The greatest sorrow and pain

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice is developing a parole program ..

Big font in the major newspapers of the social version of the headlines.

This is the law, the law finally to the scholar-bureaucrats of the superficial concept of human rights ..

to rule over those of us vulnerable people.

I always wanted to ask those officials in person if your daughter was sexually assaulted,

did you approve of it being released on parole?

Think of it at that time by those girls painless and helpless expression and vent their own beast ....

will own happiness building in those innocent

Poor panic helpless girls above the pain .. This is the beast behavior ah !!

Think about the girls .. the rest of their lives will be accompanied by the pain of that period of unbearable dirty dirty memory ..

This is how painful.

In the event that the wolf will come out ahead and become a public figure, and even become the media darling.

From time to time in the media appearance .. those victims at home to see it on TV ... what will feel?

Will it be happy for it? Or will it shed grievous tears of grievances?

Wolf was originally a student of a university .. .. Of course, Seoul has a certain degree in their studies.

So admitted to NTU .. not what can be used to describe the study .. in prison.

( Taipei, Hongde prison ) is always eat sleep .. sleep eat. Do not read what you can do?

 Can only use reading to pass the time.

This is the sentence of the torturers at Hunde. Other general inmates. Only seven hours a day at the factory ..

The remaining 17 hours .. What to do ...

So, to read the book in the prison is not a matter worthy of praise,

the only thing is to propagate the government's benevolent government, to punish, that is the case.

The real study is in the community. In the family, all the temptation to leave behind.

To resist all the food, drink and play .. heart without flocking to concentrate on studying .. is the most valuable.

Many parents are not .. always .. facing their own children, said: re-test well. Put you in the room.

Yeah ... the prison is the case .. You do not study the book .. What can you do? In that kind of environment.

That kind of mood. You can only study ...

And is a day to read .. is that every day off there to study with the original is a college student. How could not read.

I admire the contemporary celebrities .. from the President .. Shi Mingde. Li Ao. There are many revolutionary heroes.

Are ever in prison to study .Send .Self-cultivation .Even the completion of the immortal masterpiece.

Prison .. has always been a forced to stop you to the reading place ... Why can be called hard to read it?

I would like to ask: in prison .. What can temptation? What will make you distracted?

You not only do not atonement. Do hard work ... there are books you can read .. How can .. have bitter?

Note: prison (North prison) .. Reading room is the most relaxing .. do not have to do anything .. other homes have work ...

           Such as the antenna. Do plastic flowers .. laundry ... do card ... all the manual OEM.

What we feel most sad is that many people have inner-minded views of the imperial scholar-bureaucrats.

Many people think that the nomination is the success of life ... especially now

The senior officials of the government .. They believe that the inmates admitted to the National Taiwan University

seems to be for the national community .. prison prison for the government .. for the high-ranking officials

made a contribution to the various ministries.

All the things in the past ... are just insignificant.

You these high officials .. think about 20 feelings of several victims ... okay ... conscience ... conscience .....

A minister ... ask yourself ... if sex is your daughter today ... what would you do? ...

They might have been sentenced to death .. the world ah .. everyone is born by their parents ah !!!!

The original sentence of 16 years, the purpose is to let the beast in 16 years time .. thorough reflection.

Think of 20 a few life was it destroyed .Smile .. abuse ..

in this and social isolation of 16 years as much as possible to heal the victim heart forever hard to wipe the trauma.

The hearts of the victims is a very big help ... so justice can be done, the law can promote human rights can be guaranteed.

And let a few 20 victims understand .. this next three abuse of livestock was finally brought to justice ....

 finally sentenced to 16 years.

The law is to protect them .. but .. just over six years ... six years .... will soon come out ...

And those despicable shameless natural grid of experts and scholars politicians.

Is busy for the animals to explain. Interpretation. Cited by the foreign .. according to the Code of Medicine. Aid counseling.

Constantly in the media to tell .. beast has been transformed .. has been painful pain.

If their daughter was sexually assaulted ... Imagine: What would they say?

The beast also explained that he had no control over their own ..

And the most pathetic is that a few 20 victims .. who tutoring them?

Who deal with their spiritual trauma to do treatment? Who put themselves in their place for the sake of?

Who ever thought about their pain?

I carefully tell you .. I really want to have repent of the heart. I really want to have the heart of shame ..

will not want to go into the community.

I know very well the mentality of the inmates .. six years of long years .. long time did not taste the smell ..

really want to shut out 16 years ... no power.

Say what should also strive to show. Unscrupulous. Admitted to the university first .. then apply for parole ..

give up the original so that he hated the lawyer lost .. Department of law.

While the choice of social workers on the surface ... so that we feel guilty to contribute to the community.

 In fact, is to look at those helpless look of pain.

You think about it .. What are the social workers who are counseling ... Sexual abuse of women ... Rape of women ...

Women who suffer domestic violence.

Single-parent families of women ... are women ... vulnerable ... mental physical damage.

All are women .. have a similar experience .... Excitement?

ˇiNote: 16 years of crime actually only six years can be reported on parole?

This is the first time in the Republic of China .. too incredible ...

 I can guarantee .. this next three abuse of family .. or relatives are absolutely related to off say .... otherwise ...

this will be the world record first person ...

Taiwan's justice .. long dead ... even then honest and honest minister ..

but also those who struggle but the old monster court

We can forgive a moment of indignation, we can forgive young ignorance.

We can forgive moment greed.

But if we want to forgive a continuous premeditated sexual assault and hurt a few 20 innocent lives of the beast ...

there is heaven ?

So I said .. sad ah .. sad ah ... What is meant by test in Taiwan in the end ?

To know .. ancient since ancient times this .. the virtuous virtues of the real people are not in the DPRK ..

but the opposition ... highly educated is definitely not equal to high intelligence .. high moral ....

Often higher education .. the lower the moral ... This is the Chinese Academy of Sciences ..

Mr. Li Yuanzhe after the 921 earthquake.

As the National Disaster Relief Union Chairman .. .. See for those who take the opportunity to take the opportunity

to take advantage of official looting .. collusion .. interests of the ugly face and the transmission of food.

Made the country's compatriots in earnest to speak a proverb .. White Road is more terrible than the underworld ....

White Road is not that those highly educated officials?

When these people in the management of us ... Imagine: ... how we are sad ah ... heaven ... open your eyes ah !!!!

The wolf in the prison .. not only do not have to do hard work. Do not on the shackles ..

every day holding a book. Sitting on the desk .. reading ... write ...

This is not the same as studying abroad .. There are meat every day, three meals a day,

there are chickens, eggs, eggs in the morning, rice porridge, porridge, lunch and dinner.

Do not you see all the white fat ... ... In addition to women outside ... What are ... a comfortable under the three abuse.

Basically, it did not enter the study right at all .... We were very skeptical about whether it had a particular relationship .......

What is the law ... law ... can never punish the bad guys.

And that a few 20 victims and their families .. have to suffer forever humiliation and pain .....

The next three abuse in order to get out of prison .. at all to very false words deceive the public.

See the third edition of the United Daily News, August 9,

[Well want to dig a hole .. put themselves buried. Let yourself disappear in everyone's eyes. In.

But I can escape .. retreat? I do not expect to give me a fair machine

But will pray to give me the opportunity to repay my past mistakes ..

I did not escape the pain of the right. Will only pay in silence. With love to heal the wound ...ˇj .....

Imagine: a prisoner who has not suffered in the prison, nor has he been repaired.

Is impossible .... Really want to repent .. .. should escape into the empty door .. eat vegetarian chanting .. wash clear evil.

If you do not believe it, you can ask it in the prison where the life of the situation .... a guilty of this wrong people ..

not eat bitterness will be enlightened?

It is absolutely impossible .... to the author's actual experience in the prison ... impossible ... ...

As for these officials want to let it out ..... you ... ... you know some of the inmates for the sake of release ..

at all abandon personality self-esteem.

The human dignity of the bottom line will be extended to the endless .. devoid of conscience.

I have personally witnessed in the North .. a prisoner (bill offenders) in order to smoke every day on a cigarette ..

at the expense of another underwit for cleaning underwear.

Night and provide their own defecation organ.

But also have witnessed a torture .. have a wife and a woman .. but in order to please the room long .. at midnight.

At that time I saw him go to the toilet side .. the white semen spit out .... see also a criminal ..

in order to get off the crime .. at all .. sell the accomplice .. only a small sentence of two years

People say: (prisoners mouth .. black tired) ... to know .. in prison .. everyone is totally without dignity ...

so .. the sentence of the prisoner ... can you believe it?

All the prisoners may never meet with the prisoners ... Each of the inmates to see family or friends ..

always said: I will turn over a new .. re-life .. vowed to curse.

Only to be able to get out of prison at an early date ... even if the prison is a little bit better than before ...

 but still not much better.

Some of the inmates at the parlor ... often say: I have no money in there .. send some money to me ...

go out to repay you ....... really do a very small number.

Of course, the above mentioned .. can not be generalized ....... still depending on the law of the terms ...

Past .. if committed a sexual assault case .. a .. go into the same room by turns sodomy ..

and daily with bristle toothbrush .. brush its genitals ..

Until the broken skin pus .. And this Shihlin wolf .. lived in the United States to study the day ..

and through special relations ..

prison guards of their love and care ..

In order to enter the study .. do not have to live a comfortable life .... So: .. Can you believe that the next three abuse?

Nowadays, the information of the world is developed, and most people have a certain level of knowledge.

In our field of knowledge and life experience .. we can understand .. an incidental sexual assault after a jail ..

psychological correction and personality therapy after ...

May ... will not necessarily be successful .. it is still in the Western technology countries ..

people have a certain professional .. a certain process .. certain procedures

Take the United States, for example .. After the prisoner was released from prison advanced midway home ..

In the periodic report to the parole officer ...

The parole officer, on the basis of interviews with the inmates, makes a written report ...

and tracks the living conditions of the offender.

The parole officer. Most of the criminal psychology .. .. and other related disciplines ...

and continuous violations of sexual offenses ... It is said that the success rate is very low ...

We can understand from the film and television ..

many of the rape .. sexual abuse of the case .. are mostly recidivists .. do not doubt ... ...

And we ... have such professionals? .... Ask those who sit prisoner ....

I see today's media reports Shihlin Wolf case ... then painful heart Xinzhen pen disease books .....

Sad to see how those officials look at the glory of the glory of Taiwan ... ... to glory to devoid of all sins.

Vertebral heart is that officials see women as the life of the ants ..... Heaven ....

will not allow you these high officials trampled on the lives of our small people ....

You will continue to do so .. retribution bee leap and come ..........

Confucius said .. .. Meng said .read . what this thing.

In this society, there are people who have knowledge and insight, and will certainly be very painful to live in. Do you think so?

Although I can not like a poet like arty elegance spit a matter of mind .. but sure that .. retribution .. will Pro ...

The official ... for the people of the public servants .. Keqin frugality ..

just not a .. Care than the heart .. not afraid of power .. not greedy self-interest ...

People drowned drowning ... things must be pro-bound to serve the people ... ...

can only Cathay Pacific

politics and politics.

Farsightedness .. courtesy to others ... to convince people to win ....

will win the hearts of the people ... in order to achieve great cause