Why do prices rise ? 01 - basic awareness

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Why housing prices will rise?

Taipei's house prices, in terms of housing prices in Taiwan, are indicative.

Therefore, as long as Taipei 's house prices rise, the price of the entire metropolitan area of ​​Taiwan.

All inevitably followed up.

Let us count it.

Taipei's old apartment. The current average price of a Ping 55 to 600,000.

Elevator building is currently an average price of a 65 to 70 million.

Want to get married. Build a small family.

Buy an apartment or building of 30 pings, 3 bedrooms and 2 halls

We need to calculate at least 60 million per ping, at least 18 million.

Plus about 7 million mortgage interest, so about 25 million.

If the month to pay 40,000 mortgage. About 625 months to be.

That is to use 52 years of hard work in exchange for a settle down a small shelter

Taipei's housing prices skyrocketed from 2008 onwards.
Da'an District from 35 million. Burst to 60 to 80 million.

Wenshan District from 20 million. Burst to 40 to 70 million.

Other districts. From 2008 to the present. Up about 3 times.

Before the general public. Want to buy a house, it has been very difficult.

And now it is impossible.

However, the basic conditions for housing prices to rise

The people's incomes rise.

2. The national economy is active.

3. Increased population density in the metropolitan area.

4. The transportation network is developed.

Therefore, a country must have more than four conditions in order to make housing prices are indispensable.

However, the current facts are:

The unemployment rate is rising

2. The national economic index continued to be revised.

3. Reduced population density in the metropolitan area.

4. The transportation network is developed.

Just because the traffic is developed.House prices will rise you ..?

It 's only because of your convenience to work, how much does it cost to increase your pay?

Housing prices soaring. And the convenient transportation. Is indeed related, but the general public.

The reason why housing prices rose entirely because of artificial speculation.

Artificial speculation is precisely the collusion between government and business.

While oil prices fell.Price is still high.It is the iron and steel collusion.

Let us in-depth understanding of the official business is how the hook string and cooperation.

First of all, we must understand that there is human beings on earth.

The history of mankind has been laid out by the people of the past.

Chinese and foreign history of the characters. Ten of eighty-nine. Are powerful families background.

The right to represent politics.

While the expensive means the strength of money.

So, we see these series of history on the table of characters.

Almost all of them came from a noble family.

Because most of the civilian population since the beginning of birth.

To compete with it, it has been lost at the beginning.

From your origin. Education. Into the society. Has been at a disadvantage.

The second generation of government, the second generation of government,

and the second generation of wealth are the common phenomena of the world.

The disparity between the rich and the poor is becoming more and more serious.

However, in the developed countries of the European world a few.

There is still the government to break the rules.

However, it is a very small number of countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and so on.

A symbol of money and power, and a more dominant political force.

The political contribution of democratic institutions.

Then the real object of political figures to force the consortium, rather than the people.

Politicians' policies that serve the people.

The vast majority are meeting with the consortium.

Because you took the consortium hundreds of millions of political contributions.

Therefore, when you are in government, you must first discuss with the consortium.

Your policies and measures will undermine the interests of the consortium.

While the interests of the civilian population is naturally put in the final consideration.

I remember a few years ago, a construction business in the media openly said:

2.5 million a Ping of the house.

After the construction business involving bribery officials criminal case.

However, such bribery is only the tip of the iceberg.

Today, house prices remain high.

But in all over the new case. Has been increasing .Why?

Before understanding such a phenomenon, we must first understand the structure of the consortium.

There is bound to be the insurance industry, the construction industry, and the construction industry,

which are complementary to each other.

Cross - shareholding mutual support.

The people put their money in the bank, the interest they have to pay, and where they come from.

Of course, is to switch to investment in various industries or lend to earn interest or investment.

To profit, we must speculation. This is the law.

Let's talk about the operation of building business practices.

Take the suburbs as an example: There is a land of 1,000 pings.

Builders to take 50 million in cash and landlord contract.

After the contract with the book.Construction plan ... and so on.To the bank loan.

1000 Ping of the land .. cover 600. Each household with parking spaces. 45 Ping. Ping can be sold 200,000.

So 600 by 45 Ping and then by 20 million, a total of 5.4 billion can be sold.

Therefore, the 50 million of the contract book to the bank credit 60%.

Builders to get cash 3.2 billion (the day began to pay interest on the bank).

Pay the landlord surplus 950 million.

The cost of construction is about 60,000 per flat, which is multiplied by 60,000 by 20,000.

Another. The construction of the land. Mining. Earthworks. Push the case of advertising. Planning. Sales. About 200 million.

Therefore, the landlords in the payment of landlords 950 million, and the cost of 1.82 billion cost.

There are 14.3 billion in the hands of business.

This amount of 1.4 billion. Retention. Every month to pay interest on the bank. Also pay some activities.

If the case if the successful sale of 8 percent, about 4.3 billion.

Deducting back to the bank of 3.2 billion, there are 1.1 billion.

Plus the hands of 1.4 billion. Construction business profit of about 2.5 billion.

Less interest .. The most conservative estimate of profit of about 2 billion.

If the bank can not sell it, the banker will sell it at 30% off or 40% off.

Banks do not lose money, while the hands of business to build there are 14.3 billion.

The purchase of this project to the tenants of the building will also be to the home loan bank.

The consortium of banks to eat a fish 3. The real money-losing is the people .. because the local housing prices, only 10 million.

To operate. Hype a case. From the representative. Members. Members.

All from the bottom up.

In Taipei, the media this one is to be strong RBI.

Therefore, a 2.5 million pings of the case.

Then become the target of Taiwan's housing prices. Metro area. Then rush followed the soaring.

The vast majority of young people in this life is the life of this life.

Can never afford a decent house.

Many people are profiting from it.

Only a small people.

Let you in this life. That is, this life, this life.

You do not dare to chaos. Can not be chaos to .Not have any other ideas.

You only have to work hard because you want to save money to buy a house.

You must be on time to pay the mortgage on a monthly basis to do a house slaves. Car slave. Filial piety. (Filial children)

If you have a slight slip, you will not be able to pay the mortgage, and you will soon be confronted with the embargo.

Prices did not rise subjective conditions, but for no reason soaring .. Why?

Because the political system of democratic contributions, because the politician's selfishness.

But also because of ignorance and cowardice.

Many experts and scholars have been tempted by politicians.

Will be a lot of very simple truth.

To rationalize a number of unreasonable phenomena.

You know, many highly educated, so-called experts and scholars.

It is the effort of studying the book.

But in the life experience for some time. Also in the course of life. The brain has the most understanding of age.

Is in the 40 to 60 years of age .He was the family .Sons and daughters .Industry of the Institute of trapped.

These issues, such as family life, husband and wife, parent-child interaction and problems.

The real impact of their own thoughts, blinded many real social problems.

It is impossible to empathize with the underlying people really understand the needs.

The aura of those degrees has become a bargaining chip for self or business interests.

And the political interests of the shield can only be used to block people suffering

from suffering because of the injection of the angry spear.

Masturbation political power rape moral conscience for hundreds of years has not changed.

The country that flaunts the freedom of expression is completely covered by the subjective consciousness of the media.

Generally have no power without the potential of the small old sex. How can freedom of speech?

Freedom of speech is the exclusive power of the media and the mouth.

At the time of the election, the common people 's humble ballot can change what?

Taiwan. More than 20 years of democracy .. What has changed?

From the skyrocketing housing prices can be clearly seen out.

The people want is the real fairness and justice.

Not to see a passionate electoral drama.

Prices have fallen so far.

Prices have fallen.

Many people's lives on the immediate needs of the problem.

Is the real problem of national society.

Ethnic identity, ideology, cross - strait position.

These are all election slogans and slogans.

The real change is not these slogans.

But .. people's personal problems in life.

A leader, as long as put themselves in the ground, in the first time, standing in the position of the people.

To make a decision is to be a good leader.

When is the time to decide.

Always taking the gains and losses of the individual, taking the interests of the party for the benefit of the consortium.

Nothing will change.

This simple thing .. human. Is impossible.


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