Failure of education

Today 's television news, a legislative assistant, is also the son of a legislator, was arrested yesterday.

Over the years, this young man has continued negative news, let us see what.

Because it is the son of a celebrity legislator, but also a legislator assistant, so many small things. Thus be highlighted.

But also make us deeply think about the present parents and children education.

Today 's social structure change. Coupled with the increase in national income. Double - income families

with fewer children. Nature of the child spoiled.

In fact, the real problem, not only in this, we also to a broader perspective to observe the impact of the next 10 years to 30 years.

The main strength of the United States today is the support of the entire American economy, science and technology,

and productive forces, a group of powerful middle class.

And this group of main comes from the 50 to 60 years, that is, from the global economic depression.

Currency inflation after World War II to the era of economic recovery.

Young people from the age of 6. began to learn to be independent ..

from the most basic mowing for the neighbors yard to take care of their parents to go out to dinner children.

To the college and tutoring. Project, etc. .. earn their own petty money and tuition ..

Because it is so that children can be independent of the way of education.

Leading to the course of development for independent thinking model and clearly establish the direction of life.

Because these children become 20-30 years later, that is, the main state of the United States from 1980 to 2009.

In today 's Taiwan, the most productive of the four tigers in Asia to become the first of that era.

Not those who are from 40 to 50 years of the backbone.

And we're talking about the young people of the 1980s and '90s,

under the age of few children and the education of their parents.

In 20-30. Years later. How will become a person úz .. ??

This term is not heard, but from the many parents of the so - called respect for the child derived from spoiled.

To the parents of this generation is the dream of their own youth,

and now see their children go to college, complacent, feel glory.

But do not want to face the wrong educational reform .110% of the university admission rate

and 7 points will be able to college fact.

When the car factory assembles a car, if you ignore a lot of details.

Ignore a lot of screws .. Ignore many of the components

Then the factory after the car is bound to a major car accident and become a scrapped car.

Similarly, parents only care about their children is a college student,

while ignoring his thoughts, personality, moral education, judgment, life attitude and values.

In the future, they will inevitably become a failed contestant in the society,

and they will become men and women and house women.

I said again: to their own children as treasure .After society .He is the grass .To their children as a grass .

After society .He is a treasure .In this reason.

More subtle discussion can be deduced out of today's young people on life and work attitude,

resulting in a high-level, low not to short-sightedness and ambitious.

It is precisely because of this reluctance to hire young people of this generation,

so the social unemployment rate is increasing.

These young people hold the indifferent attitude to whether they can gain a foothold in society.

Anyway, by their parents work at home when the otaku. House woman. Is also a LOHAS life.

Long-term spoil of parents to kill their children as early as the sense of shame and responsibility.

To find a job just to cope with the parents. To do look.

Anyway, there is no need to struggle, there are parents to leave their house, do not need to work, can bully at home.

Boys to a certain age after. To discuss a wife, of course, marry his wife is also grown under the spoiled parents.

She did not even know how their parents filial piety, but not the concept of filial piety in-laws.

Two young people from the same era, the same education,

the same parents were spoiled the same lack of independent personality traits.

After the establishment of the family, naturally can not face many of the reality of marriage-

 to be sure to face the near and solve the problem.

Therefore, many of the dissatisfaction with each other. Constantly in the brewing.

After the outbreak. Wounding self-esteem to make utterance. Even hands. So break up.

According to a recent survey, the divorce rate in Taipei County is 3 points and three divorces.

After the divorce, the parents began to take over, clean up the bad beach,

help with their own grandson, is the current parents in the future inevitable work.

The grandfather, grandmother, with the child in the grandfather's grandmother's eyes is the poor single child,

therefore, more be spoiled.

The growing number of single - parent families has created social problems.

More and more social events. Is endless. So. Vicious cycle endless.

You know, the individual, the family, the society, the country, and every level,

and there is a slight disruption that can have an effect on the country as a whole.

Education ... affects individuals, families, societies, and nations

Because of this, the ancients will say: education is a hundred years of tree work, but also the country's centuries.

gino    2009/10/26