why?

Ronin 's love is blood and tears string Into the prodigal son of love is extraordinary,

the ronin's romantic is a kind of beauty, is a legend, romantic prodigal son, often into

For the turbulence, ronin can love, for their ideals, sacrifice of life, turning back,

at the expense of the prodigal son can only lie to a woman,

A difficult, retreat, in short, Ronin is iron clank, a personality, bloody, there is a man of friendship, and the prodigal son

Just want to learn Ronnie did not learn the results, so, you only heard of [prodigal son of gold back], but never heard of

[Ronin back Jin Bu Huan], and why? Because the ronin does not need to look back.

Speaking of wit, a special column of Chinese women writer

 in the January 27, 2000 edition of a reference to Mr. Xu Zhimo's life, the text

Praise and demoted, and mentioned in the life of Mr. Xu Xu, Lu surname,

 Lin surname three women, we do not want to explore him with the three women

Between the complex relationship between the NBA in the United States NBA star of a star

player mentioned in his autobiography met (female) surnamed surpassed

More than 10,000 people, if he also write an article to write when to write?

Of course, this is a little joke and ridicule, but we are

To really explore why is Mr. Xu can be called the only modern Chinese history of the genius?

Some women are superficial as long as one

A man of thin skin white meat, looks Sven, shaking pen, biting the text can be called wit?

Only to engage in three women called Merry

Wit They must not have seen the Father and the first president of the Chiang Kai-shek's Three People's Principles,

the Founding Father of the Father, the fate of China, the Chinese culture

Rejuvenation and other great works ..... There are also Mao Zedong, they have more than three women,

but they never in the lust of things

But in order to save the country and save the people Zhenpeng disease book (referring to the Founding Father),

so we think, what is the genius, scholars can think of the country's events, Wu

Who can sacrifice for the country, can only be called the wit, the past few years,

we see some learned, thinkers, revolutionaries,

This talented, but in order to comfort women everywhere, his life collection, held charity fund-raising,

in order to extend the revolutionary fire, cited

The fire burned to death, to the democratic movement was exterminated,

 in order to justify the defense of democracy, sacrifice his wife's lower body, there are many

More ..... they are not all wit, but give up the reputation of the genius and kill the body Chengren,

sacrifice justice, made a great brave.

Mr. Xu in lust literature may be called a must, but to say he is the only modern Chinese wit, too narrow,

This will mislead young friends and the concept of the next generation,

they will think that as long as more read a book, or even to the UK Cambridge study or study tour

Engage in a few women, write a few articles, write a few songs can become a wit

or like wit or toward the goal of wit, then the state

What is the future at all, the real genius should be like some of the same characteristics of ronin,

in defending the country and the enemy duel, the courage to straight

Before, although the blood flow of five steps, still able to stand without shaking,

The battlefield can be courageous to fight the enemy, the gentle town can not speak sorrowful,

 bring pen to sway freely, put on a gun to Cry soul,

To defend the boat leader, social welfare does not fall behind,

the implementation of the democratic no turning back, revolutionary spirit.

So, young friends, what is the genius? Has been clearly visible.

Therefore, we should have a macro perspective and stand in a broad perspective to praise a person,

to think about many things, we hope

Young friends can enrich themselves in a lot of weekdays, strengthen themselves,

if you can in the ceremony, music, radio, Royal, books, surgery, six arts and

Qin, chess, books, paintings and more effort, and can develop without hesitation,

indomitable, perseverance and personality traits, then you

Will become a real wit, so you can understand what the ronin? prodigal son? You want to be that?