Why apologize ?

An apology is a good act of human nature.

To obtain other people's forgiveness and understanding of their own,

but also the release of their own inner guilt and anxiety.

This apology is a brave performance, is the so-called sense of shame near courage.

Another apology is the discovery of one's own fault.

Also did not take into account the consequences before and after.

Because of the fear of the heart disturbed, for their own safety can also be an apology.

On the surface, though somewhat reluctant, but based on human morality, victims often choose to forgive.

This is because there are so some love the world. Choose to forgive others unintentional fault.

As good as a light to light a light. Open a human Road.

However, deliberate, intentional, malicious acts of abuse.

When the victim is still kind and compassionate.

It is probably inappropriate to seek an apology from the perpetrator.

The killing of fishermen in the Republic of China is no longer the first instance.

Seven years ago, the Manchurian fishing boat was slaughtered by the Philippines.

Now again, the assailant, can you ponder and understand the state of mind?

Atrocities and evils have become a form of behavior.

Sincerely apologize and be forgiven is a grace given by God to inadvertent guilty.

Let the unintentional person to commit the negligence. To have once again the life and opportunity.

It is a manifestation of forgiveness and forgiveness inspired by gentle goodness and moral conscience.

There is no right to apologize on the basis of intentional, indiscriminate murder of innocent evil.

It is no longer necessary to apologize, but only sanctions can be given to the victim

Compensation for fairness and justice.

The same is true of the norms of the law, the so-called know can be changed.

Even if there is no amount of apology, it is in vain.

Many of those who kill themselves because of anger at the moment. In the legal argument.

However, if it is intentional murder, you can kill to pay for life.

I need to apologize for the unintentional negligence.

Most people will not apologize.
I am going to kill you .How to apologize .This is the basic human behavior.

The history of the past, the war between the two countries.

Will those soldiers, who will die in their own hands, apologize to the enemy?

And now, the Philippine foreign workers in Taiwan have a certain income and security.

But also for the Philippine State to earn a lot of foreign exchange.

Field of the Philippines to aid many of the poor families.

In such a dense economic interaction between the two countries is not an enemy.

However, the Philippine public sector staff, but our fishermen as an enemy

To kill the mentality to kill civilians .. mentality why?

But if it is the United States or China or the North Korean fishermen ..

they dare to do so indiscriminately?

Therefore, we can see that we are slow to swallow

Because of the pressure from the United States, the resulting apology is so hypocritical.

It is so that the families of the victims chilling.

Everyone's life journey. More or less. Have had to apologize to others.

Or accept the memory of others apology and the past.

After a sincere apology, forgiveness and understanding.

Most people can let each other to relieved.

This is a human spirit and spiritual personality re-interpretation and sublimation.

Many drunk driving accident caused death, or the so-called manslaughter.

Also will not be put to death, because these are not intentional negligence.

I believe that everyone can not accept only the type of apology.

It is not God, even God, who, like Jesus, was so cruelly persecuted that he still forgave the perpetrator before he died.

Because Jesus knew that he would be raised again three days later.

And after the death of the human body will be resurrected it?

Only the strong sanctions. Let the fishermen's dignity and rights of the country's national body and country.

Justice and justice, so that the spirit of the deceased can be revived.

Please be considerate.

PS: How Jesus was tortured to death.

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gino   2013/ 05 / 23