The universe was not created by God?j   

Recently learned that many years ago, the late physicist Stephen Hawking in his

The best-selling book in  A  Brief History of  Time

It is strange to mention that the universe was not created by God.

Report: Famous British physicist Stephen Hawking once again said amazing words.

He said that the Big Bang that created the universe was caused by the inevitable laws of physics.

No need to use God Hawking to explain why the universe is formed

In fact, it is not necessary to use the power of God.

This remark came out.

Personally think: God Ye Hehua never said that the universe was created by him.

The so-called universe is the existence of matter that is visible to the naked eye.

It contains the stars visible in the sky and hundreds of billions of galaxies that are invisible.

From microscopic atoms, molecules, particles, to the distant quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy.

They are all called the universe.

The earth world is not equivalent to the universe. The universe contains the earth.

The existing ecology of the earth. Definitely created by God Ye Hehua. It can also be called restoration.

Chapter 1 of the Old Testament of the Bible. Section 2 writes:

The ground is empty and chaotic, and the abyss is dark; the spirit of God runs on the water.



It can be seen that God Jesus was before the creation on earth.

There is already water on the earth!

And the entire New Testament and Old Testament. Only in the New Testament Acts

Chapter 17: 24. Paul's own words:

[ The God who created the universe and everything in it, as the Lord of heaven and earth,

cant stop the temple built by hands ]

Paul said this because he thought the universe was the world he saw.



The Old Testament was written in 1400 BC.

The final volume was completed in 400 BC

The New Testament was completed in 300 AD.

And human knowledge of the universe and astrophysics

Galileo originated in 1500 AD.

God Jesus never said that the universe was created by him.

Therefore, Stephen Hawking said that the universe was not created by God.

It just emphasizes the facts again.

The media, or publishers in marketing, need to be focused on strategies.

Therefore, the universe is not a sentence created by God. Nature has become the focus of the world.

The world should never be frightened or upset.

Because God-Jehovah never said that the universe was created by him !

gino   2020/ 04 / 17