This is the struggle .or what is this ?

Since these days, individuals feel deeply and experience the core values ​​of right and wrong for our people,

seem to have deviated and farther and farther away.

But I believe that most people will still have insight in their minds, right, wrong, wrong,

there should be no gray areas and fuzzy space.

Plausible argument.That is an insult to the wisdom of the people.I speak again.Corciousness of moral conscience

 is the meaning of the value of life lies.

In the past, the term most commonly used by the opposition parties was political persecution,

which was followed by collusion between government officials and businessmen, the transfer of interests, and the bribery of bribes.

Are put themselves on the victims of political persecution, if you remember in vain, think about it should not unfamiliar.

Now, it is precisely this, that is, something that is obviously wrong, and through politicians' speeches and media hype.

The politicians of the opposition party have to resort to impeachment, and the politicians of the ruling party have added insult to injury.

For what.? Is not for the interests of the party. For personal interests .. Who ever thought the interests of the people? ..

When the country was in power, the treasury still had a surplus of 50 billion yuan.

A trillion is a million one hundred million .. Because of this. Salaries are still stranded in the 22K-28K ..

Not to mention the increase in GDP value or not and economic development blocked.

It is precisely for this reason that honesty and fairness are the foundation of the present state,

but what we see is that the declaration of power and honor seems to be a matter of course.

We carefully observe the past few days, the media, the politician's words really is another sad man

in the past has been appreciated by the master figure.

In the media that the president is not clean because the president's property diminished,

so the master said the president is not clean.

Does the president have no salary? Every month 's salary is accumulated.Of course the property will increase

 if the president' s property is a surge.

Then it may be not clean doubts, but the truth is not the case.

The president said, "The president is like an insult to the pubic lice ..." and so on, let us have a lot to say to the master.

The image of the master in our hearts. Instantly disillusion .. Really disappointed.

The aura of the master, both sides of the strait. But such remarks. Whether to hurt himself.

Masters read poetry and literature. For democracy, sit in prison. During the legislature.

Serious and responsible. Fundraising comfort. And. Master called the history of the most serious legislators.

However, if the master can take care of the feathers, do not rave, do not speak language, would not let us fans more respected.

But the master do not understand the sky outside the day someone outside the rationale, but claim to know the astronomy.

If you really as it is said, and never said the case.

Does the master not know .. moral conscience and fairness and justice. Is the frame in the Constitution and the law above.

Does the master do not know .. Humanity is because it requires a moral conscience and fairness and justice.

Only the development of the national constitution and the people's law.

When the matter of power and dignity, fairness and justice imbalance has become a reality.

 Will the Constitution and the law is still above its top ..?

Let me cite a simple example: if a murderer who kills a person, or rapes a young child for sexual assault.

When he gave up and fled and had passed the law of the prosecution period.Would we have found him innocent of you ..?

I believe that no one would agree that he is innocent .This is a description of the moral conscience

and fairness and justice .Ling in the Constitution and the law.

These days, we are in the. Constant. See all the time. Politicians and the manipulation of the media.

Many people, even high intellectuals, are dancing with it, so is the country 's core values ​​destroyed.

The politician caliber consistent deliberately blurred the event itself right or wrong

attempt to unconstitutional monitoring to mislead the people to transfer the event is not the focus.

More subjective poll to strong rendering.

If the poll is such a question.

1. Do you think that the Commissioner said right? 2. Do you think the President should deal with the issue of dealing with off.

    3. Do you think the president should change the tough way to curb the long-standing power and influence?

Regrettably, many media outlets are not doing this.

Do you think the president's administration is satisfactory to you?

Do you think the president called the president to step down?

The media is deliberately deliberate avoidance of the essence of the matter ..

What is more, say the president dictatorship dictatorship.

Just because the individual self - interest, bent down to the president,

I would like to ask the President to do so, he will get any good.

Will get money. Or to the commission. Rebate .. or get election benefits .. frankly .. do not have ...

We all know that the President is thinking about the Legislative Yuan's many laws on the economy of the people's livelihood.

Under the principle of fairness and justice, not because the interest groups do not want to pre-Gan and the smooth passage

So I said .. This is the struggle ... or what is this?

Everyone has a conscience .Dare to tell the truth .Displays right and wrong .It is God to give the true value of life.

The president may be in the governance, not to the satisfaction of the whole people,

but malicious criticism of the fuzzy event itself is right and wrong is a shameful behavior.

The president of the legislature has not made any irresponsible remarks to the president,

so why the media and politicians are constantly raping the wisdom of the people and masturbating political power.

It is really painful.

Most people do not know how much manhood and dignity he has rescued during the presidency of the Minister of Justice.

In the prison, the person who controls cigarettes is the boss, the number of men who are fathers.

Squatting on the floor to wash all the underwear of the house, washing the dishes,

or even making people anal sex in order to climb the powerful black forces.

In order to obtain a cigarette or not to bully people.

After breaking the ban on smoking, it completely broke the class distinction of prisoners in prison for a long time.

At that time, the president was in the office of the Minister of Justice, who was opposed to judicial reform.

In addition to the post of Minister of the Department of the post. Back to university teaching

These facts are contained in Wikipedia

[Ma claimed to be strict local black gold forces and attention, but in three years after being replaced,

public opinion speculation is because the bribery and corruption almost shovel out the KMT Foundation,]

The President can be seen for the clean and honest sense of morality is very strong .In fact, the dean of these things

.Clear than anyone else .Since then.

The President has never been dissatisfied with the President these days, which is what we see with our own eyes.

The president of the opposition party has been replaced by three premiers since 2008.

But the opposition party has been in power for eight years before the president, the economic minister, and the finance minister.

For more than 20. As we all come to take public transportation in general.

But no one in the opposition party. So far, these things put forward any review.

Why our treasury from the 50 billion surplus to the current debt of 13 trillion.

Why does not the salary rise? Electricity prices. Oil prices. Rising direct impact and drive prices prices.

It is a very difficult thing for the public utilities to be unable to bear the burden of the state treasury liabilities,

water, electricity, oil, etc. It is therefore very difficult to curb the control and operation costs.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible.

We ask ourselves who is working hard for the country's economy and the future,

and who is working for the livelihood of the people.

But the president has done everything in everything, but the politician and the media

 have scrambled to make the president into a sinister, sinister, politician.

So, whether our country wants to amend the law, will be said that the decriminalization of Seoul,

Seoul, down to the legislature of the people on behalf of the heads of all levels.

The powerful can be said off and innocent .. no power of the small people, if the case of unfair injustice.

Even if you deserve the unfortunate. Is this so? .. So what is the value of democracy, people dignity what.

President of the clean and high moral standards is determined,

which is also Miss Chen Wenqian said a few days ago so that most people agree with the words.

I still believe that .. people have a conscience .. there is a moral ...

everyone wants to live with dignity and live to let others look down on.

Do not just because of good and evil for a while. Do not elaborate. Express words pen.

Because of a moment of pleasure, while ignoring the value of their own existence.

After all, people are doing. Days in the look. Yang Fu the first worthy of heaven and earth .. is the most basic value of our life.

The public figure of words and deeds. Everyone view. Treat people handling things. Talk to cope with advance and retreat.

Public figures should be more cautious and do not live up to the people's high expectations.

At this point, we should be objective and impartial, and we must have the courage of moral conscience and the value of life.

This article is free to post .. We all have to refuel.

gino   2013/ 09 / 17