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On February 12, 2001 at 3 am, the Green Guards captain Yang Tien-day,

 because of his friends to participate in the wedding, drink two cups.

So in the return home on the way .In the South Taoyuan interchange rest .Sleep .

Disclosed to see a silhouette invaded the car .I do not know what happened.

See a car in front of two for a black and white driving away to be awake to a look.

Important goods and digital cameras and laptops have been stolen.

The captain returned to the base to rest in the afternoon to get up immediately to the incident site belongs to the ...

Taoyuan County Police Station Road, the police report.

After the police on duty by Mr. Huang Shize, the whole case will be transferred to the criminal investigation team.

(Issued text: Peach police sub-word No. 33485). And by the criminal investigator Wu Zuoxue active investigation in the .......

In addition, the yellow police officers in the mouth that the International Road in Taoyuan City

and Daxing Road area. (Namely South Taoyuan r interchange) there is a theft group.

Especially in the night to take advantage of the driver drunk or tired in the car to rest

on the occasion of a group of three to five people sled to open the door, gang theft car property.

If the driver was found, then steal to steal .If the driver is female, then brutal violence.

In recent years, there have been countless cases, almost one to two every week.

Such an endless stream of cases has been listed as Taoyuan County police major criminal cases.

Green Guard captain learned of this message .In the incident the next day immediately

called the tiger group members tigers .Pan .Xiao Juan .Small weeks.

Meeting planning to catch the thief task. Code for the Falcon plan.

Then on Friday, February 16, 11:00 pm .. ambush deployment to complete and set the bait.

(Bait for the content of their own imports of cars .Parking on the car .Laptop 2.

The driver is lying on the car pretending to be drunk .Conscious)

The target continues to appear, but has been unable to start to arrest

(Because we must wait until the goal to open the door.) Bend into the car when stealing property.

Group members ambush to sleepless until 17 am. Day will dawn. A pedestrian dragged exhausted body drive.

 Greeting the sun. Disappointed return to the company.

17th Saturday 11 o'clock in the evening.Once the completion of the deployment.The ambush from the bait closer.

Because of the dense fog at that time, consider the safety of the bait, then ambush the staff in the bait next to the haystack.

Team members endured the bitter cold in the haystack to be five hours in the four o'clock in the morning ..

only to get off the target observation.

So ... still .. a pedestrian dragged his exhausted body drive. Facing the sun. Disappointed return to the company .....

After a week ... on Saturday night, February 24. Follow the Falcons plan to complete the ambush deployment and set the bait.

The team members were in a box-type car, staring at the bait which was 20 meters away.

Around 2:40 am, there appeared a white car for personal use, No. V6-3339, circling two laps before and after the decoy.

And then to the box next to the two laps around the car to confirm that no one around the security and then leave.

About five minutes after the two taxis approaching the bait

One in front of the bait caught in the middle of the front of the taxi down

one person on the rear cab of the two people are sitting in the front seat did not get off.

The person on the right side of the car was the same person on the right side of the white sedan five minutes earlier,

and the man in front of it was illuminating the bait with a flashlight

And to determine the bait has been sleeping .. then immediately around to the right side of the position of the deputy driver's seat.

To open the door to pry tools.

Get the upper body into the car. Take out the laptop.

At the same time, the captain led the team members, flying at speeds of over 20 meters and the island.

Will enter the car and one of the other two people on a car full control.

Three evil way did not fight back the opportunity to fight back .. then a Gan people, etc. ... bring the box car ...

In contact with the relevant units .. then the three people to Taoyuan County Taobao County Police Department Criminal Division three.

I saw three groups of Pan captain and team members have to meet us at the door.

Interpol and they took three of them to the crime scene at the scene

The taxi found a small number of small flashlight. Car door with the iron hook.

Expressway back to the number of votes in the tens of this. Mobile phone. Rolex gold watch .....

The three criminals of the basic information is as follows .. (This information is the Diego group to find out ...)

Chen **: (to open the door to get off the sled) Age: 50/0 * / 01 ID A ** 8 Taxi number E7-7 **
                 Household registration: Taipei City ** Road 4 10 Lane 6 *

Su **:      (in the car collusion of the accomplice) Age: 47/0 * / 03 ID card F ** 6
                Household: Taipei County, the five shares of the rural ** a 23 * of the **

Cai **:    (in the car collusion of the accomplice) years: 57/0 * / 30 ID N ** 6

                 Hometown: Taipei City, New Village Street, Lane 3 ** on the 3rd

Interpol after a night toss .It is hard .Through investigation of three of the information .

All for the continuous theft of former criminals.

The trio, after interrogation and production of transcripts, were not sufficiently effective because of the evidence,

because only a few votes were retrieved from their vehicles and their bodies for reference.

Other property. Such as watches. Mobile phone ... etc ..

Because it can not find all the victims. Temporarily can not be used as evidence

(But then on May 11 ... something happened ... more on that later)

And Cai * school on the spot in the criminal group staged a farce of epileptic seizures ... ... ... ...

general epileptic seizures only a few seconds or minutes.

But Cai Changxue an attack .Is half an hour .At the beginning of the body twitch .But there is no spit.

After a long time. Still lying on the ground .. every ten seconds twitch once. Is probably tired.

Interpol also came to see him acting is really bad .Small captain could not help but ask him not to twitch .. he was up ...

And because of the detention of a certain period of time,

so the criminal group that legally in accordance with legal procedures to the three people

sent to the Taoyuan District Court Procuratorate.

The three men mentioned in the preceding paragraph are now listed by the Taoyuan District Prosecutor's Office

 in the Ninety Year Criminal Investigation No. 4217. Huang Wenming's procurator's investigation.

At three of the April hearings, the three men were crafty, and the prosecutors asked them what they had come back from there.

Chen * said: is the passenger because the guests have no money to pay taxi fare to return a few votes to the fare ..

there are some to buy their own.

Because I heard back to the number of votes to price, so buy some save up .....

The prosecutor then asked, "You are buying, you should keep it for one, and why do you use it for each one?

In addition Sue spring is boasted that he is a good taxi driving are framed by the Green Guards.

Adding that the Green Guards threatened him ... harassing his family and so on ...

completely acting as an innocent victim in front of the prosecutor

The Green Guards never called Sue Chun ... because if he wanted to find him, he could go straight to his house.

Crime also do not know to repent.

May 23, 2001 3:55 pm and the trial of the three .. look like you .. Would you like to see it ... ....

Please Taoyuan to the Department of Prosecution

After Taoyuan County Taobao police station criminal three groups.Su captain and then cracked a robber case.

Is also a burglary group of another group of people as the March 2 Union evening news

Taoyuan Hsinchu version 23 version of the lower right.

Title: roadside vehicles. Continuous stolen .Taoyuan branch check two suspected .

Passed the victim to come forward to identify

The first paragraph of the text is: Taoyuan police station detection of continuous stealing

and snatching parking roadside vehicles and driving people property case.

Men's ancient * Plaza and parole of Chen * male suspected of continuous use of tools

in Taoyuan city parked the roadside car to break the glass.

Intruding into the car to steal property and robbed drunk driver in the car's property.

Case by the Taoyuan police branch criminal group seized, and from the relevant stolen goods.

Green guards are often talking .. people are doing. Days at the time to see ..

At several times before the trial. Three criminal suspects sophistry occasion .. Su * spring finally

On May 11 ... as a result of pretentious police looting of property. On the major TV news media .

5 12 May were published in the major newspapers.

Liberty Times May 12, 2001 North City comprehensive news page 14 .. The biggest title:

The drunkard parked at the roadside, dressed in uncle 's uniform, and took the opportunity of robbery.

The first paragraph of the text is as follows:

 (Taipei Shihlin branch of the agency police station yesterday cracked with false justice.

And in line with the county in the county town of five shares were arrested taxi driver Su * spring.

He will be sentenced to robbery according to the law:

The police suspect that Sumou also committed more than the crime of robbery drinkers driving the case will continue to trace).

I really do not know such a good innocent taxi driving Su 8 spring in the May 23 hearing .. how will the prosecutor?

Green guards in the know that after the incident ..

Immediately with the agency child in charge of the police station Wu Wujun contact and confirm the correct comparison!

From the above example, although we do not agree with the French net recovery .. sparse and not leak this sentence.

(Because .. in the hearts of the Green Guards law is absolutely unfair ..)

But we can definitely get justice for the victims.Prior to the aforementioned parole pawn Chen * male.

In fact, Chen * Ming. Su * Chun. Tsai * and other learning .... burglary group's head .. They usually steal violent cruel.

But also to avoid the legal sanctions .. Because the theft than robbery. Robber. Robbery are much lighter.

So a lot of bullying, rogues have diverted to choose the theft of this industry, although they are very vicious.

But in front of the Green Guards, but showed the virtues of innocent weakness.

The Taoyuan group of burglars is on the brink of collapse, and all members are about to receive legal sanctions.

But think about the victims who were maimed by them in the past.

Well .. I remember the original middle of the road police station, said to me:

(Some people come to report when the whole body was stripped of the light of the light,

even the pants have been cut, really can not bear gambling).

Think of the victim in the scum of these scum under the no resistance.

Only to yield to their despotic power.

However, we believe in. People are doing. Heaven is watching.

May the world be able to play the spirit of drowned drowning is the so-called hidden hidden heart.

Let the world be peace and joy ...

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