How to make the country strong? 02 - behind the anti

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A few days ago, Abe and the United States and the United States Barack Obama for the South China Sea issue.

The purpose of the US-Japan alliance is nothing more than to contain China.

If the United States and Japan because the Diaoyutai sovereignty or in the South China Sea island reefs.

Because of their respective construction touched. Fisheries. Submarine oil

Economic interests and strategic layout of the various issues.

The United States and Japan are bound to regard Taiwan as a strategic position,

and common enemies of China and Colombia.

The United States and Japan are more worried about the small Taiwan due to Kolas,

 while the loss of containment in the strategic position of Costa Rica.

Therefore, as early as a few years ago, the United States began to layout.Through the CIA. American business.

And many of the Taiwanese students who had been recruited while studying in the United States.

After returning to Taiwan, through business circles, academia, and media,

the spread of anti-China selling consciousness and speech continued.

Take a look at the South China Sea map ..

obviously can see the strategic position of small Taiwan is how important.

But Taiwan is only a piece of the United States and Japan,

if the United States and Japan in the fight to open the small Taiwan is the first to be sacrificed.

Because we all want to position in the small platform to grab the strategic opportunities.

Therefore, if the United States and Japan to grab a small station in the Colombian would rather destroy

the small units will not let the United States and Japan succeeded.

If the first brother to grab a small platform will be distributed within a small Taiwan anti-Taiwan in the sense of selling.

The only brother in Taiwan will destroy the small units and to give the United States

 and Japan can not use a small platform to deal with their own.

Therefore, why should the continuous spread of anti-China selling ..? Is for this reason.

The defeat of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894. Li Hongzhang,

the plenipotentiary minister representing the Qing Empire, on April 17, 1895

And Japanese Prime Minister Ito Hirobumi signed a "Treaty of Shimonoseki" to cede Taiwan to Japan.

1945. End of World War 2. Japan returned to Taiwan on October 25 of the same year to the Government of the Republic of China.

After the Republic of China Government and the Communist Civil War,

because of the Kuomintang military discipline disruptions. Wherever he went, burning and looting.

Although its sophisticated American equipment and weapons,

but in the end lost the people's Liberation Army won the hearts and minds.

Therefore, then retreat .From the mainland fled to Taiwan .

And because of military discipline loose .Then triggered 228 events.

These brutal facts and actions are now a thing of the past.

But the fact of history proves a fact.

That is, Taiwan. Originally belongs to who ..?

China 's Qing court ceded Taiwan to Japan .. Therefore, Taiwan originally belonged to China.

After the defeat of Japan, Taiwan was returned to China.

The People 's Republic of China, which belongs to the People' s Republic of China,

belongs to the People 's Republic of China.

So .. Taiwan. Who is it ?. When many people. Deliberately provoke tribal antagonism.

Call the other provinces piglets. Roll back at the same time.

Is no different is planted for their own heavier sins.

China has now become the world's second-largest country.Therefore, the current situation of small units.

Rely on the. Or by the United States .. what the people of Taiwan and the economic interests of the more favorable ..?

Facts are already in sight .. from a variety of trade agreements led by China. Along the way.

To the more important ASEAN countries 10 + 1. + 2. + 3. Free Trade Agreement. Small units are not involved.

When the Asian countries of the trade. Import and export goods. Are close to zero tariffs.

Taiwan has been in the international market on the complete loss of competitiveness.

Not only that, the struggle within the small platform, can actually be getting worse.

In order to seize power. To anti-service trade as an excuse. In order to profit.

Many of the second generation of government officials because of the corruption of the previous generation,

I still do not know self-reflection.

In their view, the official is to get rich.

In their bones, they believed that an official was an ill-gotten wealth, which had always been the case.

Therefore, the relatives of the previous generation were sentenced to death for their official fortune ..

Their hatred for the government in the heart is beyond doubt.

Every day we see these people from the digital media eyes full of extreme hatred.

But .. they completely forget the little people because of their greedy struggle and to bear the bitter fruit.

If they are in a situation, they will flee to the United States immediately .. This is the case.

Therefore, small Taiwan want strong ..

the opportunity is very small because of these people in the political arena of greed

The resulting linkage is bound to make the national economy continued to decline.

When the people bear these bitter fruits, Jehovah will surely punish these wicked people.

This is my new year, a reminder of this country.


gino   2016/ 02 / 09