A Christian's Understanding of the Cross

Preface: i True Christians should be brave to defend the spirit of the cross, j

not the cross as a protective amulet! X, y

The spirit of the cross is not just about love, but the important thing is telling us.

In order to do justice, we must have the spirit of killing ourselves.

The spirit of the cross is a symbol of the duty of righteousness,
but the courage of millions of people is great and fearless.

But also represents the sacrificing spirit of sacrifice.

Main text:

What is the spirit of the cross?

When we walk into the church, do we really get to know the meaning of the crucifixion.

When we put on the cross of the moment.Would it be a thorough understanding of what is the spirit of the cross?

To become a spiritual Christian, is there another layer of meaning in which to think about it?

Let the time back to the year 33 AD.

Roman soldiers in Jerusalem, crowned with thorns, set on the head of Jesus.

In order to humiliate Jesus, and to whip Jesus with a whip and a whip.

Red blood from the head of Jesus. Face. Body. Constant Qin. Bloody sweat and mud.

Jesus had been beaten by Roman soldiers for blood loss.

Roman soldiers, brutally escorting a nearly comatose Jesus, black and blue, bloody, bloody Jesus.

Jesus, who carried the great cross, Jesus, who was struggling, Jesus, who shed His blood,

Jesus, who was mocked and humiliated.

Step by step toward the Mount of Olives.

And the heavy cross, rubbing Jesus with the flesh, the bloody back, and the whole body,

and Jesus was so compelled to go to painful death.

At that time, a cold-eyed man, I do not know that Jesus would come to life after three days,

but in that moment, beginning with the conviction of Pilate

Until Jesus was crucified alive. Extreme painful blood flow to death. Human ignorance. Ugly.

Selfish. Weakness .. already exposed.

From Jesus was condemned to death on the cross above this no one in the world willing to come forward

for Jesus to rescue Jesus.

In that moment, not only is everyone insecure, but also fear of being implicated by Jesus and get into trouble the upper body

with the cold look at all unfair injustice.

Nowadays, many people only think that Jesus received for us, and that the sins of mankind are forgiven.

But never another point of view to rethink this thing another layer of meaning.

Forgiveness. Spreading Jesus' love is certainly a Christian's duty, but it is not a fundamental human moral value.

But Jesus alone in the world in front of the painful suffering of such torture.

Is it not to tell the world that a sacrificing value is the sacrifice of the soul?

People 's selfishness. See death do not save. Mingzhebaoshen. Is not to remind us again.

To be righteous things. Fenbuzu Shen.

If someone had to come forward to save Jesus and was killed by the Roman soldiers,

then this person's life is more bright and beautiful?

Unfortunately, in those days, but no one is willing to kill themselves .Severer is more sadly,

Jesus has also been gracious and saved these people.

The spirit of the cross is not just about love, but the important thing is telling us.

In order to do justice, we must have the spirit of killing ourselves.

Many people in the face of many unrighteous things will always choose to protect themselves,

and will choose to do what.

So how can the world be killed?

When we are faced with too much injustice .. we always choose to escape, not to face.

Always with forgiveness instead of hatred from my escape.

Of course, each person plays a different role in a different position, and it is precisely because of this.

Jesus will be a lonely person in front of the world tortured to death.

No one came out to help. No one came forward. Fear of power. Fighting with the Roman soldiers.

No one in this moment is willing to sacrifice for Jesus.

Therefore, the individual deeply realized that the spirit of the cross, in fact, is a sign of justice for things and duty-bound.

Although millions of people to carry on the dauntless courage, but also represents a sacrifice spirit of sacrifice.

Chinese history for thousands of years, the number of heroic martyrs of tragic deeds,

and then again reveals the knowingly can not do it fearless spirit.

The Sun Yat-sen's revolution .Huanghuagang seventy-two martyrs .His wife and children .Sporting .Sprinkle blood .

In the creation of the Republic of China .Why not?

The Lord God told us again that we should do righteousness.

So when we see the many injustices around us, or when we face a lot of injustice.

If we can think of the things that were crucified before our hearts, there would be no fear or retreat in our hearts.

First President Jiang Gong will [since I beam hair, that is, to follow the Prime Minister's revolution,

no time to Jesus Christ and the Prime Minister believers].

By this article, we are more deeply understand the spirit of the cross, for Mr. Kai-shek.

Is not only a kind of love as the starting point of the spirit,

but also a practical, pragmatic, personally carried out the revolutionary spirit.

As the believer of the Lord and Jesus Christ, it is really necessary to really understand what the cross represents

Another kind of deep meaning and spirit, which is also the life value that the author pursues.

True Christians, therefore, should be brave in the defense of Jesus 'crucifix, not as the talisman of Jesus' cross.

When we come back into the church again, we do not seek solace and sustenance,

but we do not seek help and help, but defended with fearless courage and courage.

Jesus' Spirit of the Cross.

So we can no longer watch as Jesus alone toward Calvary.

More can not ignore the world of many unfair injustice things constantly in our eyes repeat.

When we look up to the Almighty God, the true God of God,.

We should make Jesus sacrifice for us, with its infinite value and immortal meaning

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