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We often talk about .When people die to go there ? On the issue of life and death. Has been a blind spot in life.

Although many religions have been the cause and effect of life and death and good and evil to do a perfect interpretation,

but still can not make a strong scientific argument to persuade.

In this study of the true meaning of life at the same time.

Nine-dimensional space will be the scientific theory of human beings to verify the students.

And to follow the ancient history of science, philosophy, biology, anthropology, space science point of view to strengthen our life

and death problems verified basis.

In order to enhance the awareness of the meaning of life.In this case,

As early as thousands of years ago, in the different ethnic groups on earth,

they invariably use the fire to burn a variety of organisms.Including people. Cattle. Pig. Sheep. Deer ........

To worship the so-called gods. Or ghost. Why use fire instead of knife .. or water ...?
In ancient times, the Earth was divided into so many different plates, different colors, languages, cultures, and habits.

But also can not communicate through the ocean of the times, all human beings are using the same method ...?

We have been in Taiwan for many years to celebrate the festivities of worshiping the gods, burning paper money,

burning king ships, and many other countries.

Such as the ancient Egypt. East Asia. Central Asia. Central and South America. South America. Africa.

Have you ever wondered why? This is because all the matter is burned by the fire and can never be restored.

Under the norms of the laws of matter which we know are the substances or creatures that burn.

There are a number of burning incineration that can not be reduced, or ashes.

The other is converted to the naked eye can not see the gas ... as to convert to there?

We think it is the form of gas into another space.

As mentioned above, human beings transmit messages through fire and other spaces,

and because of this, there is no possibility that humans will be reborn after cremation.

Otherwise it would not be able to walk in the world of yin and yang ... ... so .. will destroy the ecological balance.

You may question. What is the yin and yang of the second sector? Is it superstitious or strange power of God?

In fact, yin and yang represents two different space .Yang sector represents our current three-dimensional space.

While the negative world that is outside the space in three degrees.As for the two kinds of space between how to pass it?

According to the general theory of relativity, the space is curved.

So space physics scientists will be pushed to the limits of physical knowledge to extend the wormhole theory.

A.B two points to touch. Then chisel a hole connecting A and B .. Then A.B two points of the shortest distance. Namely wormhole.

Mathematicians also call this combination of multi-connected space.

Therefore, since human beings, people have repeatedly used the fire to burn all kinds of biological and material to and another yuan

Meaning that another space for one-way communication and transmission of information ...

and because the transmission will be through the wormhole link.

So the general body of material can not afford to link two space when the wormhole tension and pressure.

So it can only be and is allowed to pass through the gas and be converted.

Therefore, only the body is burned into gas in order to connect two kinds of space through the wormhole.

This is the reason why human beings in history since the spontaneous burning with fire to worship God.

The key is why ancient and modern are so ..?

In fact, the early ancient human beings will know why the use of fire as a medium to convey the message?

Of course, some people tell them, can also be interpreted as being inspired.

As for the revelation of who? From the Bible. Buddhist scriptures can be known.

In the Old Testament, the first chapter of Ezekiel, verses 4 through 28, are written in more detail ...

and we shall not talk much about it ...

We come to understand how life came about: when Darwin's theory of evolution was completely overthrown at the end of the 20th century.

Human beings have a deep understanding of the source of life, of course, thanks to the gift of the computer.

From 1950 to the year 2000, the computer has grown by a factor of 10 billion,

and the continuation of Moore's Law means a doubling every 18 months.

So the DNA sequencing ability also grows synchronously.Human life of 3 billion passwords (genome) has read sequencing completed.

We also know that the most basic unit of life cells is composed of 20 amino acids composed of several proteins.

And will soon be able to monitor cancer-causing P53 gene to do the amendment ....

The formation of the bodily forms of life is no longer just a matter of research, and mankind is even about to play the role of creator.

Under the prelude to the reproduction of the animal, it may have been an amazing movement.

However, we want to explore is the spirit of life come from a drive people to the behavior of thinking the spirit is where to come from?
To know the interpersonal behavior. Thinking mode is a great difference.

Therefore, there are many heroes ... Sage great man ... Take the example around us.

In the past those who sacrificed their lives to sacrifice their lives people, such as Lin Jingjuan, Li Zaichun, Son of the Sun ... and so on.

When they see someone in need of help in distress and their immediate choice to life and death ....

In the life and death of the critical point without hesitation to give up the raw and chose to face the death.

Rushed to save people with no blood relationship with their own.

The spirit of taking this life out of the body is born with you ... I .. we can do it.

From small to large, from elementary school to university, the number of textbooks and the number of articles that teach us how to behave.

How many historical stories tell us to preserve loyalty.

But we can not do .. So I said, "Spirit is a source of driving behavior and thinking,

and the acquired environment and education is not related

This is also the reason why the ancients have been reminded of us ... Read the book of saints.

The spirit is born with the body, when the body cells are destroyed, the blood flow is terminated.

The spirit from the hull to the form of gas through the wormhole conversion to another degree of space ...

Which means that the Buddha speak of heaven or go to hell, and before his death for the good of the spirit that is more to the hell.

In theory, space is multiple, some space only happiness, joy, harmony, which is commonly known as paradise or Western Paradise.

Some space is full of pain, hatred, evil, that is commonly known as the underground or underground 18 layers.

In fact, looking up at the sky or looking down at the ground, we do not see heaven or hell,

even to the west has been unable to reach the paradise of the world.

Space exists as we see ants, while the ants simply can not know the existence of human beings.

Even in the eyes of the front is no different ... because the ants are living in the second space of the biological.

The theory of M extended from superstring theory means a new type of symmetry of duality,

which solves the superstring theory of nine-degree space and ten-degree space.

Meaning non-perturbative solutions, while physicists have now discovered almost all possible universe in octave space-time.

And physicists are now rapidly completing the analysis of the universe in the six-degree space-time.

Therefore, the existence of space other than three-dimensional space is beyond doubt.

From the above, we should be able to understand the origin and termination of life.

But also understand that the invisible spirit drives the physical body,

while the spirit is transformed into another space by the cremation of the flesh

Buddhism or the Tibetan monks say that the reincarnation of the reincarnation, in fact,

through the termination of life and rotation.

After being born, the spirit is drawn out of the flesh by the form of a gas

and attracted to a certain space by a magnetic field on the earth.

After a unified management review, some of the spirit through the wormhole was attracted to a harmony only.

There is no desire and greed.And what we call heaven.

The other spirits, after examining their merits in the human world, are born again by the baby, separated from the mother.

Enter and stay in the human brain .. to continue in the world. That is hell. Practice. ˇiHuman. Is hellˇj

Life is coming and going to do with the scientific verification.

Like the most popular vitality before the pause. The frozen in the liquid nitrogen after death. In fact, in theory, is not feasible

Because after the body is frozen, the ice crystals will form inside the cells, and these ice crystals will grow up all the time.

Finally, the cell wall to break through. Important organs will be irreparable damage ...

When thawed, the ice crystallizes in heat and fuses it together, causing the cells to be crushed, deformed, broken, and so on.

At present, scientists try to speed freezing (also known as vitrification) trying to minimize the crystallization of ice.

But the liquid lipid inside the cell to become a gel, causing cell loopholes.

So that the fine chemical balance of cell collapse caused by cell death.

So from the biological point of view, this is a fundamentally impossible thing (applied to humans) ..

and the media and the actual publicity is a big gap.

So we are in the many science and technology on the evidence seems to be more careful to verify ...

just like Darwin's theory of evolution in general .. to date, has long been overthrown.

Because in all the fossils found in the earth .. did not find a biological evolution of the intermediate zone fossils.

Coupled with a thorough study of DNA ... ignorant evolution is now only a small episode in human history Bale ... ...

With the rapid development of science and technology,

we have verified the many problems that have not been solved in the past.

That is, the myth of ancient China in the past .. are not impossible is true.

The ancients often say: one day in heaven. Mortal year .There was no so-called technology in ancient times.

How could the ancients know about the physics of space that can be explained by modern physics?

From quantum physics to quantum universe, from the quantum universe to the multiple universe,

human beings unceasingly unveil the veil of the mysterious universe.

When the human vision has reached the vast endless ..

while the relative will make us more and more small ... Health ... death ... seems to be repeated again and again

How to control the life and death .... how to choose when the death of the conversion of space .. is that the individual himself.

At present, all religions agree with an argument that death is another stage of life .. is not it?

When we explore the true meaning of life why we must learn how to control their own life cycle.

Next we will discuss .... Life is so regular .. How should we grasp the life .. and then understand the true meaning of life .....

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