Two next three abuse embarrassed to prostitute the story

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This story is purely fictitious.If there is similar ... Do not confess ... Do not condemnation.
Preface: Taiwan 's democratic politics can have today' s results, really hard to come ...

but we still have to remember this section of the hard road.

Along the way. Overcoming the thorns ... The martyrs of the fought. Shedding. Sprinkle blood. To have today's democratic results ...

But we must not forget the stigma of the past as a colonial nation.

The Japanese were under the aggressive ambition of the great Japanese imperialist militarists.

In the media, he praised the past for all the Japanese rule of Taiwan as a whole.

Even if it is not the original Japanese rule of Taiwan, to make a great contribution to Taiwan ..

Taiwan will not have today's results .....

We are very sorry for the behavior of a small number of pro-Japanese ... can not help but remind us ..

Anti-Japanese national hero ... Liao Timing story.

We would like to ask these compatriots in Taiwan if they were to make a contribution to Taiwan.

And how to market Xiao Min oral traditions of the many people in Taiwan _ Liao Timing anti-Japanese

 many legendary stories and heroic deeds?

Next, let us understand the real story of the next two abuse ... First of all we must first understand ... J

apan .. the development of the sex industry .. the world's well-known.

Japan AV Actress has swept the world is also internationally renowned ..

And Japanese men's super-chauvinism .. is also known to all.

Japanese men's lascivious. Wretched is ranked first in the world ... ... ... ... unrivaled style unparalleled ....

Juvenile videotaping .. Drop wax. Sexual abuse. Tie rope. Spraying urine. Spraying. Are from the Japanese national origin ...

Therefore, in the color bile package days do its nothing under the color of mind, then a real story took place ...

Story begins ... The truth of the scene to restore:

The Japanese people ... (shaking prostitutes stool) ..

This person is a shameless pimp by the two sides in Taiwan and Japan's political and economic circles of weak contacts.

In the early years, although the scenery was a moment, but this life sex boast ..

Everyone will boast of their own and so and so some high-official political relationship between a certain superfluous ..
So the bureaucratic edge of flattery after a few years ... ... the official was finally seen through its true face.
In this case,
So everyone with its draw a line.

(Shake prostitutes stool) on the one hand, not in the official care of the people .. .. the other hand ..

some of his paintings are not on the table.

Moreover, some of the art will be interpreted as a different technique, people are not ridiculous of what is not the same thing ..

not supported by the business tycoon.

Then seek another way to make money .So start pimping .And that is the media pornography dirty activities .... to please clients.

To establish their own in Taiwan and Japan. Senior pimp. Erotic brother of the status.
(I thought it was sweet and easy) .. This person .. I do not know it is Japanese. Or Koreans.

We do not have to explore or recourse to its mother in the young

X.Y chromosomes after the promiscuity generated confusion or disorder of DNA sequencing problem.

As long as we know, this person is a very good fishing color and extremely low.

(Thought to be sweet and easy) .. in Japan after playing the Japanese beauty.

Therefore, the heart has been on the once known as the Japanese man's paradise = Taiwan. 120,000 longing.

Otherwise, with his claim to their own conditions and wealth .. In its country, how many Japanese beauty chasing it?

Also, the six - parent family must be competing for him to find out .. even with it to catch the pro - family pride ..

how can not find a girlfriend or marriage object?

But .... helpless .. This human nature likes fishing color. There are strange sexual habit .. So .. all the home beauty with their contacts.

It ... (thought to be sweet and easy) ..... every time I think of the conservative woman in Taiwan .. shy. For him .. is full of a lot of mystery.

Often think of a Taiwanese woman .. let (too sweet easy.) Excited endlessly. Like a delicious meal in general and its index finger big move ...

And ordinary prostitutes or ordinary good women .. for it .. just spend a little money .. was easy to know but tasteless.

Therefore, under the natural law of human sociology, we know the Japanese and Japanese pimples .... (Shaking prostitute stool) ...

This two .. .. get together .. that is, each other has the feeling of hate ... ... so the two decided to long-term tie ..

And (shake prostitutes stool) constant lobbying (too sweet easy): .. (Taiwan woman to play .. will play the name of a woman.

How did the soldiers of the Great Japanese Empire trample Taiwan compatriots? Let us once again ravage them!

Shake prostitutes then through their own past in Taiwan, some of the incomplete contacts to catch the TV media anchor ...

When we meet in the [fine hotel] to meet when the number of anchor due to the director's instructions to the scene of cold noise ...

But because of (thought to be sweet and easy) .. .. .. I was born motivated .. I do not know.

Even the most basic international language .. English simple conversation will not say

In the case of communication can not be under the anchors due to the international relations of Taiwan

and Japan .. then have politely and each retire ...

Cover (swing prostitute stool) declared in the media .. (thought to be sweet and easy.)

Many countries in Europe and the United States have branches.

It's doing a great business .. is a walk of the international mall mogul ...)

But ... it ... (thought to be sweet and easy) .... actually even the most basic international common language .. English ..

The simplest basic conversation will not say ... at the time. (Be sweet and easy) in Japan is engaged

in similar underground banking business.

Like Taiwan, most of the operating money lenders gang gangs, of course, this industry is also classified in the financial industry ...

I have not read any of the book. Knowledge and standards are extremely low. Talk style is also people scoff ...

In Japan the local notoriety. Scandalous bunch. Than the rogue has gone beyond.
The contact with the elements of the level is very low .Therefore (think too sweet easy) for face .. then financial tycoon himself.

Thus, it is obvious that the Taiwan compatriots are deceived by the fact that they are ignoring the people of Taiwan.

(Self-righteous sweet easy) .. spot on our Taiwan compatriots. Is the name of the anchor .. (cut the cuckoo to serve the country hate)

(Shaking prostitutes stool) then confused how to discuss to play to .. anchor (cut cai to serve the country hate)

So (shake prostitutes stool) then inform (think too sweet easy) ..

to use money to impress the name of the anchor (cut cai to serve the country hate) ...

Just like buying a spring prostitutes in general ... just this is the most expensive to buy goods .. so to spend some money.

But .. will this profit .. do not spend too much money ... but .. spend money on the knife-edge .. to value for money .. seized cheap ...

(Shake prostitutes stool) on (since that was sweet and easy.) Having said that after ... ... ..

(Self-righteous sweet easy) .. on the spot to (rocking prostitutes) to kneel .. because .. in Japan rubbing oblique.

Finally met a more shameless than their own people ...

The hearts of the praise and admiration (shake prostitutes stool) has reached the average person

can not understand the transcendent realm ...

After .. (thought to be sweet and easy) .. to the cheapest money. Bought a Japanese famous.

There is no city of pearl necklace.
I have the honor in the past to know a person in Taiwan's Linsen Road, Taipei, Japan set up coral pearl boutique friends.

He pointed out: Japan Hokkaido or other place .. good pearls. In the local as long as about NT $ 5000.

But after the export to other countries .. can be sold to 30 million.

Such a huge profit .. all thanks to the Japanese culture of the Pearl industry and the development of high-tech training results ..)
Dukes Imagine: If the price of pearls and gold generally have a certain international market

(Since it is easy for the sweet) .. will not try to hide the opening of a 600,000 proof of the .....

Besides ... you will send a gift to each other in good faith.Will you attach a price list?

(Thought to be sweet and easy) that the name of the anchor (cut cai to serve the country hate) do not see the value of this necklace.

I think this should be able to buy the spring of the bar .. (cut cai to serve the country hate) in the (too sweet easy) under the push of lust

The necklace is worthless.

Suppose there is a friend to send you a rubber band or rope ... Can you say no?

So .. name anchor (cut cai to serve the country hate) on the spot to (too sweet easy) Tucao said the sentence:

(This necklace can be folded cash? ... on the spot Qiu (too sweet easy) meal)
At this point .. in the side of the (shaking prostitute stool) a bad look .Summer and to (thought to be sweet and easy) made a wink.

And then to the name of the anchor (cut cai to serve the country hate) said .. Please Come on. Give me a face ...

Wait a minute trouble you take my friend from Japan to go out and walk

The name of the anchor (cut cai to serve the country hate) due to sentiment ..

think about yourself is the person on the table do not want to show disrespect to others.
Ever since reluctantly nodded promised .. I thought .. walk ...

Then walk in the radius of 20 meters where a good walk ... really come to it a walk ...
                 In this case,
And (shake prostitutes stool) was so sweet to make a very obscene wink .. That means:

Just now people have a little to see through you, because I .. she may temporarily suspicious.

And in Japanese on (thought too sweet and easy) said: I asked her if you like you .. she just nodded .. .. you see

I'll help you arrange a walk with her alone. The other depends on your own .. After the thing into. Do not forget that my ... that .....
Thought it was sweet and easy) under a. Can be very exciting .. on the spot .. heart is already thinking
That Taiwan compatriots ... ... that the white women have no time to flesh .. Ever since. Immediately got up ..

want to pull the anchor (cut cute to hate the country) hands

Straight upstairs room .. helpless name anchor (cut cai to serve the country hate) has long been seen through

(shake prostitutes stool) and (too sweet easy) two people's minds.But pretend I do not know.

But very wary of the hand will be withdrawn .. At this time (shake prostitutes stool) at a wrong look ..

quickly got up to the anchor (cut cai to serve the country hate)

Please give me a face .. Do not the scene stiff ...

While the side (too sweet easy) thought .. is not because I swing wide .. put enough?

In order to have a pro-Ze Chak. Wait a minute. Must spend a lot of money ... ..

Look at her not to bow to the money and I can not go to bed.

So in the two people walk at the same time. (Too sweet easy) on the (cut cai to serve the country hate)

We went to boutiques ... two talent to go less than 1 minute. Went to the [fine slippery hotel] inside the boutique entrance.

(Thought to be sweet and easy) to go in. In order to show their generous and financial resources.

Then picked up a small stone with a female table.

And pretending to be generous in Japanese on the clerk said: .. on this one only.

Of course, the clerk can understand the Japanese, but also in Japanese replied: This watch is a drill table

The price is NT $ 124 million.

(Too sweet easy) on the spot is very hearty. Face does not change color and pretending to be generous, said: I bought a credit card!

So in less than 3 minutes under the circumstances, it decided to a 1.24 million transactions.
A very successful financial mall in the mall will make such a thing ... ...

Can be seen (for their own sweet easy) at the time of the monkey degree of desire has been incineration has been described as ...

At this point .. (cut the cuckoo to serve the country hate) in between this evil move .. froze for a moment.

Thought the old goat in what trick to play .... psychology is wondering the ....

  (Think too sweet easy) one out of the boutiques door.

Will be a packet of things to (cut the cuckoo to serve the country hate) purse is stuffed into it.

And then to the boutique next door. Pointing to a row of clothes on the cabinet. And the clerk said .. this row of clothes .. bought ... ...

The clerk of a listen, of course, ecstatic .. then has a very skilled way to complete all the clothes packaged.
(Thought to be sweet and easy) immediately to the package of clothes stuffed (cut coke to serve the country hate) ...

(Cut cares to serve the country hate) .. This old goat every move and see in the eyes.

I thought: go on like this can be incredible .. Leave that package of clothes ..... I leave the first few grandmother .....
At this point (thought too sweet and easy) thought. The hand of the fat sheep. Cooked Zaizi. How can this fly away ... big step to catch up.
And (cut the cuckoo to serve the country hate) .. up and down his hands .... again in poor English straight .. go to the room ... go to the room.

This move ... more accelerated (cut the hatchet to serve the country hate) ... the footsteps of the rapid departure from this ... ... ... ... ... ....
And (from that too easy) in the case of a desperate body, one back to the room

In the case of two people lost wealth .. Brain shame to call (shake prostitutes bench) recruited room
... and angrily (shake prostitutes stool) ..

and suspicion (shake prostitutes stool) and (cut cucks to serve the country hate) ... common fraudulent his money.
And after the return to Japan, be sure to repair (shake prostitutes stool).

After (shaking prostitute stool) repeated explanation ... and said .. This pimp commission not to.

And vowed to recover (too sweet and easy) that the loss of money.

And because at that time (too sweet easy) in the desires of the occasion. I do not know what to do ...

Therefore .. (shake prostitutes stool) in order to express the highest admiration and loyalty to the Japanese

Then with their own body of many organs .. for (too sweet easy) to solve the fire burning body pain.

And (in the sweet easy) to vent after the two Lianmei quickly ran to the boutique to be willing to give away something previously strong back ...

After eating in the ugly extremely ugly .After the beggars willing to give something to the mind of shame into anger under the mentality.

That is, has been fired for six consecutive days of the name of the anchor (cut cai to serve the country hate).
On September 20, 2002, the Chinese version of the third edition (the intersection of fishy smell)

to the right of the number of paragraph 4, paragraph 8 of the line.

Very detailed to tell the country compatriots.

The text reads as follows: [(cut the cuckoo to serve the country hate.) The practice of Zhongshan North Road, Miss Peijiu also ruthless.

By the above (shake prostitutes stool) very familiar statement ...

This person can be seen in the mountain area of ​​the Japanese hotel specifically how familiar

These hotels are for the service of Japanese guests.Special for prostitutes to accompany wine and escort ...

gathered in the through the area .....

When Japanese clients come to Taiwan, they flock to these hotels.

Shook the prostitutes stool to the media, said this introduction is entirely because of (to be sweet and easy) to find a wife.

And (too sweet easy) also kept saying to the media, said:

[Because of reading the divination book said that he and foreign women have more fate, so would like to know Taiwan women】.

(For details, see paragraph 2, line 9, on the right side of the Chinese edition, September 20, 2002.)
If this is true, how can the prostitutes and the prostitutes play together and make analogy?

It is really a slap in the face of ancient and modern.

Therefore, we can deeply understand that the so-called line out of the champion

In the pimp community to be a brother. To be sure to know the area of ​​prostitution market.

So (shake prostitutes stool) has been able to become a brother of the sector is really well deserved.

He was also afraid that Taiwan compatriots do not know ..

so the world through the media to tell the world ... ... the way you can do more business ........
(Shake prostitutes stool) the cause of the pimp finally in Taiwan started a great reputation

But also laid it in the leather industry is extremely noble and immortal status of a brother

And (self-thought too sweet easy) not only end up with the loss of human wealth ..

and lifelong national customers ridiculed .. in prostitution community has no place.

So .. Finally, only to. (. You are okay) .. to let myself have a step under .....

Unscrupulous shameless near-animal's shameless words .. unparalleled .. world no one can hold a candle ... out of its left and right .....

And this series of scandalous events .. cruel struggle .. set our own women's compatriots in Taiwan after the death .....

Who is the final winner? .... Who? .... Who? ..... Who? ...
The most pathetic is the defending our Taiwan compatriots dignity of the name of the anchor (cut cai to hate the country).

These days since the media was a burst of the Tara cutting ... all the family journalists.

Means that the name of the anchor (cut cai to serve the country hate) .... bucket fights .. bucket collapse.

Even her past few years ago are constantly digging feces of the crazy fucking out .... is the so-called condemned. Deathless disease .........

How can we really heart .. we actually use this means to deal with a weak woman

To deal with a day in front of the TV so that we do not go out to know the world of things anchor ...

And the person who offended .. is also our Taiwanese national hero .. well-known anti-Japanese hero ..

Mr. Liao Tianding most hated the Japanese .....

More sad is that these two people .. one is a client .. one is a pimp ...

and we actually to the two next three abuse of the prostitutes for prostitution ...

Let a once we see her every day broadcast the news .. every day to hear her voice. Ruin ... enough ... ... really enough .......

We in the heart of how to go to sacrifice a weak woman ... ... God ... if you have eyes ... if the situation .... save our Taiwan compatriots.

And then how to say ..... Let us also her innocence it ................ clearly we are all Taiwanese ...

We must defend our Taiwan compatriots in the dignity of the dignity of women in Taiwan... ..

earnestly urge the media friends ... pen pen mercy .. arm is bent inward.

Let us look at another point of view ... the name of the anchor (cut cute to hate the country hate.)

This is a complete lesson for Taiwan compatriots in the next two

But also to maintain the dignity of the Taiwan compatriots also really tell those clients ... T

aiwan women compatriots can not buy money is not the ........

Not only to maintain the dignity of the country ..

but also to enhance the Taiwan compatriots in the international community worth ... ... is not it?
PS: Please note .... (shake prostitutes stool) and (thought to be sweet and easy) in the day is to live in two different rooms .....

The general time .. as usual .. two same-sex good friends should be living in a double room two beds of a large room

Can be seen that these two under the abuse is simply made a special trip to Taiwan prostitutes ...

Heaven ah! ... we actually for the two foreign clients together to harm our Taiwan compatriots .....

In this .. once again earnestly urge the media friends ... pen to pay attention .. arm is bent inward ... ...

May Heaven have eyes .. and then how to say. This is a matter for the people of Taiwan and the Japanese ...

We should not and outsiders to deal with their own people ... right!
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