Education and income ?

Many people write to the letter. Why do people in the net live in a photo of the information

in the absence of education and economic income field ?

We would like to inform you that if you are evaluating your dating conditions based on academic qualifications and income,

we would advise you not to make friends here.

Did you know that there is no so-called degree in Silicon Valley (the world's highest technology center) ?

The two largest computer companies in the world, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates

Oracle (Oracle) chairman Ellison has no qualifications. Bill Gates University read only one year.

Apple founder Steve Jobs is a Notable examples

They have no academic qualifications, but they are the most successful people in the world ... you think?

When you are still superstitious qualifications and income. Look at those highly educated politicians of the face.

Do you think ? A while ago a university has a Female students to love. To kill another female student.

The man of the world. Background. Qualifications are not the eyes of the girl Prince Charming?

Is his elders, but when the two young life for the bean Kou years for his sacrifice of life and the future of his life.

Prince Charming toward the media to the

National compatriots, said: [for this matter, I have a little responsibility and I feel very sad] .....

we sympathize with the two girls .. To the Prince.

Not worth it .... so ... education ... income ... means what? ..... means that your superficial ignorance only .....

Many parents always want their daughters to marry a rich man ... afraid of her daughter to marry in the past to bear hardships ...

but ... do not forget ... the world something for nothing ?

Parents love their children is that we can understand ..

But if the parents of short-sightedness. Superficial ignorance. Reality snob .. We can be sure of the report.

Sue you .. your children are definitely not happy ...

Finally ........ earnestly tell the world of men and women .

do not get married in order to get married and love .to have lovers get married.