Analysis of Business Strategy and Politics

Popular cloud: shopping malls such as the battlefield .. Therefore, the rise of business theory and theory for a while

There is a gentle blue sea strategy. Bloodthirsty [Red Sea theory.] The sudden emergence of the purple cow theory.

As for how to put it into men and women exchanges. I in the strong network. Gino diary. October 1, 2009.

Has been described in detail here also will not repeat them.

Many of the competition is often a confrontation between the two planes.

This is a business strategy when the two opposing.

Virtually alone in the market share of the monopoly (referred to as market share) of the firewall-style monopoly.

Let us observe in the surrounding life:

McDonald's side .. is often Kentucky Fried Chicken.

95% of the pure heart Oolong tea shop. Opposite must be a small Lan.

Antivirus Software Trends with Norton.


Politics is no different .. Blue.

When you see or think it is the opposite of mall opposing .In fact, the two sides behind the highest operator .

Already reached an agreement and consensus.

Perhaps a kind of tacit cooperation, some even from the beginning is the same boss,

opened a different name of the two companies.

This is a market share monopoly.

Most people see the market has been a duel against each other.

It will not enter such a battlefield .This is a kind of human nature dictates.

People always like to stand next to watching the war in full swing.

But also hope that by the strong competition between the two sides to get their own cheap or good.

Therefore, unconsciously, he was set into the location of this view of the shore.

So naturally the market will always be the only two-star situation

This two-handed strategy. Deliberately create each other. Multi-level opposition and competition.

Play to the consumer viewing.

When consumers think they are benefiting from it, the antitrust laws naturally decline.

This is the battlefield, such as shopping malls so-called soldiers.

Manipulation of human nature is an important element of business management in the June 25, 2010 diary is also mentioned.

In front of the multi-level competition. Repeated the operation. In daily life. See clearly the most is the tea shop on the street.

In this example:

My family's cup of tea to sell 30. Your home sells 25 yuan .. 25 yuan because consumers will buy your home cheaper

There are consumers would like: 30 yuan a certain tastes better than 25. So buy my 30 yuan.

When the market is low, I will cut the price of 30 yuan to 20 yuan.

Had to buy my home 30 yuan of old customers will be because of price cuts and come back to buy my home 20 yuan

But because of Xiangui or can not afford to buy my family of 30 yuan.Can only buy your home 25 yuan.

Also because my family price.While to buy my family 20 yuan.

So multi-level back and forth between the two-handed strategy to operate to stimulate consumer desires, but also a solid market share.

The same boss of the two stores.This strategy not only let others can not enter the market, but also exclusive of the entire market.

Most business operations have some clues can be seen that such a strategy

Many of the industries, such as electronic technology, are excellent graduate students who are taught by the school's supervisors,

and when they are not yet graduating.

On the first sign the employment contract.Other people may be afraid that other manufacturers or competitors afraid of these talent to go.

Deeper meaning a kind of talent to suppress and monopoly

When I get you to graduate directly into the company. Give you quality treatment and good working environment and welfare.

Health care care, a certain seniority of the dividend and dividends, pensions ... and so on.

Under such a life protection, you will also want to start their own business to become my future competitors do ..?

Media, Cable TV and Culture, Cultural and Creative Industry, and Management of People

When you watch TV every day singing contest. Series. Film. Variety show. Game. Concert.

You will not be thinking about some of the meaning of life and the value of life.

You .. in the country under the guidance of the system and the media. Obediently finished your life of this taxpayer.

Political opposition .Not the same as the blue and green .Such as heaven and earth to cover our lives.

The election of party politics drowned the right of the people to reclaim, to create and to rehabilitate.

After all, politicians are the ultimate beneficiaries of these wars.

In the light of human nature, as I have said before: rape moral conscience, masturbation political power.

But ... from a business standpoint, this is not just another model of market monopoly .... is not it.

gino 2010/10/18