Looking at the world. and Macrocosmic universe -01

When Israel was again on the high seas, forcibly intercepting fleets searching for relief supplies to the Gaza Corridor.

And killed nine Palestinians, it reminded us of world peace.

Many people will always be in the birthday.When the beauty pageant.Will mention the desire of world peace.

However, the world is never possible peace.

If the world is peaceful, then the world's heavy arms and arms dealers will be all unemployed.

The global annual tens of billions of dollars of arms business opportunities will be naught.

Therefore, based on the principle of supply and demand of the market, there must be war in the world,

so we can see that the Middle East and the everlasting war.

Many countries .. even if there will never be any aggression, it is still necessary to have weapons of national defense, such as Taiwan.

Defense.? To prevent who is against the arms market and the interests of a few people only disappear.

The United States F117.B2 stealth bomber and only one aircraft will be able to shoot down F15.F16.F18.

A total of 119 fighter aircraft F22 stealth fighter

This military technology has been disdain for the world, no one with the match.

When the forces of the Earth on the gap between countries is so great,

and the United States armed forces when the world is the only other countries, whether military defense needs?

When the United Nations, composed of 191 countries on the planet, is cooperating with each other

and containing other countries, is it necessary for military and military defense?

If the United Nations launches a war, it will certainly solve the problems of North and South Korea

and the Middle East, and it will definitely make the planet peaceful.

But there is no rattling. There is no permanent antagonism between the two countries.

There is no defense. There is no arms dealer interests. So the United Nations can do but will not do.

One hand holds high the banner of peace in the world and the other hand sells arms to arms.

By politicians. Arms dealers with the CIA CIA. Continuously in sensitive areas. Fanning the flames. Manufacturing tensions.

So the defense force of the rivalry. To stimulate the demand for arms.

Let the arms market. Forever prosperity .Earth .There will never be a peaceful day.

At present, the world's highest science and technology. Genetic engineering. Molecular medicine.

 Are controlled by several large drug places.

And quantum physics. Space technology. Ion propulsion. Nuclear fusion technology.

And more high-end computer technology .. All dominated by arms dealers.

We live in. The high-tech information received through the media is already the last.

Genetic engineering. Molecular medicine. Breakthrough in cancer and stem cell research. Gene recombination and recycling.

To stimulate and change the gene sequencing. Promote the rapid growth of cell replication.

To do a variety of drug testing and research.

Should have been a long line.

Look at the United States Tomahawk missiles.Flying speed of 880 kilometers,

a range of 2500. Started service in 1970. It is now 2010.

The Tomahawk missiles, 30 years ago, were a six-meter-long, 50-centimeter-wide missile that could fly Taiwan six times.

This is the technology 30 years ago.

So when we see the film's iron man's flight performance, it's really not necessary to doubt that's just the movie's illusion.

So it is clear to understand.Quality Physics.Space Science and Technology.Ironic thruster.Nuclear fusion fuel technology.

As well as high-end computer technology used in Aegis combat systems

Currently dominated by arms dealers, even if most of the space shuttle engine components. Fuel system is the same.

(Lockheed Martin). (Boeing). (Raytheon).

(Northrop Grumman). (General) .... and other companies. Manufacture and sale.

If you do not play a two-handed strategy, the world will not have a war, the world will really be able to peace.

Relative to the loss of many people's huge benefits.This is really very ironic.

The first and foremost problem of mankind should be to abandon the views of all countries, to be selfless

 in the face of global warming and bipolar movements

The destruction of the Earth caused by the major issues ..

When the two poles because of warming and take place, is bound to cause the re-start of human civilization again.

This is not the first time. This is not alarmist, but the fact that it is now.

As a part of the earth, the macrocosmic universe is the basic intelligence that is indispensable in our life.


gino  2010/06/03