Eternal Love   

The vast universe, a group of meteor, quietly passing countless clusters, after tens of thousands of light-years journey,

and finally came to the Galaxy's solar system,

Broke through the cocoon like the atmosphere, and finally slowly landed the earth, in the bear light and heat, wind and rain moisture,

Since then, the seeds of love in this bud.

A warm air blowing, tens of thousands of love seedlings dance in the wind, falling to the earth, drifting towards the coldest winter,

drifting to the darkest and most painful corner,

Love of the rapid growth of the flames, quiet warm world of cold reality, the number of joys and sorrows in the past world,

painful suffering, in this draw period.

The world's soul no longer because of secular ugliness and corruption, when life was praised, when the mind was moved,

Lost the soul of corruption, was washing crystal surplus Tietu, a lively angry.

When the life was hit a brilliant spark, like the Milky Way was found outside the sinking light blue diamond-like,

So shining, but standing in the far the darkest corner.

Looking at the stars, always see the sinking of the patron saint of direction - the North Star,

People have a warm feeling, from the stomach, from the heart, slowly rising, and even moved to tears,

some excitement, some comfort, some more happy.

At this point, the long-auspicious harmony of the gas, gradually revealing the light point,

and finally an instant bursting out of the shining light,

Direct solar negligence of the corner, went straight to the moon abandoned the cold soil, started the driving force of life,

How many years of ups and downs, but gently decorated life, many years of bitterness, but wet the corner of the eye,

People no longer pain, no tears, because with a pair of huge warm hands behind the support,

Like in the quiet of the night, ........ always accompanied by a Tzu Chi Star (heart) ─ ─ love.