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Many people wrote to me about the purpose and value of life.

I believe there are many people do not have time to stop and carefully think about the purpose of life?

You ... may have carefully stop and think about this problem?

I am honored as a human and able to use text to express their ideas,

In this and your friends to share personal humble opinion, but also hope that users can not hesitate to teach the letter correction.

In our lives the most commonly spoken word: to create a limited life of infinite value, that is, most people are often talking about:

The length of life may be you can not control the control, but the width of life is how you master the control,

For how to master and control the width of life lies in the concept of the hearts of each person,

The concept is not only derived from family education, school education, social education, more importantly,

from their own spiritual education,

How to enhance their spiritual level, modest humility of life attitude is indispensable,

Of course, careful observation of the enthusiasm of the pay is necessary.

In our surroundings can often see the success of many failures like tidal ebb and flow,

In the ribbon of life, which is a very normal thing,

Many people can not afford to fail, more can not stand the success of looking back in his later years,

Squandered the number of youthful years? How much life time?

life! Can you do it again? Throughout the history of many people created by the great deeds,

although the sacrifice of life was down through the ages,

Do not they extend the breadth and length of life to the endless universe?

Can we be the same as them? Of course, just look at you willing to change their own?

Since childhood, we know that Jesus, Buddhism, Buddhism and other gods ... ...,

but you have thought about why these gods?

What did these gods do to tell us?

Many people are atheists, they say they do not believe in God, it is because they have not encountered the suffering of life,

September 21, 1999 disaster, the first rushed to the scene to rescue and are still doing post-disaster reconstruction of those who,

Not because of God's inspiration and make them have a person drowning and even self-denial of the human spirit?

Do you see those who survived to see their loved ones, loved ones, parents, children, hand, foot,

In an instant to be buried alive and crushed to death forever, that kind of do not want to live and they can survive

And immediately there are many compassionate hearts and warm hands in comfort to take care of them,

Do they feel that they believe in God in their hearts?

God led those people to save those victims and the hearts of those who believe that the victims of God, but also believe in God,

and you? Are you still doubting the existence of God?

Want to know what God is? Perhaps you can turn to the Ezekiel chapter 1 verses 4 through 28 of the Old Testament,

In this article we do not explain, we just want to tell you the first idea is ....... believe in God!

God at the expense of their lives to warn and teach the world, love is to know how to sacrifice,

So: God loves the world, why did God do this?

Because people are ugly? But also the difference between man and God,

 you do not have to see your friends and family neighbors ... and so on,

You just have to look at these days, those who want to remove the President of the President or members of the face,

 I think it is easier to see,

Of course, there are many ugly crimes and deeds in our lives around constantly,

And if you are familiar with the ancient and modern history,

I think you should be able to understand the ugliness of mankind not only this,

The emperor of the past was shaped into the son of the dragon child,

 if the emperor Longzi how will abandon the world in disregard and indulge in wine and color all day long?

So that people are people, God is God, people have to believe in God!

Do not believe in God will be punished, the end of the world as early as Japan has to be,

Is because those who have compassionate love silently to do good silent prayer and eliminate human sins ah! Did you know?

People live not only for themselves and live in order to survive and live, but also to live for it,

I often hear many people say, do not control other people's things,

that is, from the front of the snow regardless of the concept of tile cream.

Has been in the extension of inheritance, and more parents in the education of children from time to time

to tell the next generation to be safe and secure,

This misconception of selfishness has created the society of crime, the accomplishment of others by infringing upon others,

Do not respect the starting point of thinking of others naturally ignored the human rights,

too many parents loved or spoiled their children,

Children grow up hurt others' children, ask parents are great?

It is not great, it is not selfish love, it is called ignorance of the despicable,

Have you heard a Taiwanese words: other people's children die?

I would like to emphasize that the book is not less read the relationship,

But must have a certain degree of morality and sentiment is worthy of God!

Believing in God and believing in others is the basis for discussing the true meaning of life,

Understanding of these two are eligible to explore in depth the true meaning of life,

The vast universe to create life after hundreds of thousands of light years journey and tens of millions of years of evolution,

How is the precious life to be managed? I will explain it in detail in the second part.


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