The media is the country ?

The discussion and evaluation of human history has always been the result of the theory.

And the result is born by ĦiingĦj

Cause and effect. Along with human history.

But also attached to each person's life journey.

Human beings all over the world nowadays live under a variety of political systems.

Politics governs the people.

ĦikwanĦjĦiLeeĦj  Tube means to implement.

Management .. that is to participate in. And.

This is the bounden duty of government officials and politicians.

The duty of the media and journalists is to supervise the government.

Impartiality, fairness, objectivity, and the spirit of giving the people the fourth right of the media.

Presently, journalists in the countries of the democratic system.

Almost all play such a role.

In political science and human behavior, we can understand.

A government is bound to corruption.

Because people are selfish.

When human beings have the power, they will inevitably deprive others of their rights.

So that they can profit, corruption, natural formation, which is human nature dictates.

But also biological characteristics of vertebrates.

Therefore, the role and responsibility of the media is even more difficult and important.

Many parents do not let their children watch TV.

Afraid of children by the media pollution.

But the child will eventually grow up, will enter the community.

In the community suffered a variety of different setbacks and tribulations.

The experience of life is the test of life.

All kinds of unpredictable difficulties and difficulties.

The child's ability to cope with pressure is also necessary to consider the issue.

Parents need to know the things of life.

If everything is as good as what you expect, you will not come to the world.

The fourth right is a right to the freedom of the press.

Freedom of the press gives journalists the opportunity to pursue truth.

Uphold the spirit and justice of justice, will not suffer any obstruction and persecution.

As mentioned above. Under the fourth right. This power is owned and protected.

Many of the media will naturally be selfish because of interest.

Therefore, the abuse of such rights.

So you will see the position of some media, long ago lost objective, fair and just.

Many people believe that Taiwan is now under.

Media ..

Moral disorder.

A lot of people are talking about blue-green battles.

The reality is that the reality of Taiwan is green.

Zheng Jie to kill .. to blame his parents do ..?

Son does not teach .. father of the .. .. is ..?

But the spirit of the law is that adults should be held accountable.

So .. the murder of their behavior. With their parents. Teachers. Students are irrelevant ...

With whom .. according to the opposition party's logic .. This is related to Jehovah.

For Jehovah is the man who made man.

Similarly ..

Kaohsiung gas explosion ... ... 24 years ago. Who buried the ... responsible.

Therefore, we can see that the Kaohsiung gas explosion happened.

Day 1, Day 2. We see a lot of legislators and masters

On television, the first time began to pursue .. who is buried.

The intention of these legislators and famous mouths is to let the people think that.

Kaohsiung city government .. is not responsible for the occurrence of gas explosion.

More on the television.

To some specious. Fuzzy focus of the argument.

To this because the right unit supervision and audit of the fault.

It is not only trying to cover up, but also shirking responsibility.

Such an approach ... to the victims and their families ... how can we feel.

Some name mouth .. on television say that.

That the people will once again agree.

But .. do they think of a very common truth.

When the children committed an inexcusable error must be punished.

Also found in the moment by their parents.

Parents can imagine the anger.

If this is the case, the child will be repeatedly excused and dismissed.

Parents' anger is not reduced or increased.

Therefore, in terms of politics, this is the reactionary force of an election.

These mouths and politicians continue to excuse and shirk responsibility of the argument.

Is the same as their political opponents extra points.

This is a natural human nature dictates ...

But these mouthpieces are politicians with specific media.

At the moment of the incident.

In their own extreme protection of party interests under the calculation of the interests.

Forgotten in politics. Should have some mature wisdom.

When you do not count all the blame on others.

Do you have a deep thought to ...?

You .. have thought ... do not .. others do not ..?

Even if he stupid .. long been your long-term ideological education.

Does he not have long wisdom .. .. .. people are brains.

Over the years.

The courage of righteousness and morality.

Has been a small number of media. Politicians. Mouth ... and so completely destroyed.

Especially in 2014 .. even more ..

We all know .. regardless of the tube. Who built the box culvert.

At present .. these construction. Who is in the [tube] [reason] ..?

It is the responsibility of the manager.

Because of each of the provisions of the law. Each of the provisions of the management.

The management unit should bear full responsibility.

If every time the public security accidents have to prevarication of the managers.

So what are you going to do with management?

Choose out of your intention of management is to put the former management of the missing

To make reinforcement and improvement, not to mention these reinforcement and improvement.

All are legally well-documented.

Now .. 30 life. Underground if you know. Will agree with the opposition party to say .. ..?

Politics .. really is so in the operation ..?

Politics .. is really a struggle to move forward ..?

Politics is really going to sacrifice the interests of the majority to make a minority.

Many people have served military service .. Many people also know the history of the major battles.

Our army has suffered numerous casualties.

"This is not my fault," said the general.

This is the fault of the Army's communications battalion,

because of the mis-wiring of the communications battalion.

So my command can not be communicated, so it is not my fault to defeat.

The general said: This is the armored battalion of the army.

Because the armored battalion usually did not really maintain the chariot.

Therefore, when the battle against the enemy, many tank tanks cracked, unable to drive.

The bomber could not follow my instructions.

Really bomb and destroy the enemy's bunker.

Because ... the former commander of the Air Force.

In the procurement of military aircraft, there is no real acceptance.

So that many of the electric warfare system failed to give full play to its proper function.

The general also said that the warships were not timely.

Fired shells at sea to cover our army landing.

Because the former commander of the Navy.

In the warship procurement, there is no really check the bomb load.

So the generals killed the army, the air force, the naval commander.

This defeat of the supreme commander .. is also the general.

Not only did not have the responsibility .. but is because has eaten defeats and killed three army commander.

The general continued to lead the armed forces and continue to defend the country?

Since the history of mankind ... have such generals ..?

It is necessary to let a poor party step down.

People do not do well because Zhang 3. So vote to step down.

Let Lee come to power .. If Lee did not do well.

But John Doe said that because before the three do bad.

Cause I do not do well now.

What is the meaning of a democratic party?

In Taiwan, politics is not a trick, nor a lie.

Because if you do the opposite, you see.

Politics is a trick.

You will live very hard .. very depressed. Very painful.

If you want to see politics as a play, you will be relieved.

Regrettably .. you'll have to spend very expensive tickets.

Look at this play.

The organizational structure of a democratic society will inevitably produce different classes.

The free economy of capitalism is bound to produce a gap between the rich and the poor.

However, how to reduce the class managers and the distance between rich and poor.

Is a very difficult social renovation project.

Selfishness is the biggest obstacle to human progress.

It is the nature of mankind.

But .. in the human in the normal education of the subtle. After years of baptism.

For the courage of moral conscience, as the meaning of the value of life lies.

Such recognition and feelings. Is it really able to take the hint £z ..?

Taiwan .. What is needed is

The advancement of the economy.

The cross-strait breakthrough and the people's confidence in the government.

However, the opposition parties are constantly destroying all this.

Anti - trade, anti - trade, counter - trade, anti - nuclear.

The boycott of everything.

So .. Taiwan only continued to sink down.

You .. see you ..?

If the opposition party becomes the ruling party in the future, will everything improve?

Taiwan will make progress .. Only the people of the country will unite as one.

Heart and heart to each other, regardless of me and you.

Put aside all personal selfishness, regardless of personal honor and the interests of political parties

Taiwan .. will have hope. Will be better.

Politicians and the media need to think deeply about it.

This article is free to post .. We all have to refuel.


gino   2014/ 08 / 12