Democracy is simply an extension of ideology

Every country on the planet, as the implementation of democracy as the country and the progress of civilization and the primary policy.

But in discussing democracy, we must first understand the world 's politicians, how many people are there?

When every politician in the world advertises that his country is a democratic country.

What does this mean?

It means that these people are nothing more than political interests.

Many people do not understand it because most of the people, when they hear democracy,

On behalf of their ability to decide many things.

In fact, this is wrong, let me elaborate.

Democracy means the sovereignty of the people, and people have the right to elect, to remove, to create, to rule over.

Many national constitutions also state the lofty ideals of the people, the people and the people, but frankly.

This is only the guise of politicians to manipulate ideas.

True democracy is necessary to educate the level of knowledge and the moral conscience of courage and

The three elements are the basic framework.

When these three elements in the national comparison of the gap between each small, can support the spirit of democracy lies.

On the contrary, if the people in these three elements of the gap is very large, when democracy is just a false impression.

Almost all become an extension of the ideology of the world are so.

Not to mention the Western world is so in Taiwan.

Take, for example, the election of a Kaohsiung County congressman a few years ago,

in which a certain senator and his parents were sentenced for corruption cases

But also because they involve billions of foreign money laundering cases and prostitutes storm trouble and trouble.

But still the highest in the country and elected. Blue and green parties are so .This is why ?. Why ?.

Because many people because of the extension of the ideological type and strengthen the heart for moral conscience courage and

The choice of right and wrong fuzzy judgment.

Opposition between the two parties, of course, can be interpreted as mutual supervision.

But deep expression is entirely the highlight of the ideology, as long as my party will support.

Not my party, we must oppose it, not only in Taiwan, but also in the democratic countries around the world, is not it?

The ideology is a kind of public media, advertising, print media and advertising.

To make the effect of amplification, and then to rumors. Whispering implanted in the heart .This manipulation .All for their own interests.

When their own party profit, relative to itself from which to gain more self-interest.

Contemporary American film. George Clooney starred in the election campaign. There is a dialogue .. as follows.

A 20-year veteran of the electoral manipulator .In front of another hostile camp of young aides said:

i20 years, I have personally seen how many lofty ideals, self-proclaimed for the people of the country people are down.

These people are due to refused to cooperate with the flow of pollution caused byj

This film is a true portrayal of the US political circle .. And the United States are so .. .. Of course,

Politics is about managing people, but politics in a democratic society is dominated by businessmen.

Democratic elections, the need for financial support,

so the businessmen with political contributions to become the dominant policy of many.

However, if the people have a certain level of education, knowledge and intelligence and a certain degree of moral conscience and

Right and wrong judgment ability, the consciousness of the type will not exist.

Replaced by a high degree of democratic literacy, and only within the framework of these three elements and conditions.

In order to construct a real democracy.

The lofty ideals are what human beings should strive for, the courage of moral conscience, and the value of life meaning.

Our life should be worthy of the day .But not ashamed to the ground .How to know how to live calm and comfortable.

Go outdoors .. look at the beauty of nature .. such as sunset .. the sea. Or mountains.

At this point when you feel a pressure to be released .. that you live is not calm. Uncomfortable.

However, when you look at the beauty of nature, I feel that this scene is really beautiful Oh, you really live very calm, very comfortable.

See a lot of excursions.Hiking friends .. see the nature.Not all is such happy happy.Can live calmly comfortable.

gino  2012/10/15