How to make the country strong ? 01-vulgar. Can also be a big brother 

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January 2006. Taitung Township, the success of the new fishing boat full of the New Year billion.

In the Philippines Bataan southeastern about 500 meters sea area operations.

Was the Philippine police to M14 and M16 rifle fire .67-year-old Chen died of old blood loss .Chen Mingde hip injury.

In 2013 05. Taiwan membership in the majority of Hing fishing boat in the Eulogy nose southeast 170 miles of sea fish.

The waters of the Republic of China for the Philippines and the sea overlap.

Fishing boat captain Hong Shicheng .Then the Philippine official ship with machine gun fire .Hong Shicheng throat and lung.

Was shot through the machine gun was killed on the spot .After the Philippines only to pay more than 300 million NT

November 2015. Russia Sukai 24 fighters. Because after the Turkish border.

Was shot down by Turkey to F16 fighters, two pilots parachuted to escape.

After the two Soviet Russian pilots in Syria was rebel shot.

Russian President Putin learned of this tragic incident after the Russian national people angry.

Putin not only held a press conference immediately, vowed to retaliate and immediately within a week.

Sent bombers and fighters, killing more than 100 vehicles carrying oil trucks to Syria.

The death of about 100 people.

Puding a series of 100 times the life of Syria revenge

And a series of economic sanctions against Turkey.

Not only in the domestic popularity surge.

In the international community, has also become a super awesome big brother.

The people of Russia, after a retaliation.

Growing recognition of the Putin government.

Putin strong as the people of Russia in the international community.Strong strides.

In Europe and the world and Asia. Many public occasions. Or PUB.

Everyone saw the Russians.

Russia is now in Putin as long as there is no longer there will be any protest against the Putin government and demonstrations.

2001. US President George W. Bush in the 911 terrorist attacks, and immediately sent troops to Iraq.

A series of retaliation is nothing more than to defend the dignity of the country.

More than a decade later, the United States no longer has a large protest demonstrations and demonstrations.

Because, as long as there is a slight upheaval, it may be the Department of Homeland Security as a rebel.

The people are dissatisfied with the government, but at least when the people are subjected to foreign aggression.

This government can take justice for the people.

People pay taxes to the state is nothing but the safety of life.

National defense budget and expenditure of several thousand trillion dollars a year,

nothing more than to protect the safety of national life.

The Taiwan government of the Republic of China has the responsibility to protect the lives and property of the people of the country


In the Manchu and the vast majority of fishermen by the Philippine civil servants and the military after the cold-blooded massacre.

It is only clamoring to apologize to the Philippines.

And not immediately on the Philippines to start a real revenge, so that the loss of national dignity.

Every year, tens of billions of dollars in military purchases of taxpayers are made. What to do? National defense.

If you want to succeed, there must be some fierce action.

Or with a species. Or kill. Or jail. Or for the old bullets.

This is not the same as when the civil service is completely different.

When the civil service. As long as you obediently do things.

There is a chance that there will be an opportunity to be promoted.

This is not the same as some politicians' mouths, and politicians and mouths will be deceptive.

The moral conscience put on both sides, you can get ahead, the splendor of wealth and honor.

The international community, because every country has its own army, has its own force,

and it is for the benefit of its own country.

You have come to me. Insidious cunning. To put it bluntly. Is a triad.

For decades to deal with international affairs, regardless of the size of the country strength,

but has always been a means of people win.

Because in international affairs, which one is not a big bullying is not strong bullying weak?

Taiwan unidentified small Taiwan, caught in the Columbia and the United States between the two bosses.

As a triad is not a white is not black and can not stand on their own little brother.

But also with a good friend in Colombia, but also to tens of billions of money each year to buy the United States and Columbia secondary

Obsolete military equipment, in order to obtain a compromise between the Columbia and the United States asylum.


If this kind of vulgar small Taiwan .One day his little brother for no reason suddenly Fei Di kill knife.

Small Taiwan immediately rushed into the brother of Fei's home, will kill his brother Fei family.

In the Columbia and the United States will immediately stand up Joe and the small Taiwan's new look. This is the triad.

Small Taiwan will immediately become a big brother.

The international community, the United Nations, is a triad composed of representatives of States.

This dry fear of the interests of their own people will also be a small Taiwan awe.

In the Costa Rica and the United States and Colombia and the stem

people will naturally be assigned to the interests of a small platform to let small units to quell anger.

This is human nature. It is also the international community - the underworld. Only the interests.

There is no moral rules of the game.

Taiwanese fishermen after the Philippine massacre.

Army fighters took off immediately to the Philippine ship sunk several ships.

And machine-gun fire, killing the Philippine fishermen or official boat on the dozen people.

It will never happen between Taiwan and the Philippines.


In the first time, the United States will stand up and China will stand out.

Taiwan is killing the Filipinos with sub-fighters and bullets forced to buy from the United States.

While the Philippines and the Republic of China Taiwan are the United States, the younger brother.


The United States will never attack Taiwan.

Because the United States has to worry about China's position and reaction, and the United States should send troops to fight Taiwan.

But also through the consent of the United Nations Security Council.

Moreover, the United States will not make such a stupid thing to lose its own interests because of the loss of arms sales to Taiwan.

The outcome is that the United States and China stand out because they are wrong in the Philippines.

Therefore, the Republic of China on Taiwan requested the Philippines to compensate fishermen

for their lives and fisheries losses of $ 100 million.

Philippine officials in the United States under the pressure of an apology .

Payment of 500 million US dollars (including military costs).

The International Court of Justice is under pressure from China and the US Arbitration: Taiwan killed Filipinos.

The United States and China, for the wrong Philippines Joe this matter also from the Philippines to get some benefits.

The United States and China will be on Taiwan's new look will understand Taiwan is also a good mess.

The United States will not impose economic sanctions on Taiwan,

which will bring Taiwan closer to China, the world's second-largest economy.

On the surface of the international community is fairness and justice right and wrong.

Eventually will become the mainstream value.As the 911 incident after the small Bush. Turkey after the incident Putin

I mentioned in the previous chapter and then in many of the experts and scholars,

the most likely to commit is self-righteous problems.

The right to fear the West fear everywhere clamoring to the country as the most important.He and expensive .

In fact, is the people as cheap.

This is like a few days ago.Perhaps have the opportunity to compete with one another, but they are tricky to force pull down

Female presidential candidate said:

"I think we are not always blurred in the place should not be blurred, where the compromise should not compromise,

Also should not appease the place to appease, and more should not give up the place to give up? "

Many people may say: other people are big countries, we are small.

But the great powers were not originally a small country?

We should not look around.

So that the loss of the international success of the opportunity.

While the country is only increasingly weak, it will only continue to infighting, but did not dare to resist foreign aggression.

It will only high-profile waving the banner of democracy, to manipulate the ideology of the opposition.

In order to seize power. Dignity and personality. In order to compete for profits. Despite the economy and the people.

Taking democracy as the starting point, but taking the aim of seizing power.

As a contemporary entrepreneur, Mr Kuo said, "Democracy.

Not to mention such democracy is simply a democracy and packaging dictatorship and struggle.

The people have a sense of national identity.

The leaders have the courage and the people will have awe.

The people will be united.

The people of the world will be able to think highly of the country.

So that the world can afford to countries.

Naturally after the economy will improve.

Otherwise, the endless struggle for power led to the protest against the occupation.

Let the state in the international community as a spicy general.

The right to hold the small thigh. Left hold the old US thigh. Old also stepping on your head.

In the eyes of others, this country will always be one

Only to dare not fight against foreign insults

Only dare to bully their own people .Bullying good - and - Wenliang Gong Jian let the gentleman.

The killing of other countries. Suppress. Forced to buy. But did not dare utter the vulgar country.

This is my new year, a reminder of this country.


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