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Written by : gino

The year before .. that is, the year 2000 .. we wrote three reviews ... very proud of the two films

( Erin Brockvich ) (Gladiator) were Oscar Award for best male and female ..

( Erin Brockvich. Julia Fiona Roberts )   ( Gladiator..Russell Crowe)
Our critics try to be all the cinema films are read after the screening again.  


This site is only for individuals to enjoy the movie, to personal point of view to make comments,

no disruption to poison the idea of ​​fuzzy fans,

If the film to the box office revenue, but also look at the industry a lot of people.

I do not introduce the actor background, only the film content and meaning to be explained or to

Personal point of view to be interpreted, if not properly, but also hope users can not hesitate to E-Mail correction.
Also hope that the cinema in the film before the show, temporarily turn off the phone to play the video,

only a few theaters such as Warner Show Studios have broadcast,

most of the industry is still not as Americans generally respect for human rights,

in this appeal to all the film industry players can broadcast short Film to safeguard the interests of the audience.

 I more than once in the country, China, Qiao Xing, scholar Studios, Weixiu Studios and other cinema, strong

The use of cell phones to speak loudly without any respect for the presence of all the audience

and without a trace of public morality social scum,

which Some looks like human scum that theater is its living room,

holding a mobile phone in the cinema gossip, is simply unmanned, Or cats only, they do not stand

in the position of others to think about things, they thought it was only to spend 240 yuan to buy their own tickets,

Selfishness despised the ugly inner form of others, the individual is so, the society is also

So, I can only see in their own range, to persuade the words to be cautioned, has several times, and do not respect other

People do not respect their own, the author of course, Seoul will not go to respect the scum.