On International Financial Trends

The current gold price.You go to the silver floor to buy 5150. Sell 4700.

This means what can be divided into the following points to explore:

1. The international stock market for the hands of the funds in the global operation of about more than 20 billion US dollars.

As a result, the entire group has global footprints.

The stock god Buffett. The reason why God called in the international stock market without compromise.

But because of its informativity faster than the average person last week or even a month or more.

Money, money, money,

Is a lot of politicians, intelligence officers with the national unit.

In today's global village, the global stock market is linked to dominate the chain of domino effect.

The war is triggered by the election. Scourge. Man-made. With the stock market is linked.

So the country's information and intelligence information is the whole international hand group

 to make money the only way.

Group under the elite. Covers all sectors of the professionals.

Such as. War strategy researcher. Political observers. International financial analysts.

Biochemical. Biotechnology. Nuclear weapons. Electronics.

Rice. Grain. Wheat. Agricultural scientists such as .. Space physicist. Earth geology and ecology.

Mineral oil and chemical industry ...Professional and technical personnel.

Combination into a large capital manipulation of the international stock market, a large group.

2. Inflation. Simply put, is that some of the raw materials or livelihood supplies in a short time.

The price of gold is the opposite of the value of money, and in the past human history,

the price of gold began to rise as long as it was in a time of turmoil.

When a war or natural disaster occurs, money is not worthless and can not be circulated,

only gold can be purchased in exchange for supplies and supplies.

For this reason, the US Federal Reserve bank basement of hundreds of tons of gold,

 it means that the preparation of the future contingencies.

National Banks and the Central Bank of the Republic of China

also have a certain number of gold bricks and bars as a national reserve.

In addition to the previous natural disasters, Obama has moved 50,000 troops from Iraq.

Non - official forces, including armed security, intelligence, medical care, and personnel required for each task.

Although there are 5,000 official stationed,

but personally think that more than ten thousand people into the capital of Baghdad and the important positions.

After all, oil must be caught in the hands of Americans.

But even so .. Obama has continued to increase in Afghanistan ...

Therefore, the problem of East Asia, such as the existence of an active volcano.

On earth, there must be war and confrontation .Otherwise .Who weapons to sell to ..?

(I in the June 4, 2010 ~ 06 diary of the international military have a detailed description of. In this. Will not repeat them)

4. Worried about the military issue. Now under the warming of the Earth.

Geophysical and geological structure due to space environment caused by magnetic field mutation.

Causing the climate anomalies. Many of the space physics. And geologists have long sniffed the warning.

Therefore, when a large number of international intervention in the gold market, a lot of buying.

 FIT is also a constant pursuit of the time.

It is clear that the international hand-win strategy.

If there is a catastrophe, the price of gold will be higher, and if there is no catastrophe, it will not make a big profit.

Many people. In the financial markets such as stocks. Fund. Bonds.

Occasionally to 100 million. Make a 3-5 million .. Very happy.

100 million = 500 million. 100 million = 50 million. 100 billion = 500 million.

The international hand of the US $ 20 billion =? Own count.

In the financial market, you earn a dollar, others will lose a dollar ..

Therefore, you can understand the general retail, who are always sedan chair.

Therefore, when the international profit-making. Relative. Who is the money. ??

Financial markets are very bloodthirsty. When you can not see the situation.

Rush into the pursuit of price when it is easy to be caught, while also trap your spirit and time.

When you buy a stock, that is, when the big lost stock, is not it ..?

Since the stock market has been able to profit in the stock market has been no more than 5% ... know why the bar.

Having said that, it is not difficult to understand why the current price of gold is so high.

If you really understand, you can better know the future stock price

and the trend of the housing market is on .. .. .. or under.

Therefore, it is not difficult for a clever person to know how to cope with it.


gino 2010/10/15