The Martian

Human exploration of Mars and the source of life, the detection of Mars and found a huge human face,

which is in real life before the Viking spacecraft shooting the surface of Mars and found the human face as the story deduced,

the real And technology coupled with the human vision and fantasy of the universe to the animation

 to show that the mysterious unpredictable energy, and finally told us that people outside the outer world,

the birth of the evolution of the earth to molecular biology of the basic protein DNA

(commonly known as Deoxyribonucleic acid, also composed of phosphoric acid, deoxyribose,

and nitrogen-containing base) to explain the source of life.

Does the universe have a higher biological existence or not? Looking at the stars, to trillion units of the planet composed of clusters,

 there will be no suitable for the survival and growth of life environment ?

There are hundreds of millions of planets than the Earth is still early form hundreds of millions of years,

I am sure that on Earth, in our minds is the omnipotent god of higher organisms,

and the film interpreted as human ancestors is also based , Where the Buddhist scriptures, the Bible,

 there are many descriptions of the vision, and to the modern civilization of scientific

and technological knowledge to explain the existence of high biological can already know the earth outside.

Of course, you do not have to believe this argument, but in such a vast infinite universe, is the earth is the only ?

When you have no solution, it is recommended that you use a philosophical point of view,

perhaps you will suddenly see the light. But you do not forget in the history records, Zizhi Tong Jian, twenty-five history ... ...

and other Chinese official history recorded in the text, has been very clear that the presence of astronauts,

 the only record, I To cite only one or two cases,

Ming Tai Zu Hongwu seven years (AD 1374) in December has not "night four drums, a meteor red,

wake five feet long, from Ziwei Yuan, Beidoukui, about five feet, illuminated To the south, to the left corner of Regulus,

 divided into five small stars have not. "Record of the Ming Dynasty." Jin Yizong Zhengda three years (AD 1226) March Gengwu,

"a yellowish gas, from the northeast through the southwest, its like a rainbow, in white matter more than ten, between the fly,

another light see Two stars, move when the square off. "" Golden History ĦE astronomical blog "

The above excerpts in the Chinese UFO research collection 7.

 I also consult with the president Mr. He Xianrong nine space super string theory,

of course, we derived from the culture of life is absolutely respected,

 but for the exploration of knowledge and life curiosity But it is another chapter in our lives, ancient and modern,

 there are too many facts to prove the foregoing, but many people will not only ask: Who Care? With me

We have what relationship? It depends on whether you are enlightened or not, see people see wisdom myself!