Once upon a time in America

The Japanese and American triad rules and means of murder. True to the screen.

 There is no playing fist trick. There is no film. True. Real murder scene. Completely presented to the audience.

Perhaps the director Kitano And the lack of maternal psychological factors.

The film in many scenes and fragments of the treatment ...

so I feel the kind of pale cold .No soundtrack can also show tension and murderous.

Can the contents of the underworld to play to the leaching from ..

is not easy to deal with the tail as Kito Takeshi mother-child relationship between their mothers in general by the misunderstanding

and suddenly realized .... but people have died .. hard to recover. ...

Mafia .. This early to the main organization of the Italian ..

By the centralization of authoritarian management style .. to rely on religion as the spirit.

To absolute obedience to the family of the patriarch .. Godfather .. as a unique belief.

The United States of America's largest gang ... ...

from San Francisco to New York .. Chicago to Mexico. Cuba .. Costa Rica .. Columbia .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

The scope of power and 20% of the world ...

and the mafia punish their way people are mostly called the wrong person to perform a task,

mostly to kill another person .. to take meritorious service .. will work Atonement ... to Mingzhixuaxin ...

fully to the value of human existence to the limit.

But also always in the way of self-mutilation to punish yourself ...

may be affected by the spirit of the Bushido as long as the (Japanese) You speak a little insult to his self-esteem or personality,

he will be on the spot in front of you, and regardless of whether the occasion is appropriate, the occasion is the same meal ..

Bushido is also a very exciting real-time processing spirit. .... In addition most of the Ming Zhi way is to cut the little finger in public ...

may also be subject to love to eat Shamisi (sashimi) influence!

Of course, the author refers to .. (you) .. is the same club Of the elders or eldest brother.

Taiwan and Hong Kong triad is more sensible .. mostly to kill animals to Mingzhi ..

The most common is the beheaded head .. so sometimes we think chicken is also innocent in Taiwan ..

 the supply of human nutrition is already enough. Every day we eat eggs, fried chicken,

the streets of McDonald's, Kentucky ... are the chicken will own body organs such as thighs .. wings. Ass. Provided to us ..

but ... nothing But also to provide the head as a triad to pay attention to handouts. Ming-chih heart of the guarantee .. the movie ..

the Japanese kill the mafia boss in the United States results are all Japanese annihilated.

The reality of the society is also true of the Mafia, the rigorous examination and organization of the party,

and the interlocking of the states and districts, forming an incomparably strong link.

 Party members' loyalty and faith are inseparable. Loyalty. As a party member. Life to enjoy a variety of party members

and benefits .. Mafia power. From the police grass-roots units .. judicial investigation and even the FBI .. Senate, etc. ..

all have pipeline communication. This is why offend The mafia's fate is only a dead end and you have no way to escape ..

even under the heavy protection of the police still can not escape a death .. is the so-called state-owned law .. family rules ...

family is a life symbiosis. This is the mafia members of the most intense cognitive ..

Another mafia more often to the biological head to warn the enemy .. such as head or horse head .... and so on.

The real sanctions .. just like the film in general .. there is no fancy fist fight.

There are few magical marksmanship .. is by virtue of a word ... ruthless ..

Of course the film will be more exaggerated, but has been away from reality Not far in the film.

Extremely shortened the distance between the film and reality. One shot. Is the key. A shot. Is the end of life.

There is no violent aesthetics .. No more slow-motion leap double shot swing roll.

 Even if the emotions between some brothers, but also in that moment of sadness and cool .. Japanese gang.

Big Brother's authority. Subordinate loyalty. Mafia forces. Fire .. Retaliation. It is the way that the underworld is.

In the past, often heard someone say: (mixed black society .. rely on the mind.) Imagine:

the mind if it is good, why mixed with the black society? Now the Taiwan gang ecosystem has completely democratized ..

at any time to join. May withdraw at any time .. you want to go .. no one will retain or comfort ..

you join .. may not be able to have any benefits or benefits .. after all.

In Taiwan, the underdeveloped space of the underworld is too small,

and both the system and the policy make the gangs like meat on their own.

At any time, there is the possibility of being sacrificed by the policy, but the saying goes back to ancient times.

The lakes are still the best protagonist embellishment unofficial .. Many heroic tragic deeds ..

To the spirit of loyalty and loyalty to the spirit of the lingering ... ...

Percy's love is not from the rivers and lakes are not? No rivers and lakes ..

Where is the film industry and the script before? No rivers and lakes .. which come so many well-known story ?

no rivers and lakes .. how can we see the court court of the sinister treacherous? No rivers and lakes ...

Where's the father of the revolution? More Huang on the founding of the party it ... date back to ancient times,

but heard the children of the rivers and lakes .. but never seen the court children?

And constitute the elements of the arena is the gang ... ...

and the gang is representative of the Lutheran Church, loyalty, and moral spirit only .....

This is also the Court of the most lacking and most need to learn a spirit.