Space and Black Hole

The Contradiction between Steve Hawking 's Quantum Mechanics and Einstein' s General Theory of Relativity.

Lies in the interpretation of the black hole.I love that all the material is absorbed by the black hole

after all does not exist.

History argues that there are positive and negative particles in the black hole,

positive particles will be emitted from the black hole radiation, known as Hawking radiation.

As for the big bang of love and history and the explanation of gravity, let us also know the planets

The interdependence between the constellations and the constellations of the stars results

in space warping and wormhole interpretation.

The two theories have now been explained by Greene's string theory,

which incorporates the theory of love and history and has been widely accepted.

That is, at the same time, there are multiple three-dimensional space, which is three three-dimensional space.

I am on the Internet. (The true meaning of life) a total of 4. On the black hole and life and death

Just now I do not know the Hadron Collision in 2009. The results of the study.

Stephen Hawking's black hole radiation, also known as Hawking radiation,

while the black hole of the terminal is another space

However, there is a singularity at the end of the black hole,

and if it passes this point it may be possible to traverse the space-time.

The general perception of gravity in the Steve and Einstein's discourse, and Newton is not the same.

The gravitational force of the earth is thought to be caused by the gravity of the sun.

But if you put a bowling ball in the middle of a large open canvas distraction.

The middle of the place will collapse .And then a golf ball into the canvas .Port ball will be in bowling around the ball .So .Orbit.

This is the common argument of history and love, but if the bowling ball mass density increases,

the canvas continued to collapse into the ground perpendicular to the ground.

It will form a hole. Small ball. Can not bypass large ball. And fall directly into the canvas collapse of the hole

The vacant canvas represents the space of the universe .. This cavity is a black hole.

Personally think that the parallel space multiple space is in the vacant canvas below

There is also another canvas that is floating, another parallel space.

When the middle of the canvas above the middle of the ball due to the quality and density of the canvas continued to collapse.

When collapsing to the bottom of the canvas, it means touching another parallel space.

Whether you can understand the history of the argument,

meaning the black hole of the terminal that is another starting point for space.

Also understand string theory of the nine-dimensional space.

(String theory) combines the generalizations of relativity and quantum mechanics -

on the different interpretation of the existence of space

(Superstring theory) is that the same time there are three three-dimensional space. Total (nine-dimensional space)

(Time and space = time + space)

Individuals believe that the moment we live in three-dimensional space.

In addition to the invisible six degrees. Three for heaven. Three for the soul of the district.

 This nine-dimensional space. Exist in a common time.

As for the meaning of another six-dimensional space.

I am on the Internet (the true meaning of life) the second. Have a very detailed explanation and discussion.

Therefore, we can see that there are three parallel stacks of floating canvas.

The universe of time and space to do a whole piece of canvas to do the reasoning of the logical thinking.

So if the farthest points of the canvas are interconnected, simply fold the canvas.

The interconnection between the canvas and the canvas is through the black hole

and only a very small particles in order to pass through the black hole.

So the charged gas. Soul .. naturally through the black hole.

In addition, the film travels in a superluminal space, and the space scene moves in an instant to form a beam

But in practical application in the speed of light when the space scene is only as a fixed grid of the general slightly mobile.

Because the universe is too large, even if the speed of light 300,000 kilometers per second in the vast universe of the universe,

but also a short paragraph only.


gino  2010/06/22