Self-existentialism extends the philosophical interpretation

In the 20th century. Before the 1960s. Including Nietzsche. Qike fruit. Saudi.

Although it can be linked with religious and theological thinking, most of them focus on individual subjective thinking.

And the Definition of Value in the Universe

This is the ultimate argument of existentialism, that is to say, the existence of the process of life.

Individuals believe that. 60 time ago. As the computer. Technology. Molecular medicine. Genetic engineering. Space physics.

Not as modern technology is so developed.Therefore, for the origin of life from the can not be done by the scientific argument.

As a result, in the interpretation of the origin of life, often become a philosophical line.

Existentialism is also called existential philosophy.

The Bible, under the present scientific validation, has been fully validated as to how life is formed.

In the Bible's Genesis written clearly.

The behavior of mankind and life and death. Under the scientific argument, there is a detailed explanation.

And many chapters of the Bible, after comparison, will be found with the existentialist argument.

There are many contradictions.

In the past, people always think of expounding life as an extension of philosophy, of life, of philosophy.

This is because there are many things that can not be understood, originated from the origin and disappearance of life,

can not make a reasonable interpretation.

Now, genetic engineering has proven the formation of life, and it is consistent with the biblical argument.

When we understand where life comes from, where does it go,

existentialism becomes the spirit of life struggle and the indicator of behavior.

If Nietzsche. Qike fruit. Saudi Arabia, who can live up to now I believe that they know the existentialism

There will be a little different from the previous knowledge of the existence of the soul of the theology will have different views.

Existentialism. For the present, there is absolutely the value of its existence because of the changing behavior of human thought.

By the existentialism can be explained. Introduction to the good. Fu and love arising from the responsibility.

Is indeed the goal of contemporary human life and spiritual totem.

But if the full scientific proof of the Bible, while the life, life and death, full understanding.

In this morally bankrupt society, it is a beacon of life for us.


gino   2010/05/20