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Read the previous three. I believe we have the existence of life and to come and should be quite understanding.

In this chapter we will examine how the origin of life came into being and the meaning

and value of being given to the universe as a whole

And the process of human civilization and the evolution of knowledge blind spot to do in-depth exploration ... ...

Where does man come from?

In the past, some people believe that the evolutionary point of view: = human evolution from the ape ...

now because of computer technology by leaps and bounds.

CPU (Central Processing Unit) of the powerful memory computing function

makes molecular biology research has amazing development.

And has been able to explore the basic structure of DNA ... and base protein (T C G A) sequencing.

Coupled with the world's archaeological scientists and research anthropology experts

and scholars have never found in the human evolution from the apes into the middle of human fossils.

But also in China five thousand years ago the human and the present human. In appearance, is exactly the same ...

Therefore, the evolution of the point of view as early as to be overthrown and does not allow future generations to inherit.

So where do people come from? Perhaps we understand from the text of Genesis in the Old Testament:

Gen 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness,

So that they may control the fish of the sea, and the birds of the air, and the beasts of the earth, and all the earth,

and all the insects which they crawl upon the earth. In this case,

Gen 1:27 And God made man in his own image, and made male and female in his likeness.

From the above two paragraphs, we can see that our image is created in the image of God.

Our brains should also be shaped and shaped like the Creator,

and that is why we do not have the same wisdom and supernatural powers as God.Can you create everything?

We all know .. In human life, we exhausted the continuous learning by learning to develop brain cells at the same time.

But only 7% of the brain cells .. And scientists such as Albert Einstein. Life also used only 13% of brain cells ...

Then .. we can not help but ask the rest of the 85% to do .. why humans always have less than it?

Whether or not it is because God made man when we put our brain cell thinking

and memory and not for some people now know the lock.Or for other purposes?

And why did God only let us manage the fish of the sea, and the birds of the air,

and the beasts of the earth, and all the earth, and all the insects that were upon the earth?

And God also allows the control of all these animals in the mind can manage people within the scope of.

This proves again that God, the Creator, can control the amount of brain cells used by all creatures.

Let us carefully analyze .. believe that human beings have the soul of the scholar experts engaged

in the study of soul and full-time brain cells in the research scholars have put forward

Two different views are raised about whether or not there is a soul possessed

and what is seen when the soul leaves the body on the verge of death.

Scientists who support the existence of the soul interviewed nearly 850,000 people on the verge of death

in the experience to tell their own death in the moment to see the scene ...
About 10% of the people have the same sight, seeing themselves out of the flesh, floating up and down,

and seeing white light and passing through a long string of white tunnels.

To see a beautiful sight like a paradise and a happy experience to see the dead relatives ...

While the brain of the brain cells of the scholars are put forward to the views of the views of the brain medicine,

that is ... the brain in the person's death.

In order to avoid the human body to feel the spirit and physical pain in the middle of the brain area of ​​the brain.

And from the memory of the brain will be some of the image summoned out of a protection mechanism,

also known as "inhibition of lifting."

This view is not only the theory of brain medicine for its argument,

and there are many of the use of narcotic drugs or drug users to track their support.
When we understand that our brain cells can not be fully 100% use,

we can not help but reasonable skepticism to face the intention of the original creator.

These 85% of the brain cells can not be used in the end is to keep for what purpose?

There are two possible ideas to explain.
1. God is the omnipotent Creator and the only God, we are all people of God,

so we can not and can not be like God in thought and action.

Therefore, God limits the amount of brain cells used in the creation of people, set to only use 7% or 8-13%,

and also has its deep thinking.

In today's global era, where science and technology have reached the nucleus and are close to ionization,

most human beings are still being dragged by life.

Although a small number of people committed to the development of human civilization and technology research,

but to make the whole human solidarity to create the happiness of all mankind.After all, there is still a long way to go.

And human beings to break through the space constraints.Crossing and beyond space in order to obtain a higher knowledge of civilization.

Or to see whether the global human exclusion can see the unity of a high degree of civilization forward

In the history of mankind .Although in a period of time .Have a high degree of wisdom of the birth of the human civilization to a new era.

But after all, limited human life under the constraints of the fruits of research and wisdom to the crystallization of inheritance down ...

This mode of inheritance and succession.Also because of the limitations of life, resulting in the knowledge of the fault continuity.

Also will affect the delay in human civilization and progress ...

Therefore, we must continue to study hard to be able to research and development. So .... To achieve beyond the speed of light.

In order to achieve a high degree of civilized knowledge and promote the ideal of global human well-being.

Seems to be a very distant dream, so .. Progressive progress is the time we have to pay the price.

So let us human beings can only go through untold hardships. To achieve the success of the day can be cherished.

2. According to the deductions we described in the third section, which accounts for 85% of the unused brain cells,

it is most likely to be reserved for our souls.

From ancient times down the religious revelation and we fully understand the religion of the Past

and the present Buddhism. Tantra's reincarnation.

Positive proof of the soul in the flesh after the eradication will continue to appear in other flesh.

Therefore, the soul attached to the body where the most likely is that this piece accounts for 85% of unused brain cells,

only to occupy this place.Only to control all the words and deeds of the flesh.

In normal times, from 7-15% of the brain cells to drive all the words and deeds of the body behavior thinking mode and the play of nature.

When the flesh is in extreme tension or frustration frustration ..

the soul immediately dominate the behavior of all the words and deeds and thinking behavior ...
If the nature of the soul is more vulnerable in danger of pain and illness will be an emergency out of the flesh,

while the flesh on the destruction of death.

If the essence of the soul belongs to the stronger, in the physical difficulties encountered difficulties,

but more stubborn resistance.

But if the deduction is based on our deduction in the third chapter,

if the soul of the sentence is full, then the natural will be early from the flesh ...

Conversion to the so-called Paradise Paradise ... if the soul of the sentence is not full and the flesh has tended to aging ...

merit has not been satisfactorily reached.

The soul will still be out of the flesh after the search for the next host body.
All the souls are subject to a strong magnetic field .. Soul, whether it is boarding in the flesh. Or. After leaving the body whereabouts.

By the powerful magnetic field doing a well-organized traction control and management.

So many of the great man of the world .Hopeful .In the human world to do everything.

All the natural calamities and man-made accidents ... rich and poor poor old age and sick.

This is what we see at home and abroad .. Many great men or wicked demeanor ...

and their families will have a very different very different.

Therefore, we can also understand that spirituality and heredity are unrelated.

We put forward the arguments and views ... side to see the understanding of each side can understand the reason ....

When you can not prove it is (no), you can not prove it as (no).

And when you cite the case for the majority of people agree with and accept the possibility of existence

there is relative to a substantial increase.
In order to maintain the balance of human ecology ... In order to allow human beings to compete

with each other in a fair manner ... each of us ... have the same intelligence.

Although there are some particularly high IQ people in particular,

but the emergence of each person's future development and future, or depends on the spirituality of each person!

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