A battle-wars, meritorious shine, take the lead in the battlefield, brave to kill,

so that the enemy Guikulushenhao Roman Generalissimo Marshal,

 in the extreme appreciation of Caesar the Great and he is about to inherit the Roman throne the night before, Caesar ,

But because of the inability to inherit the throne of Rome and patricide to grab the throne to win the throne,

and a wise marshal of the house to be genocide, marshal in the beheaded,

although escaped death, but when he returned to his home, Small has been humiliation and then hanged,

 the generation of heroes and the North for more than two years,

 the day and night thoughts of his wife and children even brutal greed shameless,

filial piety unscrupulous, timid parable of the Prince by the mutilation .............

The hearts of the grief and their own experiences so that the vegetation crying, mountains and rivers whom moved,

the earth whom discoloration, overnight, by the emperor into a slave, only anonymity,

with a martial arts, in the arena in order to master Challenge to life, live only today

No tomorrow, not your death is my death, to death with the audience to please the day.

Caesar the great life of great achievements, and finally died in the hands of his own son,

who said the door without a dog? Father and son is completely different from the two people,

 but unfortunately Caesar lack of wisdom, perhaps the age is high, doing things lack of detail,

although bent to Rome into democracy but cultivate education greedy shameless, filial injustice, timid suspicious ,

The emperor thought, authoritarian dictatorship, Oedipus plot, attempted incest Prince, knowing that his son is unfilial injustice,

but happens to be disclosed in advance to the throne to the marshal's message to his son,

 probably he did not want in the dynasty, Baiguan in front of his son embarrassed it,

but the throne is the national heritage of the event, how can we do for the personal face it!

So that Caesar's spoil of his son could be seen, so that the prince would have had the time to devour the greed

and shamelessness, filial piety, timid suspicion, emperor thought, dictatorship,

Oedipus and incestuous prince. Kill his father to kill Marshal, won the throne, to obtain power.

Finally, the marshal bite humiliation, invincible in the arena, no one can, and finally meet with the prince in the arena,

and greedy shameless, filial piety, timid suspicion, the emperor thought dictatorship, Oedipus plot,

attempted incest Prince So that the marshal committed in the arena in the hands of the killing of the great crime,

actually with the most vicious and most hurt words to stimulate the marshal, and Marshal on the spot to endure,

after the prince wanted to get rid of the marshal, then arranged for himself and Marshal a But the greedy shameless,

unfilial injustice, timid suspicion, the emperor thought, dictatorship, Oedipus plot,

attempted incest Prince was playing in the moment, while the Marshal has not untied the handcuffs and fetters of the occasion,

first hands will Marshal key stabbed knife, and then called the jailer to cover the wound to prevent thousands

of viewers to see the marshal has been seriously injured, and then played in the duel,

the marshal eventually due to excessive blood loss does not fall to the ground, but a moment before his death

Then, struggling in the left side of the throat of the prince thorn a knife on the left, both fell to the ground,

brave brave loyalty to the liver and gallbladder marshal even with greed shameless, filial piety, timid suspicion,

 the emperor thought dictatorship, Oedipus plot, attempted incest The death of the prince, too unworthy,

but, although the expense of their own, but in exchange for the Roman democracy,

 is the so-called "death is heavier than Taishan, lighter than a feather," epigrams, the end of the lens into the opening

with that In the unknown world has a misty brown sad feelings, in the light of the cotton spike, as if to the deepest in the memory,

the kind of familiar and desolate, though to see his family, already In the next world. In the real world, around our lives,

we can see that many parents have spoiled their children to the point of the damage,

and many parents are thinking that their children are excellent, holding their children Prince, why Called harm it?

The consequences of doting is to let the children do whatever they want, give full play to the human evil,

at home to parents to give and receive, in the school do not listen to the teacher discipline,

so the growth of children in the future competitiveness in the community will be low, small is nothing,

The author of one day in mid-May 2000 with friends to Taipei Songshan Road near the "7 o'clock and throat" to see the doctor,

the day of the " Evening, including the author's friends, including about seven or eight patients waiting for a visit,

 including friends are suffering from cold bronchitis and quite serious,

and suddenly a man with a country students came in front of the counter work counter reading, said:

 "My son at 7 o'clock to tutoring, can queue to see a doctor", and his son does not look very serious look,

 if really seriously, his dad will take him to tutoring ?

So we can deeply and painfully understand that this year's parents for their own sons

and others regardless of life and death, your son to tutoring, other people do not have a fever cough is not important ?

So the author on the spot to prevent this inhuman and selfish and unethical behavior,

the man then no face and then sitting in the clinic, with his baby son standing on the sidewalk waiting in line for about a while,

 there is a The husband and wife together with two little boys a door, her husband said to the counter:

my son is very serious, we must first look! At that time the two sons "about seven or eight years old"

 is running next to playing electric horse, the little while they went to the author in front of a spit like,

this time her husband is working with the counter-reading students, Did not agree, because it was stopped before,

so that parents are a little uncomfortable to find a doctor to talk about, this time that kid actually shouted:

 "I want to see! I have to look at!" Arrogance pull arrogant unreasonable attitude Actually comes from a child?

 I immediately entered the clinic room to Dr. Cai Jirong, must not let him jump the queue,

after Dr. Cai let him see the doctor, but the little boy came out all the way leaning on his mother's legs crying,

may have just doctors get Pain him, and readers think about it, why now society will become like this?

There are countless robbery of women's handbags to join hands to dare to cut down the case,

gang gangs drag racing, robbery, round of violence, grab the super-business every day, who created these humanoid beast?

 We must stop and educate these ignorant parents,

because your straightforward and dry out of these humanoid beast, not to educate him and let him grow up to hurt others,

this is how cruel ah . Parents who have no children ah! Why should my child be hurt by you?

 I witnessed too many parents too many of their children are not aware of their own entertainment,

self-superiority I do not know the ideology of convergence exists in the hearts of most parents, the author also know a friend,

but also to his home to sit Piano, dance, painting, swimming, flute .... It should be a very courteous girl,

and I would like to say that I am a girl, Unexpectedly, the day I went to his house,

a small that went to the living room to the mouth and insults abuse the author, but also feel very funny,

after the friend told me that every guest to his house will be abused, I listened very sad ,

Education is the country's fundamental, and now, in the parents of the excessive protection and indulgence

under the school teachers are not afraid of students, the next generation of crisis in the present society has clearly seen,

you want your children like Caesar The son? Of course, how to discipline your child is your home thing,

but in the future grow up to harm others who is it? More distressing is that these parents actually do not know shame

and even the pride of the child's behavior, therefore, the author and the readers to share an experience in this,

if you want to know a person, take a look at his children will be clear at a glance, the reader If you do not believe,

 please carefully observe. Many parents think that children commit some small mistakes,

seems to be a very cute behavior, adults do not care about, not knowing that children do not teach from an hour later a

nd taught at an early age, so that they can right and wrong, identify good and evil , Until after growing up to teach too late,

and we can understand that such selfish parents exist in our society, is the source of the scourge ah!

A parent is not only responsible for the children, but also to the community to pay the absolute responsibility.

In this drama we can also see the prince's sister in order to protect his son,

would rather sacrifice the Roman people's democratic future, while in Taiwan,

there are many revolutionary martyrs, would rather throw his wife and children sacrifice life for the people to fight for democracy,

Compared to the two, do you think? We must deeply understand that nobility is not necessarily noble, civilians are not humble,

in the royal family, a selfish small decision, it will be enough to affect the entire nation, is the so-called national affairs,

not unscrupulous also, Of the country, although the ruling by the civilian population, all have to move toward the 21st century democracy,

 but we can in the recent news media to see a former Kuomintang thugs,

betrayed the KMT and now defected to the People First Party The female members of the Communist Party of China,

once again abusing the heads of state and splitting the people's minds, our democracy is not easy.

When the CCP is attacking the Chinese at the moment, the compatriots in the country should unite as one

and work together towards the future. Unity, clamor people? Many films are in fact an extension of real life,

when we watch a play, you see the director's heart? In the entertainment effect also expressed his inner world,

a good movie is like a book, sometimes it can touch you usually do not have or ignore the feeling,

sometimes it is telling you something, you want to Think, is it possible to spend tens of millions of dollars

to tell you something that does not make sense? Finally, I earnestly tell the reader,

do not use money and power to measure the value of a person's existence,

so that they will live with dignity, live happier.

There is a small sparrow is afraid of death, so to ask God how to avoid fear,