Why is it rising ? 02 - real estate and stock speculation practices 

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In Chapter 01, why housing prices will rise.

It is a political contribution to the election of a democratic system,

which creates a symbiotic relationship between politicians and consortia.

While the people because they were forced to very unreasonable prices to buy a settled home.

Every month to pay 4 to 6 million on time mortgage. 52 consecutive years.

Therefore, the whole life of the bank was exploited by the consortium.

Ignorant people still look forward to a vote in the hands of. To change a lot of unreasonable.

But can you change ..?

Members of the Legislative Yuan, each year about 8.72 million,

but more than 20 years, housing prices have continued to soar?

Political consultation is to get the interests of political parties consortium sacrifice is the interests of the civilian population.

After the election, everything went back to its original point.

If there is a change in the price of Taiwan, the price of housing will never come to an end.

Ignorant people think that some new faces into the Congress, there may be some changes.

It is impossible, however, for a man with a chain and a wise man to know that this is because man is selfish.

Some of the newcomers were morally and conscientiously behind the Congressional calendar, and some went away.

The most conscientious and responsible legislator, Mr. Li Ao, is not a case in parliament (the Legislative Yuan).

Want to change a long association with the consortium to form an institutional symbiotic interest structure.

This is not possible. Li Ao. Taiwan 40 years, the most powerful heroes. Can not do .. you .. can it?

Then talked about how the consortium speculation prices.

Because you are a consortium. You must hang with the politicians. This is the political and business relations.

Consortium or large investment and therefore will be the first time that urban planning and related information.

For example, where to do re - zoning. Where to do more. Where to set up MRT station. Where to do major construction.

Even where to cover American stores. Supermarkets. Fast food shops .. these business-related information.

Two years earlier than the average civilian population to obtain the consortium began to buy a large number of builders

Most people will not buy can not afford the wasteland.

Then, based on the urban development, the land is changed to a land for construction.

After the local construction of the case is like mushrooms in general.

You can see the sky is full of T-type tower crane. House building one by one the construction.

After the completion of the construction. After the sale. Price benchmark z? ..

In the consortium or large investment and construction to open before the construction,

there will be pre-operational procedures.

For example: First of all, in the surrounding communities, buy 10 households in the ancient house,

assuming that each household according to the local market is 500 million.

After buying the first to start selling.

The practice is to entrust the dozens of housing Zhonglian sell is to sign a general contract for the sale.

That is, every room can be sold in this Zhongyuan a middle house, each in the market offer 6 million.

Then the consortium or large investment to find the head to 5.5 million to buy a house. After the transaction.

Since then, this area of ​​the market is 5.5 million.

Meaning that the remaining nine are already 5.5 million worth of the.

And then sell the second house .. offer 6.5 million ... after .600 million. To sell.

Meaning that the remaining eight are already 6 million worth of the.

Since then, this area of ​​the market is 600 million.

This repeated the back and forth several times to do the price of this area of ​​the ancient house of the stock market

 from the original 5000000. Stacked to 900 million.

Wait until the new building is covered .. is to sell 12 million.

This is like a building in Taipei's Renai Road, which is a staggering 1 million per ping.

However, it did not take long for the media to burst out of a Ping 250 million to buy a few households that the building's market.

Such speculation .. The government laissez-faire. After the price has become a high price.

Then to the provisions of the deadline to make a fixed price registration.

So .. price is more convenient .. As mentioned above. After selling the first home. Immediately on the Internet log.

As for the operation of the stock .. First of all. To know. Stock. Many people buy. On the rise. A lot of people to sell.

Consortium or large investment in the market will be the first sound and find a lot of small retail lift sedan chair.

So you'll hear friends around telling you that a stock is going up.

Some stocks have to be fried from the now $ 20. Scoop 50 yuan.

Then the consortium or large investors will be a lot of money to buy the stock.

Example: a consortium or a large investment to 20 yuan a share. Buy that stock 1 million.

The stock went up, and the stock went up to $ 50.

So, this stock began to rise by 20 yuan.

However, the consortium or large investment in the stock rose to 23 yuan when the first to sell 150,000.

He may not be able to buy it.

When the stock rose to 26 yuan when the consortium or large investment and then sold 150,000.

He may not be able to buy it.

When the stock rose to 30 yuan when the consortium or large investment and then sold 200,000.

When the stock rose to 33 yuan when the consortium or large investment and then sold 200,000.

When the stock rose to 36 yuan when the consortium or large investment and then sold 300,000.

At this time, the consortium or large investment has been profitable, while many ignorant small retail investors also complacent.

To tell friends and family. Parents of the nine clan. Claimed to be in 36 yuan when. To buy. That will rise to 50 yuan

But also because the consortium or large investment in the 36 yuan when the profit-taking has been completed and sold the last 300,000.

So the next day or the third day when you buy $ 36 .. the stock starts to fall.

Many people do not know why I bought the stock. Up two days after the start all the way down ..?

It 's very simple, the whole process is to keep the stock market.

But it is a lot of so-called experts who use a lot of terminology.

Such as the deviation rate. Daily line. Curve. Line. K line. To complicate.

Less than 3% of the total retail sales of the stock market.

Therefore, we rarely heard of family and friends, or relatives of the nine families in the stock market profits.

Not only in the stock market for large sedan chair, but also lost the capital.

While reducing the tax to pay is only a consortium and large real benefits.

On the majority of small retail. In and out. Will not feel.

Because 100 people who invest in stocks, there are 97 losing money.

Therefore, to reduce the tax to pay for the money-losing people is no sense.

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