Where does fear come from ? j   

1492 Columbus obtained tobacco from the hands of the Indians.

His sailor smoked on the road afterwards.

People see white smoke from the mouth of the sailors

That the devil possessed, so the sailor in jail.

1632. Galileo that the Earth is rotating and bypassing the sun revolution.

Was held for interrogation in Rome

After Galileo completed the work of kinematics and materials mechanics

Was later known as the father of modern science.

Because of the unpredictability of the future.

While ignoring the bold assumptions of science.

Then there was fear.

Religious ghosts, like people fear and fear.

However, the theory of space means Einstein's general theory of relativity

But make up for people on the ghost of doubts.

Science and technology. Let civilization continue to move forward.

Because of fear arising from the exploration and adventure.

Has now become the human understanding and access to knowledge of the driving force.

The journey of life is full of too much unpredictability.

Religious discourse, in practical application of real life.

Let the human beings in the ocean of life

With a lighthouse-like guidelines.

It is for this reason that people produce their strength through faith.

To distinguish between right and wrong by faith.

By virtue of faith.

Fear of the future agnosticism.

Natural in the mind. Eliminated in the invisible.


gino   2016/ 12 / 22