Dr  Lost

A good friend .Because of the quarrel with her boyfriend .Next to break up .

So the neighbor then wanted to introduce a divorced doctor with contacts.

Now, although with her boyfriend compound, but not allowed her boyfriend to go to her house .

Fear the neighbors see .Lost contact with Dr. opportunities.

This friend is a very care about the location and background of the man, so I asked her: -

Do you really want to do with the doctor.

She replied: whether the doctor will be very arrogant .Is not get along. ?

 Under the meaning of the implication. Dr. is very interesting, but she was afraid he could not climb.

I am very sorry to hear that many people are worshiped and cared for.

The so-called Dr.. Is not a [noun] .. ?? Is not more than a few years to read the book it .. ??

After two years of masters, then four years of study.

If the doctor is really superior ... really very good. Well, this doctor [Why divorce] ?? ...

Why did Dr.'s wife leave this so-called Dr. .. ??

Everyone is rushing to .. We will not.

The most important thing is personality, integrity, moral responsibility,

and appearance, knowledge and background, is the last.

But the world of people. Often views are always the opposite of the above mentioned.

Most people put the background and appearance of knowledge in the forefront-

while personality, integrity, moral responsibility, and finally.

Modern history. Those traitors. Are not all doctors .. ?

In Taiwan, many shameless politicians. Beware of lawlessness. For fear of death. Collusion. Benefit transmission.

The former president's platform, which was jailed for corruption a few days ago, is highly praised by Dr. Lee of President Chen ..

It is also Dr. Dr. Nobel.

And in the official shuttle. For others to pull strings. Take the back door.

Is due to a number of corruption. Cheating. Selling. Gold case.

Stagnation of the United States did not return wanted by the Huang Yuanzhang.

Lehman Brothers out of the global economic collapse .. are not all born out of the speculators out of Dr. .. ?.

The scum of these societies. The cancer of the nation. The humiliation of the people. The scourge of mankind.

And since ancient times, there is not the so-called [literati shame.

Literati .. Who is that .. .. .. .. Is not that Dr. .. ??

Therefore, we can understand that to see a person, the most important thing is personality, integrity, virtue and responsibility.

And the appearance of knowledge and background .. is the last .. This is a deep view and values.

If there is a person always "other people are [Dr.]" on the mouth .. hanging in the mouth.

Then it means that this person's life experience is not enough, will make others feel very shallow.

It is precisely because of this .. a better understanding of the divorced Dr. .. In addition to a term outside. It seems that nothing.

Otherwise .. If the doctor's personality. Conduct. Character. Responsibility. Are the doctor's grade.

Well. Wife with the morning and evening

He will not divorce and leave him .. is not it .. ?? His wife do not like him with the .. .. you will like it .. ? think it .. ?

Since ancient times, most people, the motivation of reading is to seek fame and fortune,

and personality, morality and moral conscience courage .Naturally is gone.

Nowadays, utilitarianism is in the grip of the road.

But do not forget .. the more want to get. The more is not .. otherwise. To the world .. is for what .. ??

Confucius said .. .. Meng said ..........

To really look at a person, put all his nouns and titles removed, to see what this man left.

In this case,
So they are absolutely able to profound understanding and understanding. What is the right values ​​...

gino   2009/05/25