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Health = that is tangible, with protein (protein) cell combination,
Life = that is, after thinking the expression of behavior,

Therefore, life is a combination of tangible protein, and through the presentation of ideas,

of course, in the ideological hierarchy, there are hierarchical,

Therefore, the classification of the higher organisms of life, and lower organisms of life,

to understand the meaning of life after the words,

We come to explore in this degree all the life of the space, and the relationship between life and death.
Many people have been discussing the religion of heaven and hell and Western Paradise in the end is what ?

Where in the end in existence?

In fact, in the religion of hell is the moment we exist in the present space, where is hell? Here,
In many religious doctrines, there have been many hints that, in the field of Catholicism and Christianity,

We always hear the priest or priest or missionary said to us: "Jesus said: You are born guilty! X, y

Why did Jesus say that? And why ... Buddha always keep in the Purdue beings ?

Also constantly warned all sentient believers,
Human life is crossing, that is, to constantly repair, why all religions are unanimously agreed and let us know

We humans from a birth to this space is guilty, that is, to the crossing?

This is because in the moment where the space is actually hell!

In the world, in the person's life, everyone more or less experienced a lot of suffering and torture,

Perhaps the soul, perhaps the body, joys and sorrows, life and death, natural disasters, famine, war, death, disease,

Between people fighting each other, until now in 2003,

The earth is still smoke everywhere, small to individual families, large to national and global,

For each person in the spiritual and physical pain is never interrupted,

Without these sufferings and suffering, why should the compassionate compassion of compassion

 for the great sentiments to the universal sentient beings?

We also know that in this world the most terrible animal is human!

Therefore, in our surroundings is obvious there are many terrible scenes, and therefore good and evil will always coexist,

Between people of intrigues, trampling each other, betray each other, kill each other,

Natural disasters and miserable death of the miserable, all of all is not exactly the appearance of hell?

Therefore, some people will often say: We are living in hell, living death! Therefore, we can deeply understand,

In this space we exist is hell! And we are because in another space committed a lot of fault,

So will be converted to this space to cross, to serve the sentence, and therefore Jesus will say: [ You are born guilty of!

Buddha is also constantly in our crossing in the Purdue beings, so that we fruition, not to return to this space,

If we do not know how to regulate themselves, then after the end of life, will continue to continue to convert back to life,

We need to know the so-called six reincarnation, not the Buddha said the next life to be a beast, but a punishment of life,

But do we think that animals are actually much happier than humans?

And if a couple is very affectionate, assuming that husband and wife than the first death, and his wife heartbroken, and then.

Happens to his wife to the market when buying food just bought the husband for the pig's pork, t

he result is not equal to his wife in the husband's meat in general?

So we think about it, God will make us human beings to do the man-eating thing?

Or perhaps, because you can only explain to us once again the human punishment of God to do,

So the so-called six reincarnation may be God to give us a warning caution role, and in reality the surface, perhaps not six reincarnation,

In the human world do well, next life or continue to come back to life, constantly in this space, until you are full of sentence!

Therefore, we have to understand that in the space we exist,

All species are living than human happiness, than human freedom, than human calm and I do not know the pain of death!

Therefore, all six may only be human after death, once again converted to a medium of human beings only.

Then talk about the so-called heaven and paradise in the end where the world? And how can we get to Paradise Paradise?

I tell you now, paradise paradise is the world of God, what is God? God is a very high biological,

Is to create the original creator of beings, creators,

Therefore, most people will never be able to reach paradise paradise of the world, it is just an ideal, a goal,

A human pursuit of the perfect state of the totem of the supreme,

Ordinary people can only reach a maximum of non-evil space, not to mention our common people it?

And if the true religious person, but also because of the yearning for the bliss away practice it?

Therefore, we have to deep thinking to realize paradise paradise for the world to convey the true meaning,

But also to understand the significance of the spiritual level is more important than all the explanations,

 it covers the interpretation of the meaning is very detached,

Is to stimulate the pursuit of perfection of human nature a supreme realm of supremacy,

We must not feel that we have to earn money because we have income,

but we should not do nothing because we do not have any income. As for when and when we should not,

This is how the two measured the scale, the end of the individual nature and understanding.

Life and death are constantly on the move. People who believe in Buddhism often say to people who are dead:

 "To be born" is the beginning of life.

Jesus Christ also said: [Death is the starting point of life, not the end of life]

These revelations do not just repeat the expression of the individual's life is continual continuation?

In the molecular medical science verification now, we have fully understood that people will always be people,

Whether you are a few years, cast a few tires, you or humans,

Dogs are always dogs, cats will always be a cat, pigs and sheep will always be pigs and sheep,

Therefore, we once again understand, in any case you will always be people, always a prisoner,

Just as in prison, you see are criminals, do not forget you are also living in prison, you are also a criminal,

So in this world, in your country, in your society, in your surroundings, in your workplace, you get along with people at the same time,

You see all human beings continue to show the evil of human nature,

Such as greed, treachery, sinister, sinister, despicable, shameless, dirty, dirty, dirty, useless,

Stupid, rogue, low-level, childish, and all the hateful things, you do not have too concerned about,

Because it is criminals, so it will be in this world, just because everyone is showing different behavior due to iniquity,

Therefore, if you want an early escape from the sea of ​​misery,

only in their own hearts to establish the faith of God in order to be blessed by faith in God,

By faith in God and free, by faith in God and get the real redemption


gino   2003/ 02 / 24