What is the attitude of life ? What is the value of life ?

A mobile phone accidentally dropped on the floor, bad board, or cable may be damaged.

Another mobile phone accidentally fell to the ground, picked up, intact.

Which phone do you think is better?

It is the same in the journey of life, when we face the trauma of many minds.

Facing the Trauma of Marriage and Feelings, Family and Education, Career and Future.

In the face of any setbacks, dilemmas and challenges, the courage to face to accept. Overcome

This is the value of a person's life .. A person's value depends on this.

Many people think that the value of a person's life depends on the qualifications.

Background. Occupation. Income. Social status.

Well, today 's top legislators are politicians, doctors, lawyers.

It must be the value of life? What do you think? In this case,

What is the value of life .. ??

A businessman, a rich man, a high - ranking official, a politician, a doctor, a lawyer.

Is there any value in their lives?

There is nothing wrong with him when he is alive.

But when he was gone, he was born ... What can he take with you?

Only to take people to their short memories.

But if you can die without regret for their own life is a personal value.

But if we can retain the loyalty according to history .This is a big my life value

The attitude to life depends on the value of the individual's life.

Make a good effort to do something in one 's own account.

To distinguish between good and evil.

Do not like luxury, not vain, do not lie, do not cheat.

The attitude of life, will determine the value of their own lives.


gino    2009/04/24  pm 07:15