The minority obeys the majority ?

The minority is elected to the majority.

What is a minority?

What is the majority?

We will not discuss the concept of absolute majority and relative majority.

Also do not discuss the first two countries in Europe or continuous voting system.

We will only discuss what is meant by the minority to the majority.

For example:

7 million votes for the presidential election.

Only one vote .. 701 million votes to win when the president.

But there are 7 million people do not support.

As a result, administrative difficulties were created.

I'll win you a vote.

What do you mean.

I have two dollars.I have one dollar more than you.

You have $ 7 million and I have $ 7 million.

In mathematics, I am 1 yuan more than you.

But this does not represent the majority.

Basically, there are many single combinations.

The minority obeys the majority.

There is not more than one here
But most. Most are at least one.

In the real democratic system.

Most of the majority of the concept with a few.

More than half of the majority is at least half the number.

That is 3/4

For example:

100 voters, half 50, 50 50, and 25, respectively.

As a result, 75 votes are the majority, and 25 are the minority.

If 51 votes to win 49. Called speculation.

The winner will be happy to say: I was lucky to be elected.

I will lose only one vote.

I would like to ask .. this election. For the people to benefit you ..?

I say again, Democracy on earth is just a slogan.

It is an umbrella for those in power and those who seek power.

This is why many countries decline.


gino   2015/ 09 / 09