The myth of eugenics
In a human being on earth ... ignorant people always believe in eugenics .. In this self-righteous under the idea of ​​his own.

Often can not always get the blessing of God .. look at the ancient and modern ..

he more expectation of eugenics, the more the non-eugenic .. .. from the modern history of the British royal family.

Charlie Prince .. looks ordinary ... he was not born before .. is not in the royal family aristocratic eugenics concepts

and expectations of the birth of it? Look again

Charlie and Dai Fei were born a few children .. is also the general's generation.

In the past .. the world's gifted scholars .. Some are highly educated. Significant family scare. Right to pour in one of the wit ..

Some are involved in the beauty pageant

The lady 's beauty. Famous family. Rich and powerful. Wit and beauty of the combination of eugenics ..

Look at their next generation? So many cases ... too numerous to mention ...

In the past 20 years, Taiwan's national income has risen drastically,

and the general public has been living under the scarcity of economic and economic conditions.

However, many young parents in the role of eugenics under the heart,

often deliberately choose their partner in order to expect to give birth to a good variety.

But nowadays many children today .. Many young people. Sixth grade or seventh grade students ..

Do you think their ideas and attitude towards others

What is it? Do you think they have the so-called competitive?

Are you aware that these children have a growing need for parental care.

More and more inseparable from the parents do?

The essence of eugenics .. The main appeal is to marry both men and women before marriage

must pay attention to premarital health checks and whether there are inbreeding

The blood is too close to produce DNA chromosomal sticky .. cause mutations,

resulting in infant disease and a variety of disease symptoms ..

damage to the next generation of problems ...

And subjective conditions such as IQ level. Smart stupid. Ability good or bad. Reaction speed.

And some objective conditions such as academic level ..

Family economic situation .. Politics and politics

The background is irrelevant .. history of all the greats. Strongman. Celebrities. Their parents almost no one is very good ..

but rather these great men.

The next generation of celebrities .. are some of the evil son ..  Is not it?

There are many people on earth who have excellent performance in limbs ..

Their parents are even congenital limb disability ...

Humans must learn to understand humility ... must not be proud of the moment ... the wealth of the family .....

their beautiful handsome appearance, or than others

Read more than a few years the book .. and heart complacency.

Produce a superior psychological than others think .In the eyes of the gods .All people are equal.

Not to mention you are Wang Sun aristocratic family or peddlers to go .. are all free and equal .. For this reason.

Shuo ancient so far. All the heroes and heroines. Kuangshi Wizards.

Nobel Prize winners. As long as it is the name of the speech. As long as there are outstanding achievements in all aspects ..

Almost no one is the parents deliberately

With eugenics as the concept of childbearing and nurturing the achievements of education ..

Parents think they are very superior ideas under the concept of how to humble education

The next generation? Do not know how to humble the next generation .. Since that he is under the product of eugenics ..

and how to know how to ask questions spontaneously learn the truth?

God .. by nature. Tell us a lot of truth .. plum blossom .. the more cold .. the more flowering .. Bing Xin Yu Jie. Temperament refined.

The most precious exotic flowers and herbs on the planet. Exotic herbs. Always growing in the cliffs and dangerous environment.
People .. Only in the dilemma of sinister .In order to figure out the success of the true meaning ..

Only constant humility study .Enables achievements in life.

gino   2004/04/05