The sun and me

Every morning the sun rises, the evening falls, the sunrise and sunset, and the rising temperatures all over the world is a warning.

Looking at the sky, there are hundreds of billions of stars shining like the sun.

The Sun, the nearest star, is 93 million miles, which is 4,000 times the distance around the Earth.

The sun shines on the earth for about 8 minutes.

The life span of the sun is about 10 billion years, and now it is 4.5 billion years, called the stage of yellow dwarf stars.

The size of the sun can accommodate 1.3 million Earth.

90 million miles in diameter and 300,000 times the weight of the Earth, the quality of the entire solar system 99.8%

By the so-called plasma of the super-tropical electromagnetic gas composition.

The entire sun is divided into photosphere, chromosphere, and corona.

Photosphere temperature of about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit,

while the outermost corona temperature is as high as several million degrees Fahrenheit.

Because the sun is a gas planet, so the internal rotation is different from the solid planet.

The poles turn slowly in the equator 25 days to turn in the middle latitude 30 days.

35 poles turn around the poles because of the different rotational speed to form a strong magnetic field entangled with each other.

While its strong magnetic field lines, resulting in the sun's outer most corona temperature is high.

The sun's powerful gravitation draws nine planets, including all visible comets.

The atmosphere of the sun, covering the solar system within the water to gold fire to earth nine sea planets

and the planets of the satellite.

That is, the sun because of the nuclear fusion within the photons and particles produced by these

and continue to spread out the energy flow.Photon and particles is the solar wind.

In the solar wind, and more than 9.3 trillion miles of Pluto is the sun's atmosphere.

We live in the atmosphere of the sun.For the birth of this gas planet, it should be cautious fear.

In the fall of 2003, the sun suddenly released the equivalent of 200 billion pieces of hydrogen bomb energy,

while the speed of 6 million miles of superheated charged particles.

But also the largest solar storm known to mankind. At that time, power and communication interruption .

Aircraft grounded .Although did not cause a major disaster.

However, we understand the importance of the Sun over everything and everything.

Since 1973. Space station has been set up on the sun laboratory.

Today there are 20 observation stations on the sun to do 24 hours 365 days a year

And x-ray and ultra-violet rays on the control of human beings life. Life and death of the sun.

Do close monitoring and observation.

In 2006, a rocket spacecraft called the Sunrise flew near the Sun.

Observing the surface magnetic field lines of the Sun. Elwyn Bo.Correlations with the corona.

In 2008, NASA launched the IBEX Interplanetary Boundary Explorer spacecraft.

Fly to the edge of the solar system, Pluto, observe the strength of the solar wind,

we can see the importance of the sun on human beings.

The sun.Covering the earth.Covering from the cosmic rays,

but also control the life of all mankind.However, when the solar wind strikes, it also affects the temperature of the earth.

When the universe, the great quality of the star collapsed,

and the resulting black hole, the release of the Gamma ray if the shot to Earth.

Will destroy 50% of the ozone layer.Thus, the sun's ultraviolet rays will penetrate the atmosphere,

 first destroy all the plants on earth, and then destroy all the animals on earth.

The sun's activity is divided into periods of maximum and minimum,

and the period between the two extremes is called the solar cycle, which is about 11 years.

The sun's internal activities.Continuous hydrogen to helium nuclear fusion.If very frequent.Human

will observe a large number of sunspots.

The sunspot activity is very low, making the Earth's climate cold,

but the time of this period of less sunspots is unusually long

And the cyclical nature of the past is different, also caused the weakening of the solar wind.

Like the solar system blowing a protective bubble when the solar wind pressure and range weakened.

The solar system is exposed to harmful cosmic substances, it is willing to suffer from interstellar storms,

such as gamma rays or other unknown material attacks.

In the past 25 years, the pressure and range of the solar wind have been gradually weakened.

The sun is driving all the energy of the earth, and now the human beings are extensive use of ancient solar energy,

that is, fossil fuels.

And thus undermine the relationship between the sun and the Earth

too much solar energy from the earth itself is exploited to make the Earth warming.

The greenhouse effect is a normal phenomenon for the earth, it makes the earth warm,

otherwise the earth's oceans will freeze.

But too much greenhouse gas, causing too much carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor,

while trapping the sun's radiation. When the ice cap melts, the ice sheet on the mountain melts into water

The sea level rises naturally, and the catastrophe takes place.

So, when we look at the sun at the same time every day, we must think deeply about how the sun affects us.