Erin Brockvich 

The pursuit of late justice at all, with this selfish, brutal, realistic society in stark contrast to people's heart is still eager to justice,

although in real life, a sense of justice is a minority, but This is also the reason for this film.

The democratic spirit of Western countries has been the impact of our hearts, why Taiwan's democracy is still invisible black hole ?

 Is it possible for Taipower to pay $ 340 million in Taiwan? Equivalent to NT $ 10.2 billion, Wow!

In Taiwan, legal dignity has long been swallowed up, who believe that the law is fair ?

Even the former director of the Institute of Supervision Wang Zuorong do not believe it!

If you do not believe you can buy his own handwritten book to see!

And this according to the facts of the film, after reading it really made me filled with emotion, heart stirring endless,

I have to the Inspectorate three times, to Li **, Zhao * * members of the cry of my grievances,

they are simply A guise, are doing like, how painful ah! There are many veterans, a lifetime of military,

 but ended up in front of the old man in tears, and those members, will not care about you,

they will only take a few minutes to deal with you, and then told you to put the information to Assistant,

you can roll, and there are many people in the queue behind it!

These members of the time is more valuable, busy eating dinner, said social interaction it ?

 Do you think they really will help you solve the problem? In this case,

In the United States of America, the spirit of democracy and respect for human rights enables lawyers

 with a sense of justice to exert their full potential and pursue the truth. On the other hand,

in Taiwan, a criminal case involving murder comes with a civil compensation of $ 80 million. **

the instigation of the court's journalist *** in the United Daily News on the wantonly declared,

it seems that the high court civil injustice, then the perpetrators appeal to the Supreme Court,

 the Supreme Court sent back to the High Court, the result turned into 160,000 yuan,

In vain by law and money sacrificed, most likely the judge to accept bribes

and instigate journalists to use the media rendering, resulting in public opinion to other judges involved in the trial together,

so live in such an environment, see that film , Deeply felt, with the people living on the planet,

there is such a large gap exists value. We are just learning democracy, not democracy,

the implementation of democracy, this is absolute, the law is not fair or democratic failure, the case, the KMT era,

everywhere, not just the author was sacrificed, Too many compatriots are trampled on to the dignity of human dignity,

if you do not believe, you can call to the Civil Justice Reform Foundation asked,

therefore, never compromise the film gives us a deep revelation, our innermost conscience

And moral digging out, when we see the heroine in the [five days of time for 634 people oral sex,

in order to obtain a joint statement] and finally beat the $ 26.5 billion power branch affiliated lawyers,

 I believe your joy and Comfort is like the spring breeze was blowing in general, is the so-called justice and truth,

although not often with us, but in the end will be timely and to.

i Trampling the dignity of human nature, ignoring the moral of the judiciary, will eventually be swallowed by the judiciary j