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The basic fuel for a nuclear fusion machine is the general sea water,

because there is an unlimited amount of deuterium in ordinary seawater.

How can a piece of the sun to accommodate the earth,

10 million to 100 million degrees of high enough to evaporate any container.

Scientists have found that two basic nuclear fusion designs are sufficient to overcome this problem:

one is based on the principle of dominating the sun, and the other is the principle of hydrogen bombs.

When a star is born, a dense gravitational field compresses its hydrogen until it reaches its core temperature of -

10 to 100 million degrees.

This temperature is sufficient to fuse the hydrogen atoms into the helium,

a nuclear fusion process that causes hydrogen to ignite and form a star. Gravitational confinement

We can not use the gravity field to confine the plasma, but we can use a magnetic bottle.

This alternative design, called magnetic confinement, is now widely used internationally

because the magnetic field confines the hydrogen contained in a donut-like tube.

Thus preventing the plasma from striking the wall, avoiding evaporation due to contact with hot gas ...

Another nuclear fusion design is called inertia confinement. Used in hydrogen bombs.

In a hydrogen bomb, a small atomic bomb is used

To produce a high-intensity x-ray for compressing a large amount of lithium deuteride,

and as the lithium deuteride is heated, the hydrogen atoms are incorporated into the helium.

Some nuclear fusion reactors use a series of laser beams focused on a small piece -

of lithium deuteride to produce nuclear fusion.

The small mass evaporates, triggering the shock waves of implosion, producing enough pressure

and temperature to release nuclear fusion, just as the film does.

But there is a rigorous set of requirements for nuclear fusion,

called the Lawson's criterion, which has not been done so far.

The Lawson criterion states that when the density of the particles multiplies by the localized time

by more than 10 (14) power per cubic centimeter, a self-sustaining

Nuclear fusion reaction will occur ..

Thus we can see the contents of the show and the nuclear fusion technology related to the study is consistent and correct.

Sci-fi movies are credited to the theory of the story into the drama film crew dedicated spirit

and attitude is gratifying, more worthy of our learning ...

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PS: Nuclear Fusion Related Technical Documents Reference and excerpt from Michio Kaku's Touch Next 20 years and after

Original title: How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century