The defeat of the state. The Destruction of the Earth

A country that flaunts democracy because of the ideology of the minority.

The use of media amplification effect., Will be the wrong perception. The truth of the truth,

Constantly twisted, will be right or wrong confused, the moral value of the disorder,

A small number of mouth to vulgar language, endless man scolded assault rumors framed framed,

For the interests of political parties, personal interests and viewing interests,

 manipulation of the mass movement,

Butterfly effect, gradually formed, and even spread to the world.

One will be the right and wrong guidance to the fuzzy boundary points of the ruling mode,

Making the people of the government of palliative, compromise, cowardice, feel powerless,

A small number of people and the media, frenzied, contrary to conscience,

In the words of democratic freedom of speech, to continue, and constantly so that social unrest,

After several ideological movements of the masses,

Random killings occur immediately after the incident,

White purpose of the ruling, the country's remarks, sophisticated calculations,

So that the country is no longer the mainstay,

the family is not ethical, the people gradually lose confidence in the country and home,

This is a sign of the imminent demise of a country and a family, from the ancient since this, are so.

The political party politics of the democratic system naturally forms the opposition between the two parties,

This can of course be interpreted as mutual supervision, for the people to seek happiness,

But the deep expression is completely the highlight of the ideology,

As long as it is my party, it will certainly support, not my party, we must oppose!

Therefore, the values ​​of right and wrong are blurred,

Not just in Taiwan, but in democratic countries around the world.

The ideology is a kind of people who have been through the electronic media, public advertising,

Print media, and advertising, to enlarge the effect,

And then rumors, whispering implanted people,

Such manipulation, entirely for their own interests,

When their own party profit, the relative itself from which to gain more self-interest,

And civilians, because the political parties to each other profit, natural in the tangible or intangible, the loss of interest,

As in the financial markets, when you make a dollar at the same time, someone lost a dollar.

The United States, on the planet, will be the banner of democracy, the highest country to play,

However, in the actual implementation, may not be as the Taiwanese people know,

The US government gives the police the public power, and Taiwan is completely different,

If there is illegal gathering even took the Office, the US police is absolutely expelled by violence,

The United States of the various emotional units, for many specific people monitoring,

But also as spider web-like dense, visible by the general event of the Snowdon.

911 terrorist attacks, as in the heart of the United States next to the heavily inserted a knife,

So that many citizens or groups aware of, and then improper speech, or improper behavior,

It is possible to become a terrorist, or become a public enemy,

In recent years, the United States has been a random fire incident,

So that the US academic community on the value of democracy and human rights, to rethink.

In August 2015, a Republican. A candidate,

Its exaggerated acts and nonsensical remarks,

But won the highest polls?

When the people tired of the long-term political interests of the two parties,

And fight each other, deceive the vote after the drama,

The extreme choice of nonsense white head,

So blind to the people in command, resulting in right and wrong and the moral conscience of the core idea,

In such a social atmosphere, the gradual decline, while the world seems to have to follow up.

The ruin of the nation, the destruction of the earth, may not come from the natural ecology,

But from the improper interpretation of democracy and the excessive extension of democracy.


gino   2015/ 08 / 27