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internal affairs:

The people of the country are strong.Today, when Taiwan is at the turn of power, there should be a macroscopic view.

A man of foresight, a vision of the people 's life, worthy of the heart, only for the benefit of the people.

If the virtual small heart. Only one's own reputation. Gaohouhoulu. Reckless of the common people .

With the Warring States Period of the letter Ling Jun.

The Democratic Progressive Party has been in power for eight years, and despite its achievements,

the corrupt officials still can not be eradicated, so that the people can not live comfortably.

The reason for this is that it is related to the electoral structure of democratic politics.

The funds required for local construction are audited by the National Assembly, and the Ministry of Finance,

the Ministry of Finance, is responsible for the work.

The project of local construction is the greatest source of money for the election of the bureaucrats.

So the government collusion of interest transmission.No suspension of the treasury of natural wasting,

while the people naturally have to pay more and more price.

These processes and interests. In this article, the first 25 articles  [ intellectuals on the 2004 presidential election should be deep thinking ]

There is a detailed explanation. In this. Not repeat them.

Now, if we can put an end to such a long-standing electoral culture, we must make bold and bold efforts to reform the present-day Kuomintang.

Absolute ruling power .If you can really to the people of the world to read .

Excluding the party and selfishness of the selfishness .People strong country wealth just around the corner.

In the past, when Mr. Kai - shek and Mr. Jing Guo were in power,

the major public works projects of the country were handled by the Rongong Division at its sole discretion.

Officials can not collusion.Pang Piling of the sacks and cake naturally can not be linked with the election.Therefore,

when the death of the country by the time the treasury has a surplus of 50 billion.

Rather than today's debt of 13 trillion .. [One trillion is equal to one million one hundred million.]

Now if the local construction. Designated by the Central

The state-run engineering units shall co-ordinate the planning and construction,

and the local election of the golden pies and the cake shall disappear spontaneously.

The treasury of the natural to control.Many mosquito Museum naturally take shape can not be formed.

Natural selection, the people are naturally blessed, this is the root of the problem.

Defense and Diplomacy:

China has become the world's second-largest economy, and the world's second-largest power is no longer part of the CCP.

Taiwan independence thinking and practice .It is impossible .This is because for thousands of years .

China's disintegration .Continue to war .At the end of the Qing Dynasty .All of the Eight-Power Allied Forces.

It is the greatest humiliation for China, and it is based on the complex nationalism that the Chinese Communist Party

has never allowed the possibility of a repeat of history.

The repression of Tibet, which lasted for decades, was a precedent, and the government in exile in India called itself Lhasa,

and Taiwan could not.

Taiwan independence has long been reduced to politicians in the election. Manipulation of ethnic awareness of the tools

 and slogans.Therefore, the Union is only the return of politicians to operate the election tactics.

In fact, as long as the existence of the Chinese Communist Party, which is impossible,

and now the world's non-United Nations countries only Taiwan and the Vatican. Two small countries, while the Vatican Kong

As a religious state, has its own history and background of human belief,

so Taiwan no longer need to do other countries with the surface of the financial aid diplomacy work, the state treasury can save

In the past, a large number of countries in which foreign aid was financed were mostly broken off by diplomatic relations

 with the Chinese Communist Party.

And other small countries that must rely on economic and monetary assistance to establish diplomatic relations

with the United States, which is a waste of public money, not only to the detriment of their own interests, but also to the international

Not only will never be able to join, and want to join the World Health Organization WHO is more difficult,

so when the time to save the national economy.

If you do not think about the livelihood of the people, you may want to make a contribution to a moment.

Not only continue to consumptive treasury, leaving the unwarranted diplomatic personnel to profit from

while the defense of the arms purchase transactions during which the shady.

Has been explained in detail in Article 24 of this article [ nternational Values ​​of Intellectuals-01 ].

Therefore, the present and the future, as mentioned above, there will be no war in Taiwan,

and the hundreds of billions of military procurement cases have allowed the Chinese Communist Party

and the United States to countless interests.

Not only useless, but also let the old beauty of the United States

and the CPC secretly secretly pleased in the back of the situation will not fight under.

The military and businessmen, and the overseas Chinese community, as well as the military, military,

and military procurement of the armed forces of the land, sea and air.

There will not be any country on earth, including the Chinese Communists, that will attack Taiwan,

and thus cut down the defense budget in a large amount.

The more the country is the more people look down on the Warring States Period of the Qin

and the six countries compared to the present, is not the case.

The United Nations and the United States are in charge of safeguarding world peace, and China can not afford to worry about it.

Do not let the war can not be the national army. To defend the government. Against the people of the Guards!


Mr. Teng-hui and Mr. Shui-bian came to power for 16 years, and the economic problems were becoming more and more serious,

and at this moment, if the people were not rich,

And ignorant of the want to synchronize with the international. Vigorously reduce the carbon move.

Levy fuel tax. Is bound to let the economic problems continue to deteriorate the people more disappointed.

The major international heavy industry, the manufacturing of environmental pollution problem is a hundred times

more than Taiwan's small place, while Taiwan's leaders and politicians.

If the ignorance of the want to sync with the international, while rivalries with other big countries,

then the light and heavy industries of these countries caused by energy pollution on Earth.

And environmental issues, how can we compare with Taiwan,

and what we can do now and how much we can do to the planet.

If only to have the fame and reputation of the world. To the international praise of Taiwan.

 Let the people that this is a so-called international view.

The freedom and the rights of the people, is it a style that a politician should have?

If Taiwan is the first of four Asian economic dragons.

But Taiwan is now at the bottom of the Asian economic dragons, and the economy is turning red,

and inflation has come to the fore.

And continue to expand. Re-line of environmental protection and taxation. Is to make the economy even worse .

Let the issue of environmental protection .At present no fighting in the Middle East.

The reason why oil prices continued to rise, the reason can be imagined in a small number of international investors

and oil traders under the control of soaring oil prices, leading to rising prices.

Energy problems continue to be a result of a small number of selfishness and increasingly serious .

At this moment, the national government should be more compassionate people's livelihood.

The people's livelihood should not be neglected, but the policy of using the people instead of disturbing the people should be

the policy of an inexpensive government.And promising ah.

If you are only in the late twilight years of the experts, senior officials,

scholars think that the absurd idea of ​​self-righteousness as a person.

To listen to the pedant of the cliche, ignoring the people's lives, so with thousands of years of history,

many of the dim and how different.

The reason why strong Qin can be annexed to the six countries is not the case,

the six countries of those advisers and counselors high above the wise man itself, now there is no people.

Cause the country to die.Today, the so-called think tank in 16 years of wisdom under the advice of.

Since ancient times, the virtuous virtues of the people most of the opposition,

history is not exactly the case of reading the people only to name and interest.

In the past eight years, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, won by Mr. Yuan Zhe, was a great admiration for the past eight years.

And what? What about the reform of the Jin. What, then, is the difference between the current cabinet members.

Must be aware of. Education and experience. Can not be compared with the moral integrity and energy.

 Nanke shock reduction. Prosecution of dozens of high intellectuals and experts and scholars.

Chinese Academy of Sciences, several president was asked to seek a heavy punishment,

these lessons can not be taken as warning.To know that experience is important, but if the experience comes from

In the past the Kuomintang corruption and black gold. Political and business hook .

Then the so-called Derby can be more important .It is just a slogan .By that.

If you repeatedly obsessed with highly educated and more experience,

then get in the past Mr. Deng Hui and Mr. Shui Bian 16 years Shuaibu Diao Baoku only.

As long as there is selfishness, there is absolutely no inability.

The electoral system of Taiwan has brought about a corrupt group, political party politics, and a culture of corruption.

There will never be clean elections, party politics, and never - ending honest bureaucrats.

This article has been in the article list article 31 [intellectuals in 2006 should be the North mayor of the high awareness]

There is a detailed discussion .Selecting the virtuous and can .To eradicate corruption .

To benefit the people .It is for the people of the moment to do.

But also the most important principal axis of governance.

Practice and Summary:

In the present world, there is a pattern of digital and missile warfare.

We will cut down the defense budget by 80 percent, and we will have 80 percent of the military procurement

and military forces, and we will let the generals at all levels return to their homeland and freeze their diplomatic aid.

The establishment of state-owned engineering units, a large number of recruited domestic unemployed workers,

and mandatory public enterprises, the public units to a certain number of redundant staff transferred to state-owned engineering units.

Can be engaged in administrative or repair the road every day in the construction of small projects.

Will be the size of the national and local public works. All by the state-owned enterprise planning.

And the construction. This can also immediately reduce the unemployment rate.

Officials from this can not hook string and actively set up by the President directly under the jurisdiction -

of the Independent Commission Against Corruption from the various units.

Rather than the current units and cities and towns of the same type of town

and the shape of the political atmosphere of the room. So. Not afraid of power. Fear of evil potential. Strongly grasp corruption. Anti-corruption.

The state treasury will be able to within the term of office.From the loss to surplus.

There are plenty of treasury.The social welfare natural promotion.General police officers performance pressure

 is naturally reduced.People's traffic ticket pressure

If we can get rid of the personal likes and dislikes and the stupidity of the scholar - officials,

we should choose the virtuous and the talented.

The political philosophy of Mr. Shi Jingguo is the moral philosophy of the people of the country,

and the people are naturally blessed.

Will be absolutely can be expected.While the world is no feasible thing.

Only lies in the heart and inadvertently. Is the so-called [the world is not difficult. Afraid of caring people!

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