Why do beliefs generate power ?

Why does faith produce power? In fact, as the religion says. God. God is in your heart.

There are many witnesses of Christianity and Buddhism in the human body, and many of them are at the witness.

Through the priest or priest or the crowd of prayer. Often so many patients. Do not drug and more .. Why is this ?.

Many people or atheists do not believe that there will be such a thing.

Nowadays, the advancement of science and technology and knowledge,

the genetic engineering of mankind through high technology, molecular medicine, theological demonstration of science,

can understand such miracles.

We all know that the application of the human brain is actually only 7%,

even the most intelligent scientist Einstein on Earth, only 13% of the brain.

The brain cortical layer of the crepe folding and nerve synapse .. determines the amount of brain cell application.

Brain is more flexible, but we always use only 7% of it.

Therefore, the development of the potential in human life, constantly being put forward and to be studied,

while the human brain is more flexible.

Many cancers, ie, the formation of tumor cells, are caused by errors in the process of dividing and replicating cells.

But also because of external forces, such as genetic .Virus .And radiation intrusion .Disease .Physiological P53 gene.

Because they can not identify the wrong cells and lose the function of repair,

leading to tumor cells because the absorption of nutrients in the blood and constantly expanding.

Resulting in normal organ cell necrosis, while the tumor cells because of the need for a large number of nutrients in the blood.

Therefore, most of the tumor cells are in the vicinity of the heart by a multiple of growth. Destroy the body's normal vital organs.

Such as the lungs, liver, pancreas, breast tissue, and so on.

Humans continue to seek solutions in medicine .Oxidation .Inhibit or reduce free radicals .All is to avoid the occurrence of cancer.

However, there are many people who can pray by the church priest and the so-called non-drug and the more miracles ..

This is the brain development results.

We all hear or know the amazing potential of many people at the edge of life and death or in distress.

Or a lot of athletes because of taking doping and produce amazing power.

This is because the brain due to mental or drug stimulation was generated by the instantaneous force.

The brain is very powerful. If the brain is re-developed, it may be applied to 30%.

When people concentrate, brain waves can change the molecular structure of objects.

As for the whole brain if 100% of the application .. then. On the omnipotent.

As to why human brain cells can only be applied in limited ways, I am in the true meaning of life.

There is a detailed explanation in this. Will not repeat them, and the Bible, Genesis chapter 1, section 26.

You can also understand why people do not have this ability.

This is also true of many witnesses in the church, as the patient's long-term faith in the faithfulness of Jesus and Christ.

But also in a crowd at the same time looking forward to prayer and read the environment and atmosphere.

And in the communication interface between man and God, that is the pastor ..

Pray for the patient and blessing. Can also be called a blessing under.

The brain in the moment to open a number of brain cells can be applied to the P53 gene

can play its original function to identify the tumor cells.

And to destroy it, which is the miracle of healing in the church.

Dating back to 414. Born in the 15th century AD 1596 French mathematics. Descartes philosopher said: ĦiI think I am inĦj.

Is to talk about the existence of God and the human spirit linked to interdependence and interdependence.

The greater the strength of faith, the greater the strength of faith.

Many of the Islamic Koran's Muslim believers have done many of the suicide bombings of the terrorist incident.

Is also a result of faith and a powerful force to show and verify.

Therefore, to strengthen their own heart, a dedicated firm belief is indispensable.

Therefore, as we have said, we can understand, believe in God, and God will be in you and me.

This is not an abstract theory, but a scientific argument.


gino  2010/04/27