In troubled times with heavy code and the user pay

Talking about the banner and slogans most frequently used by the authorities and politicians ..

is the use of heavy penalties and the user to pay.

First of all, [with troubled times with heavy code] .... first ask .. who is in trouble?

Almost all of the eunuchs in the emperor 's eunuch.

For thousands of years, so that the human flames groaning.There are not these eunuchs rumors.

And these eunuchs rumors. Cronies followers. Traitors Zeizi.

In the palace of playing power to get surgery. Do fat arrogant. Grass-roots life.

Not all from the expedition of the 'champion' second place third overall.

Jinshi origin. Into the palace. Become a favorite ..?

And the rules of history. Will not change. Now. In the leaders and the following senior officials.

With the previous eunuch Rigoletto.

The traitor 's looks and behavior are exactly the same, but the clothes and the hair is different.

In the case of Taiwan, since the introduction of democracy,

there have been presidents of former Democrats who have recently been involved in investigations of corruption cases.

His confidant is also the party's large dispensers, but also because of vindictive sentencing.

After the former president himself was involved in corruption outside jail,

 its secretary-general and even the chief investigator were also sentenced for the criminal case.

Then, the incumbent president's secretary-general of the Executive Yuan, also sentenced for bribery and corruption.

Since the implementation of democracy since the state. Buying the official. Selling. Gully. Off. Bribes.

From the Presidential Office. Executive Yuan. Legal department. Ground inspection. Judicial organs.

High school officials. Red top businessmen. Powerful family.

Even educational institutions [Nanke shock reduction case to prosecute more than 30 university professors.

And Nutritional lunch custody of multiple principals]

The central government and even the following spokesman for the size of the party and government police community officials.

For decades, corruption and bribery, black and white hook Tuli, scandal, affair, infidelity, incest, countless ...

Therefore, I would like to ask Taiwan for decades. Who is in trouble? Is the arena or triad? Or common people?

So when some politicians officials shouting chaos with heavy code while taking rivers and lakes gang to surgery.

Whether to ask ourselves .. who in the end is the source of troubled times ?

 In the end who is troubled in the world and is never eradicated the troubles of cancer turmoil?

Then talked about the most common government officials say to the people.

Many officials in charge of the executive branch most often shouted in the media .. users to pay.

Therefore, as long as there is a national identity card of the common people from a birth, it is necessary to start paying.

From the most basic monthly health insurance premiums paid.

The average household monthly water charges. Electricity. Vascoi. Local telephone charges. Mobile phone charges. And cable TV charges.

There are children in school. To pay tuition. School fees. Textbook fee. Sports clothing. Tuition fees.

Ownership of the residence is subject to annual housing tax, land tax, community management fee.

Taxes are levied on motor vehicles each year.

Taxes on motor vehicles are subject to license tax per year.

Business tax is payable every two months, while the business tax is paid annually.

After paying so many taxes, use the expressway, charge as usual .. You will pay for any use of resources.

So ... I would like to ask ... What is the significance of our income tax to the Government ?

What is the meaning of the income tax on the Government?

Is the welfare and human rights of the people respected by paying so many taxes?

If one day the people into the court because of the disaster and offenders .. whether the same with the elite can be fair treatment ?

When these officials shouted the user to pay at the same time .. whether to stand in a fair and equal position to do thinking.

When we pay at the time. Whether the price on the return? You may want to ponder ah!

gino   2012/10/14