Time can be changed

 Many people say: time can not be changed, so we always hear a lot of vulgar saying to describe the fleeting time,

can not chase, such as "time flies ... ... fleeting."

"It's hard to buy an inch of time ..." and then let us feel that time does not seem to change,

and for a long time our perception of time is .. time passes.

Do not come back, so we come and go on time .....

always feel powerless ... ... long after the old friend in the reunion. Will always be a little noise .. always shook his head Say: (.. alas! ..

The time is really fast .. recently may well .. not to ..) .. ..

Most people lamenting the rapid passage of time at the same time .. but never thought about how to change the time. You once

Thought to change the time? .. In fact, time can be changed .. how to change .. intention to change.

When traveling abroad .. always feel that time flies fast .... but when waiting for someone or something ....

but feel the long time .... painful time is always a Minute

One second followed by .. and enjoy the pleasure of the same time like a long wings as quietly fly away ..

crash in the sea .. or in the mountains .. natural disasters .. be trapped to help the heart can be described as a day

Such as ten years .. and graduation trip .. the day like a moment .. in jail in March .... as if to live like years ..

and married for three years .. blink of an eye on the past Why is always so easy to happy time

In fact, it is in the heart of self-feeling and adjustment ....

The heart of the adjustment is to control the heart beat frequency ... In medical terms .... people in the excitement of the time

The heart of the beating to accelerate the brain to promote the secretion of morphine ...

easy to make people ignore or forget the existence of time .If in the mood of depression or depression.

Because of the slow heartbeat, in particular, will feel the existence of time.

Therefore, the biomedical point of view .. we can not control the time .. try to change the time to ... ....

Because of life there is always too much to wait and look forward to ....

These are often in the growth process must be experienced ... hours after waiting for candy gifts .. Study

Waiting for a holiday .. .. when looking forward to meet in love .. wait for a child waiting for the child.

}Waiting for children to grow into a ... waiting for the ... ... often waiting in the heart of a reluctant to come when things.

It's always coming so fast .. And hoping for something to come ... It's so slow .. Really.

Try to understand the time .. Intention to change time .. If ..

In the heart can change the values ​​of many things ..

to be able to adjust the rhythm of the heartbeat frequency .. will not say .. alas! .. (long years) .... or: .. (life is too short ) .....

 Happy life, although the free life .. carefree .. but that will only become the time of the Quebec .. in a comfortable life ...

How can ... can also have any experience? ...

Fan Zhongyan is not also said: Born in hardship ... Died in the well-being ..... }

Although we do not hesitate to sacrifice life .. but also to understand the ancients of future expectations ..

real intentions to understand the time

It is not difficult to understand .. hard life can be relatively difficult to stretch the life of the time ..

and then increase the wisdom of .... so .. how to change the time? ... intentions to change the time .

encourage each other